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Dialogue.co | Senior Software Engineer; Staff Software Engineer | ONSITE | Montreal

We’re in the business of caring. As Canada's leading virtual care provider, we’re committed to helping millions of individuals improve their health and well-being.

Reporting to one of our Engineering Directors, the mission of the Senior Software Developer, Back-End is to empower Dialogue buyers to provide better health outcomes and achieve a stronger bottom line by creating best-in-class tools to supervise a delightful Integrated Health experience.


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Vara.ai 7 days ago
AWS Azure Deep learning Google Cloud Machine learning Python TensorFlow

Vara.ai | Senior Machine Learning Engineer | Berlin | Remote-friendly (EU, Visa support for relocation)

About Vara: Our vision is to find every deadly breast cancer early. We build AI models for breast cancer detection and enable breast cancer screening for underserved public healthcare systems.

The machine learning team at Vara researches, develops and productionizes high-performance AI models for breast cancer detection from mammography images. This requires solving a multi-view perception problem with an emphasis on AI safety to meet very high performance requirements. Building on prior work to recognise trustworthy predictions [1], Vara has built a system that surpasses the metrics of individual radiologists via human-AI collaboration [2], and recognises cancers missed by humans enabling earlier detection [3]. With large-scale, prospective testing of the impact on screening system metrics [4], Vara is the established market leader in one of the most advanced public screening systems in the world and has deployed more than a million AI-assisted radiology reads. Despite clinical metrics being improved by AI in today's clinical practice already, we aim for perfection and continue to work towards fundamental solutions of AI for healthcare without drawing boundaries between research and engineering.

Role: As a Senior ML Engineer, you'll be involved in all engineering and research aspects that push the boundary of what is possible in AI for breast cancer screening. You'll collaborate interdisciplinary, ensuring our AI genuinely improves patient outcomes in all environments.

Exemplary responsibilities: Research, develop and ship AI models for detecting breast cancer, pushing beyond the published SOTA. Merge medical insights with AI to tailor our models for global needs. Validate AI efficacy across diverse datasets, ensuring robust performance. Develop methods for automated monitoring of models in production. Work with a talented team towards breakthroughs in healthcare AI.

Qualifications: Master or PhD in Computer Science/Physics/Maths or equivalent practical experience, with a focus on AI/ML. Proven track record of applying ML successfully, ideally to medical images. Profound knowledge of deep learning (especially CNNs and Transformers). Experience with real world, large scale datasets. Fluent engineering (Python, PyTorch/TensorFlow/Jax, GCP/AWS/Azure, software development best practices) Passion for good scientific practice, blending clean formal thinking with engineering.

Offer: Competitive compensation and benefits. Work from our stunning office at the Merantix AI Campus Berlin or remotely depending on your needs. Integration into the thriving AI startup and ML community via paper reading groups, weekly lunches, and events at the AI Campus as well as conferences.

We are a driven group of researchers and developers who believe in what we create and are committed to its success. In order to make a tangible difference in applied AI and healthcare more accessible globally, we strive for outstanding quality and visionary ideas. We encourage you to apply even if you do not believe you meet every single qualification. The strongest candidates are often humble and we value collaboration over competition. Come work with us!

Apply here: https://vara.jobs.personio.com/job/1420204?language=de&displ...

Engineering Manager 7 days ago
Blockchain GitHub

Engineering Manager | Multi-Blockchain Protocol | 100% Remote (UK & EU)

I am working with a market leading financial trading firm who are building a brand new multi-blockchain protocol and are looking for an Engineering Manager to help do so.

There is a small team of around 10 Engineers, and a small Open Source community behind this project.

They are really looking for someone who knows how to build and engage with communities of Developers, and understands Open Source.

Blockchain and Web3 experience is highly desirable but not essential.

Please reach out to me to have a brief chat and find out some more info:

Email is hidden / https://www.linkedin.com/in/raisa-sadiq/

Please include a Github/StackOverflow/Behance/Personal Site link where I can delve into some of your projects!

Unfortunately Visa Sponsorship is not possible at this time

Randamu 7 days ago

Randamu | Solidity Engineer | 100% Remote | $240k + options

Randamu is a well-funded startup building novel network infrastructure using threshold cryptography. We steward the drand open source project¹, a randomness beacon that serves hundreds of millions of requests per month.

We're seeking a solidity engineer to help us integrate our randomness beacon into more blockchain ecosystems (drand is currently a core part of Filecoin), as well as ship an entirely new threshold decryption network.

The team is small, so the ideal candidate would also have some frontend or backend engineering experience and have a good knowledge of cryptography. The engineering team is in Europe, so being close to european timezones would be a plus, but not a dealbreaker.

We offer unlimited time off, an annual conference budget, a hardware budget and meet occasionally in new cities to hang out.

Interested nerds can reach out to me at Email is hidden

¹ https://drand.love

thoughtful.ai 8 days ago
AWS Golang Next.js Python React.js TypeScript

thoughtful.ai | Staff Full Stack Engineer | REMOTE (USA only) | Full-time | $190-250k + early equity, FTE #15 - 20

We are a small Health Tech / AI automation start-up that is growing 3x YoY and is looking to expand our platform team.

Our core platform consists of a front-end app, back-end API, SDK, and some DevEx tooling. The tech stack consists of AWS, Typescript, NextJS, React, Python, Go, and the Serverless Framework.

Your voice and expertise will significantly impact our platform’s strategic direction and development.

If that sounds exciting to you, apply on our website: https://www.thoughtful.ai/job?gh_jid=4354328005

Remote Full-time
gordianrobotics.com 8 days ago

gordianrobotics.com | Pittsburgh, PA | ONSITE | Senior Perception and Computer Vision Engineer | Full-time $120k-220k + equity


We're a team of former autonomous vehicle engineers reinventing real-time inventory management for retailers. It's 2024 and retailers still struggle with keeping track of inventory on shelves and conducting restocking, which severely hurts their bottom line. Our approach is the first of its kind - we're solving this problem without physical robots or fixed cameras.

We're looking to hire senior perception and computer vision engineers to join our growing team as we finish refining our product.

Reach out to me at Email is hidden introducing yourself, and please include a resume!

Onsite Full-time
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AWS Bash CircleCI Docker Git Python

DevOps Engineer - Robotics Atlanta, GA Full-Time Greenzie is hiring a DevOps Engineer on our Robotics team to further our mission to free humans from repetitive outdoor labor. We’re accepting applications on an on-going basis, with flexible start dates, but ideally we’d have someone tomorrow if we could.

JOB DESCRIPTION As a Robotics DevOps Engineer you will ensure building, testing, and deploying is a smooth and stable process, so that robotics engineers can focus on robotics development. You will:

* Collaborate with robotics engineers and customers to manage code releases and deployments * Manage, analyze, and toss out (and save a little bit) of the massive amount of data we collect * Develop software, build pipelines, scripts, and documentation to improve the way we build, deploy, and test * Code-review, pair-program, and problem solve with teammates

This position will also involve daily stand-up meetings, weekly team meetings, high level architecture meetings, retrospectives, and long term strategic road-map planning. And the best thing is, we’re a startup and we need your help in continuing to build a great company: if you want to be involved in other areas of the company, it's up to you. From customer discovery to sales and marketing, the field is wide open for you to participate and help us fulfill our mission.

Important: this position is focused on helping the robotics team test and deploy code to our fleet of robotic mowers, not assisting the web platform team on a traditional web application stack.

ABOUT YOU As a candidate you already:

* Have DevOps experience deploying things into production Have experience with Linux (Ubuntu LTS preferred), Docker, CircleCI, and more * Are familiar with debian package management and best practices * Have programmed in Python or similar Object Oriented languages * Know Git, Bash and your way around a terminal * Desire to free humans from hard, manual labor

As a bonus, you may already have experience:

* Working in the robotics industry or knowledge of ROS * Working with ARM-based systems and cross-compilation * Have working knowledge of VPNs, certificates, and other security tools * Building test infrastructure or automated test frameworks * Familiarity with AWS tools

You may have a Computer Science or direct engineering degree. You may not. That’s not necessarily top of mind for us: we value what you can do, not just how you learned to do it. Solid code and strong experience is just as valuable to us.

We have big goals, but try to zoom out on high-level initiatives when appropriate to get day to day work, week to week planning, and big quarterly projects done. You can expect an on-boarding process involving safety training (we’re big on safety), some mindful “brain dumps,” and space and time to learn and figure out how to work best. We seek to provide feedback quickly and often, we praise publicly, and deliver critical feedback privately. You can expect to be given meaningful work, to take ownership of features, processes, and to deliver working code and product. We are in this for the long haul. We need your help.

Direct at { cbq at greenzie dot com }

Cobbleweb.co.uk 8 days ago
JavaScript Node.js React.js

Cobbleweb.co.uk | Tech Lead (Nodejs/React environment) | 100% Remote (GMT-GMT+4) | Full-time | 20-30 employees

We are a bootstrapped and profitable business doubling in size. We have been designing and building high-growth marketplaces for more than 12 years. Our projects are technically complex with focus on user experience.

Areas you'll have an impact on:

- Team management.

- Architecture.

- Software development process improvement and quality control.

- Discovery sessions.

- Software development (JS environment).

Full-time basis (40h/week). Our budget is 60-80k GBP/year.

The role (please apply here): https://www.cobbleweb.co.uk/jobs/tl/

Our hiring process:

- Talk with me.

- Take-home technical task.

- Technical interview.

- Call with CEO.

Got questions? guilherme at cobbleweb dot co dot uk

Remote Full-time