Strive Health 38 minutes ago
Machine learning

Strive Health | Denver, CO | Full-time | Onsite or Remote (US Only)

Strive Health is transforming kidney care. Clinical fragmentation and perverse incentives have resulted in stagnant, suboptimal outcomes for kidney disease patients. Strive’s model transforms patient outcomes and experience, reducing hospitalizations by 50%, increasing home dialysis adoption by 30%, and boosting preemptive transplant rates by 5x. Strive creates a significant new revenue stream for provider partners, while putting the health system in a strong position to successfully manage CKD and ESRD risk. Strive is a next generation kidney care service provider that builds highly profitable businesses with health systems.

We: - use cloud-native infrastructure and modern software development methodologies - deploy machine learning models throughout our ecosystem to improve clinical and operational workflows - share ideas freely to keep our processes accessible, scalable, and sustainable - iterate frequently to enhance outcomes for ourselves and our users - experiment with emerging technologies to accommodate the expanding scope of this ambitious project - celebrate each other’s success

Please apply directly on our careers pages at: Director of Data Engineering - Senior Software Engineer - Data Engineer - Senior Data Analyst -

Remote Onsite Full-time
Dreams about 4 hours ago
Ruby on Rails

Dreams | Senior Rails Product Engineer | Full-time | Remote

In a world of mindless consumption and one-click spending, it’s not always easy to feel good about money. In fact, it’s the #1 source of stress and anxiety for millions of people, worldwide.

That’s why we use science to help you save for the things that really matter. We've developed fun, easy ways for regular folks to save, invest, or pay off debt, all based on the way you live now.

We’ve already helped over 460,000 people find more than 4 billion SEK to achieve their dreams. Many without even noticing!

We continue to grow at a rapid pace and are looking for more people to join us in shaping the future of finance.

Remote Full-time
Markforged about 4 hours ago
AWS Angular.js C C++ Electron.js Express.js Golang Lambda Node.js Python TypeScript

Markforged | Software Engineers (Senior-level, full stack) | Boston, MA, USA |

Markforged builds cutting-edge cloud connected industrial 3D printers that produce parts 50x faster that are 23x stronger and 20x lower-cost. We print in composites (eg. carbon fiber) and in metal!

Our software stack: * Webapp - Express.js / AWS backend, AngularJS / WebGL frontend, Electron for optional desktop client, CoffeeScript and TypeScript * Computational geometry engine for part slicing - Written from scratch in CoffeeScript, TypeScript and C++. Runs on AWS Lambda, in-browser, or on desktop client * Printer touchscreen application - Node Webkit / AngularJS + Python, all on top of a custom Debian image on a BeagleBone * Printer firmware - embedded C on a custom board

Types of developers we look for: Public web-app, embedded web app, devops, computational geometry

To apply go to to check out our full slate of jobs and apply there.

IOTAS about 5 hours ago
AWS AWS ECS BigQuery Lambda PostgreSQL RDS

IOTAS | Portland, OR or Remote (West Coast) | | Full time | Sr Data Engineer

At IOTAS we work directly with apartment buildings to bring smart home technology to renters and property managers. Think smart door locks, lights, thermostats, etc that can be controlled via our mobile app. We are constantly integrating with new IoT devices that make life easier for both residents and property managers. Our backend software runs primarily on AWS (ECS, RDS, API Gateway, Lambda) and we have a fleet of hubs deployed in the field which are installed in each apartment.

We are looking for a Sr Data Engineer to own data analysis and database administration. The role will be a mix of owning the database structure in addition to handling reporting and dashboard needs. We use a mix of Postgres, BigQuery and Tableau.

* Sr Data Engineer -

Remote Full-time
about 6 hours ago
AWS Algolia Apollo Docker Express.js GraphQL Heroku Node.js PostgreSQL React.js TypeScript

Openbase (YC20) is hiring! Our mission is to help developers choose among millions of open-source packages so they can build amazing products faster. And as of today, we are serving 500K developers every month. We’re a lean but agile team, backed by YC and the founders/CEOs of Heroku, Netlify, Docker, Algolia, Twitch, and Yelp.

5+ years experience | Remote OK/North America time zones | US Citizen or VISA

Sr. Frontend Engineer Sr. Backend Engineer Sr. Full Stack Engineer Developer Advocate

Our Stack: AWS and Netlify TypeScript Node.js Express PostgreSQL Apollo GraphQL React Parcel

Weav about 6 hours ago
AWS Docker Golang MySQL Python Stripe

Weav (YC W20) | Backend Engineer | Full-time | Remote

At Weav, we’re building a universal API for integrating with businesses’ commerce platforms (e.g. Stripe, Square, Amazon).

Weav makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to share commerce data with fintech companies and financial institutions. This enables these businesses to access new services and financial products that help them grow and succeed.

The company is currently fully remote and our development team is spread across the USA and Tel Aviv. We use Golang, Python, Docker, MySQL and AWS. We prefer candidates with 2+ years of industry experience.

We are looking for backend engineers who are interested in building a developer-centric product and are curious/excited about supporting the next generation of fintech. You’ll have the opportunity to take ownership of your work from development to testing to deployment.

We’re growing fast, join us!

Job description: Website:

Mention “hackernews” in your application/emails. Feel free to email me with questions Email is hidden

Remote Full-time
about 6 hours ago
Airflow Azure Django Kubernetes PostgreSQL Python React.js

Sr Devops, Sr Backend Engineer | Full Time | REMOTE or Nashville, TN or Austin TX

We measure and benchmark healthcare provider performance. We provide a web-based dashboard for benefits managers to create physician networks, and a web-based provider search tool for patients looking for the best provider in their area.

We are hiring for Devops and Backend engineering. Python/Django, Postgresql, DBT, Airflow, Azure + AKS + Kubernetes. Our front-end is React/SPA.

We're an entrepreneurial business with strong backing doing some amazing things in healthcare. I'm in Nashville, some of us are in Austin, and some of us are fully remote!

Apply via LinkedIn!

Remote Full-time about 6 hours ago
Python | Senior Software Engineer, Python | Remote in US | Full-Time w/ benefits

WattTime, a climate change non profit that is revolutionizing energy usage and carbon emissions tracking through software, satellite imagery, and data analysis, is looking to add a Senior Software Engineer for Python development.

This role is joining an existing small team of developers on write code to gather power plant generation data and satellite imagery, and depending on your skill set and interests, help to build models which predict power plant generation from satellite images.

We are looking for someone with a minimum of 6 years of full time python development, and although energy industry experience is preferred it is not required for consideration on this role. This role is offered with 100% remote option, however candidates must be eligible to work in the US.

You can view the job posting and more about our organization here --

Remote Full-time
Embraer about 6 hours ago
AWS Clojure Google Cloud GraphQL JavaScript PostgreSQL React Native React.js TypeScript

Embraer (Beacon) | Senior Back-End Engineer (Clojure) | 100% REMOTE (but, for legal reasons, US or Brazil only)

Embraer, the third-largest producer of civil aircraft, is hiring. We’re building, a tool for airlines and mechanics to manage unscheduled aircraft maintenance. This has the potential to be a very high-value product for the aviation industry and could make air travel much better for everyone.

We have multiple (functional JS and TS) React and React Native frontends and a GraphQL API backend in Clojure. Our engineering team is small but very experienced, passionate, and kind. We're looking for senior engineers with relevant technical experience.

Location: Remote (must be able to legally work and reside in the US or Brazil)

Tech: Clojure, React / ReactNative, GraphQL, TypeScript, Postgres, AWS/GCP

Apply: Please email your resume to Email is hidden (principals only, no recruiters or agencies)

Note: We can only hire legal US/BR residents and cannot sponsor visas or relocation. We are also federally regulated and all employees must pass a federal drug test. These restrictions are not within our control so please do not email to ask for exemptions. Thanks.