SimulaVR about 2 hours ago

SimulaVR | Hardware Engineer | Remote | Full-Time is looking for an extremely capable Hardware Engineer to help build the world's first portable Linux VR headset. If you are interested in AR/VR primarily for intelligence augmentation & productivity enhancement (as opposed to just gaming, entertainment, and social media stuff), then Simula could be your cup of tea. Our goal is to build a VR computer which can help office workers get 10x more done than they can now with traditional laptops & PCs. We are interested in building a high-fidelity headset that competes with the best HMDs on the market.

Ideal candidates will feel extremely confident in learning and getting involved in all aspects of the headset: mechanical, optical, design, and even firmware/software components. We do not expect you to be a trained expert in each of ME/EE/optics/design/SW, but we do expect you to feel comfortable getting your hands dirty at every stage of development (from prototyping all the way up to small scale manufacturing).

A description of our project and roles available can be found here: Message Email is hidden if you are interested.

Remote Full-time
Gridware about 4 hours ago
C++ Elixir Phoenix

Gridware | Bay Area, CA | On-site | Full-time or Contract

Gridware ( is a well-funded, YC-backed startup solving the wildfire and grid reliability crises in America. Our technology stretches from silicon to servers, and rides the cutting edge at every level of the stack. At Gridware, you'll own significant portions of the hardware, firmware, or software system, tackle very difficult but rewarding technical challenges, and make engineering decisions that directly impact the product's design. If this sounds like your jam, drop us your resume on Workable:

* Software Engineer – OS/MCU:

* Software Engineer – Cloud Infrastructure:

Curious about our technology, but don't see an open position that matches your interests? Feel free to contact us directly, and let's talk! Email to [Email is hidden]

Our stack consists of: Elixir, Phoenix, PETAL, Nix, FreeRTOS, C++

Onsite Full-time
about 6 hours ago

Airtasker is Australia’s no.1 marketplace for local services. We are reimagining the future of work by empowering people to realise the full value of their skills.

With more than $1 billion of job opportunities created through our marketplace and following a recent ASX listing, we’re excited to grow our teams and meet amazing people to help accelerate us on our mission!

Location: Sydney, AU | Open for remote on selected locations | Permanent/Full-time


Technical Lead Manager:


VP of Product:

Senior Product Manager:

Technical Product Manager:


Senior Data Analyst:

Remote Full-time
INFURA about 9 hours ago

INFURA | SRE, Backend Engineers, Product, Bizdev | Full Time | REMOTE

Infura is building and developing an infrastructure platform and developer tools for the rapidly growing decentralized web. Founded in 2016, Infura is widely recognized in the Ethereum ecosystem and our infrastructure powers other popular projects in the space such as IPFS and Filecoin.

We have several roles to fill both on the technical and non-technical side

- SRE:

- Backend:

- Product:

- BizDev:

Don't see an open role here that matches your skillset? Send us a message anyway and let us know how you can contribute to making our team and our products better!

If interested, please reach out to us at Email is hidden, and mention this HN post as to how you found us.

Remote Full-time
PayPay about 9 hours ago
Android IOS

PayPay | Remote -> Japan after COVID-19 pandemic | Full-Time/Contract |

PayPay is the No.1 QR payment platform in Japan. We have acquired more than 35M users in around 2 years since 2018. Starting with the QR code payment function, our service area will expand into people's daily life and lives themselves including payment for utility bills, tax, EC(internet shopping), food/beverage and hotels, on top of the various financial services such as banking, securities, credit card and investment.

PayPayer are coming from all over the world and nearly 60% of developers are non-Japanese.(Japanese is not required for developer's positions)

Here are our open roles:

- Back-end Engineer: - SRE: - Android Engineer: - iOS Engineer: - Security Engineer(DevSecOps):

Please find more details on our LinkedIn or directly reach to me via LinkedIn -

Remote Full-time
Snowplow Analytics about 10 hours ago

Snowplow Analytics | Technical Support Engineer | | Full-time | Remote (US)

Our mission is to empower data teams to build a strategic data capability that delivers high-quality, complete, and relevant data across the business.

Snowplow provides open-source (and a commercial version) software that allows data teams to track events happening on their apps, websites, smart TVs, etc., validate the data to ensure it is high quality and appropriately enriched with the data the business needs, and then stored in a data warehouse where it can be queried by the business as-is or used in business intelligence tools such as Looker. All in real-time.

The role: You'll provide timely, empathetic, and highly technical support to our customers. You will advise them on the best way to configure trackers and cookies, help them with data validation issues, and ensure the data keeps flowing through the pipeline to serve their business needs. You might be responding to OpsGenie alerts one day, and then writing SQL to query a customer's database the next - plenty of variety in the job! There's also excellent room for growth in all directions here: existing Support Engineers build their own tools and improve on existing ones, maintain documentation, provide expert advice to the rest of the company on the product, and work on personal growth to develop new skills.


Any questions? Email me: Email is hidden (I am not the hiring manager, just a peer for the role).

Remote Full-time
AKKO about 11 hours ago
Golang Python React Native Vue.js

AKKO | Senior Software Engineer | | Full-time | Remote (US)

Funded and fast-growing insurtech startup becoming the spofity of consumer device protection.

Recently raised $2.7M Seed round from top VCs and angels including early investors in Doordash, Gusto, Policy Genius, and Pipe.

Looking for our Founding Engineering Team with opportunities to become an engineering leader as we grow.

You would love working here if you love smart, passionate, fun, and solution-forward people that is on a hyper-growth trajectory.

Your mission: Lead the build of our hyper-scalable platform that will allows us to dominate the protection industry. Help build and manage development for our user app product (Python, Vue.js, React Native), our partner/admin app products, and APIs for integrating with B2B2C partners.

Email me if interested! Let's go! - Email is hidden

Remote Full-time
Hades AI about 12 hours ago
Django Machine learning PostgreSQL Python React.js TypeScript

Hades AI | Full-Stack Developer | | Full-time | REMOTE (Europe) or Zurich, Switzerland We are a startup using machine learning to automatically detect damages in sewer inspection videos and tell cities when and how to repair their infrastructure to protect the environment and save tax dollars.

You are somebody who can bring several years of experience planning and building web applications to our team and enjoy working on challenging problems around database design and software architecture in a fast-growing startup!

Our tech stack: Typescript, React, Python, Django, Postgres, Canvas, WebGL

See for more, and shoot us an email to Email is hidden if you're interested

Remote Full-time
Reserve about 12 hours ago
Flask React Native

Reserve | Remote | Full-time | | BitTorrent meets CashApp

We grew 20% weekly last month with no ads. We're waitlisting users while we work on customer service and automations. We've hired three great engineers via this HN post over the past several months and are continuing to patiently build our excellent engineering team.

Here's a 10-min intro:

With our digital USD app built on react native and flask, we help our users in Venezuela and Argentina cope with hyperinflation. Users can buy USD with their local currency in order to hold and transact freely in dollars, something they can't easily do otherwise.

Unless you have experienced high inflation and capital controls you may not understand our product – basically, if your money is losing its value quickly and you aren't allowed to convert to a stable currency, that really sucks. Our app helps you solve that, hence "BitTorrent meets CashApp."

We’re a silicon-valley-born project backed by Sam Altman and Peter Thiel personally, but these days we’re spread across the US, Latin America, and Europe. We’re open to team members from anywhere.

Long term, we're on our way to offering a stable asset-backed cryptocurrency that is detached from the US dollar.

- front end:

- back end:

- full stack:

- web3:

- crypto liquidity strategist:

- head of IT:

Remote Full-time
Alma about 13 hours ago
Django MySQL Python React.js

Alma | Engineering & Product | Healthtech | NYC/Remote(USA) At Alma, we’re making it easier for consumers to access high-quality, affordable mental health care by supporting providers in building thriving private practices.

We recently raised a $28M Series B and are hiring for many roles, but specially for the Product and Engineering team!

- Backend engineer (

- Senior Backend engineer (

- Product Designer (

Our stack is Python, Django, MySQL & React.

For more info and to view all the openings please visit: