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Cassidy - Founding Software Engineer - NYC (Onsite)

Cassidy (https://cassidy.ai) is a no-code platform that allows businesses to build custom AI assistants that automate complex multi-step workflows. Cassidy is trained on company knowledge, utilizes all major AI models, and connects with internal tools like Zendesk, Slack, and Notion to carry out the unique workflows of employees.

We have just completed our seed round and are ramping up a world class team to build our vision for the future of business. We're growing fast and have an insane distribution advantage in a growing market.

If building reliable and dependable automation primitives for non-technical users sounds interesting to you, I'd love to chat! Reach out to Email is hidden.

Meta about 11 hours ago

Meta | Software Engineer | Onsite | Full-Time | USA

• Software Engineer, Product (E4) (2+ years experience): https://www.metacareers.com/jobs/5871246029642592/

• Software Engineer, Product (E5) (6+ years experience): https://www.metacareers.com/jobs/750778856583126/

• Software Engineer, Product (E6) (7+ years experience): https://www.metacareers.com/jobs/956416182442485/

Here are the instructions. If do not want a referral, just apply above.

If you do want a referral, fill out the Google Form below.


Not everyone who fills out the Google Form will get a referral. If you fill out the Google Form, and I think you are good enough for a referral, I will email you. If you fill out the Google Form, and I decide that you are not good enough for a referral, just apply above on your own. If I do not give you a referral, I will just ignore you. If you do not hear from me after 1 week, it means I will not give you a referral, so just apply to the above links on your own.


Check the above link for salaries at Meta.

Make sure you periodically check back the Google Form to see if I update it with new questions.

If there are new questions to the Google Form, and you missed them, feel free to submit a new Google Form.

Onsite Full-time
Boost My School about 12 hours ago
GraphQL React.js Ruby Ruby on Rails

Boost My School | Senior or staff software engineer | Full-time | Remote, USA only | $145-$195K salary

Want to be proud of your impact helping schools and students? Are you the type to thrive on a remote, impact-driven team?

Boost is on a mission to bring billions more dollars into schools. Our platform is trusted by 100+ K-12 and higher ed customers to bring in $50M a year from 60,000 parents & alumni.

Why work at Boost?

1. Be proud of your impact helping schools and students

2. Work with thoughtful teammates building a champion company together

3. Join a culture that wants you to be your best self at work and outside of work

4. Take on broad responsibilities as a founding member of the engineering team

For full job details and instructions on how to apply: https://boostmyschool.com/careers#senior-software-engineer

Tags: edtech, fintech, social impact, mission-driven

Stack: Ruby, Rails, React, GraphQL

Remote Full-time
WorkTiles about 13 hours ago

WorkTiles | Founding Fullstack Engineer | Remote (Sweden) | Full time

I'm seeking an engineer who will help me drive tech and product at WorkTiles. WorkTiles is a B2B SaaS collaboration tool designed to help companies organize, perform, and improve their monthly closing and consolidation process. (Think Linear but for finance/accounting)

See more here https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3770164426

Or just reach out to me directly if you have any questions at adam at worktiles.se

Remote Full-time
SingleStoreDB about 14 hours ago
AWS Azure Google Cloud SQL

SingleStoreDB (formerly MemSQL) (https://singlestore.com) | India, Portugal | Full Time | Remote

SingleStoreDB is a database focused on high performance and hybrid workloads (HTAP). Our customers include half of the top 10 US banks, 2 of the top 3 US telcos, and 12% of the Fortune 100.

Our product is a distributed, relational database that handles both transactions and real-time analytics at scale. Querying is done through standard SQL drivers and syntax, leveraging a broad ecosystem of drivers and applications.

We have been building SingleStore since 2011, and building a database-as-a-service product involves a bunch of interesting technical challenges such as: * Compilers and code generation

* Distributed computing and fault tolerance

* UI and User Experience

* Integrations with connectors and third-party tools (e.g., Business Intelligence tools like Tableau)

* Infrastructure that scales to dozens of thousands of database clusters across GCP, Azure and AWS

We have the following positions open:

* Product Designer - Design Systems (Portugal, India)

* Senior Platform Engineer (India)

* Partner Integration Engineer (Portugal, India)

Careers page with individual links for each open position: https://www.singlestore.com/careers/jobs/.

If you want to learn more about the engineering work we do, check out https://www.singlestore.com/blog/category/engineering/.

Feel free to email me directly via david at singlestore dot com.

Remote Full-time
Storyteller.ai about 14 hours ago
Machine learning Rust

Storyteller.ai https://storyteller.ai | Multiple Roles | {Atlanta, GA; Toronto, ON; SF; Remote}, | Full-time

We’re building the one-person Hollywood film and music studio.


1) Growth Growth with (some) frontend experience. Campaigns, Experiments, Discord/socials, live events, etc. 2) Backend (Rust, Actix) We want distributed systems experience. PlatEng, DevOps experience ++ 3) Graphics / Game Engine Engineer (Rust, Bevy) Animation and engine dev. We deploy Bevy to the frontend via WASM/WebGPU and headlessly to the server Get in touch with us at Email is hidden

Keywords: Rust, AI, ML, Film, Music

Remote Full-time
GenHealth.ai about 14 hours ago

GenHealth.ai | Remote, US only | All Eng Roles| full-time | https://genhealth.ai See positions https://genhealth.ai/jobs 7 month old startup with $13m funding and on prem A100s and H100s (that you can come pet ;) is building generative AI foundation models and apps on top of healthcare data! If you know healthcare data and transformers please apply. Ai eng, API eng, data science. Apply on our website!

Remote Full-time
Obsidian Security about 15 hours ago
PostgreSQL Python SQLAlchemy

Obsidian Security | Threat Team Engineer | Newport Beach, Palo Alto, Philadelphia | Onsite or Remote | Full-Time

Obsidian Security is at the forefront of SaaS security, dedicated to detecting and mitigating threats effectively.

We are hiring for multiple roles.

Threat Detection Team:

With our advanced threat detection solution, we visualize user activity, identify employee compromise, and mitigate insider threats, ensuring data security before a material breach occurs.

Threat Backend Engineer: https://obsidiansecurity.applytojob.com/apply/wk0pjctako/thr...

SaaS Posture Security & Compliance Team:

Ensuring SaaS applications are robust and compliant with industry standards. You'll focus on real-time monitoring, proactive vulnerability mitigation, and managing sensitive data access for optimal security and continuous compliance.


- Python (specifically experience with asyncio) - SqlAlchemy - Fastapi - Dagster - Duckdb / Postgres For posture team email Email is hidden.

See all our open positions here https://www.obsidiansecurity.com/careers/

Remote Onsite Full-time
Lago about 15 hours ago
React.js Ruby Stripe

Lago | Open-Source Stripe Billing Alternative| Remote +/- 2h from CET; and/or Paris | Full-Time


We're hiring:

- 1 Product Manager https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/lago/jobs/wzqkgqm-sr-p... - Back-end engineers (Ruby), Front-end engineers (React) : job descriptions will be published soon but you can have a sense of what we're building via our repo https://github.com/getlago/lago or doc https://doc.getlago.com/

Apply via the link or email Email is hidden for any question!

Remote Full-time