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AWS Golang

AWS (Snow) | Sr. Software Engineer | REMOTE (US) and ONSITE (San Francisco)| Full-Time

I am founding the SF Bay Area office for AWS’s fledgling Snow business:

I am looking for senior engineers interested in working on a greenfield AWS product. If you are loathe to go through the sluggish leetcode-esque process associated with most FANG-ish companies, please reach out regardless. I am foremost interested in hiring technically excellent colleagues.

My team is responsible for solving a variety of distributed computing challenges for new products built on Snow. Here is a sample of some problem categories I am currently working on:

- distributed computing against partitions without any network connectivity for long time periods - remote management of devices with low bandwidth and intermittent network connectivity - establishing correct and performant build pipelines for custom hardware devices deployed in remote areas Highlights:

- greenfield work on a well-capitalized emerging AWS product - actual customers who are eager to use the product, adding value and feedback to the development cycle - help define the technical merits, pace, and direction of the team for years to come at AWS’s scale - my team currently has no oncall, as we support hardware, disconnected devices, and evolving products currently being defined with customers - realistic path for accelerated career/technical growth within the context of a larger company My team is in the office on Wednesday and Thursday of each week, otherwise remote. I am happy to hire experienced senior engineers into fully remote positions. If you are interested in speaking, please reach out to me at:

{Email is hidden

If you like fun challenges and puzzles, please reach out to me once you discover the following hidden message:

About me

I have worked professionally as an engineer and mathematician on low level cryptographic primitives, compiler development, and large scale distributed systems. I prioritize craftsmanship, clarity of thought, and correctness as levers against intractable and complex problems. In my spare time, I just finished reverse engineering some critical hardware circuits on my laptop’s motherboard to hack some custom behavior. I am now fixing and old Apple ][ Plus with the intent of writing some retro 6502 Sweet 16! I am also a pilot, tennis player, and an avid reader. I’d love to chat with you about any of those things if you’re interested.

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Beyond Med 1 day ago
AWS CSS Express.js Git GraphQL HTML JavaScript MySQL Node.js React.js SQL Stripe Wordpress

Beyond Med | Software Engineer | Miami | Hybrid | Full Time | Base $90k - $110k + annual bonus

Website: / mobile application listed under "Beyond Med" Email: Email is hidden if interested

Beyond Med is a fast-growing healthcare technology company dedicated to providing its members access to highly sought-after medical services, treatments, and procedures done by top-rated, board certified doctors at reduced rates.

This is a full-stack Javascript role that will oversee existing applications and spearhead new projects. You will work on both internal and external-facing applications and should be able to take ownership of each project from start-to-finish. This is an opportunity to help develop and grow an IT department of a growth-company, where you will research, architect, and develop Beyond Med’s applications and database.

Principal Responsibilities: • Apply in-depth technical knowledge to develop applications across one or more technology areas (web applications, APIs, web services, and application database integration). • Plan, design, develop, test, debug, and deploy highly-available applications. • Software analysis, code analysis, requirements analysis, software review, identification of code metrics, system risk analysis, software reliability analysis. • Participates in troubleshooting complex issues and resolving defects. • Provide technical thought leadership and be a strong collaborator with domain subject matter experts, application architects, and senior development teams.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: • Bachelors or Associates degree in information technology, computer science or related field • 2-5 years’ experience in web development • Web Development Experience - both front end and back end • Front End: HTML5/CSS, JavaScript, React, React-Native, and understanding of responsibility/compatibility on different browsers • Back End: SQL, Node.js • Experience with the following tools: GIT, MySQL • Preferred Experience: AWS/Cloud, Wordpress, SendGrid, GraphQL, Express.js, Passport.js, Stripe • Soft Skills: Self starter, ability to work within a team, willingness to learn, value office culture

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AWS Java Kotlin MongoDB MySQL Redis

Hotmart | Backend (Java) Senior+ | Amsterdam | Hybrid(come to the office when you want) | Full time

Hotmart is a leading cloud-based platform that empowers creators to build, run, manage and grow their digital businesses globally. We are one of the largest digital global enablement platforms, with a diverse and fast-growing ecosystem of creators and their consumers.

The development team is a core element here at Hotmart. You'll be of the payments team which lives in the bleeding edge of it. For us, offering credit card payment is just a commodity, we offer a lot of local payment methods, BNPL and advanced payment features for digital products in several countries around the world.

Stack: Java8+, Kotlin, Springboot, AWS, Mysql, mongo and redis

contact me: Email is hidden

Enjin 2 days ago

Enjin | Full-time | REMOTE Changing the way games are built on blockchains. We are building a full-stack platform including a wallet, marketplace, and Efinity (our flagship Polkadot Parachain).

Full-stack Engineer (Laravel)

We're also looking for passionate Product Managers & Scrum Masters to help us deliver cutting edge web3 technology faster, better, stronger, and more awesome:

QA and Code auditing positions also open:

Remote Full-time
Way to Health 2 days ago

Way to Health (Penn Medicine) | Full-time | Philadelphia, PA | Hybrid | Software Developer

Join a team that has launched over 200 research studies and clinical programs, improved the lives of over a million patients and citizens, and facilitated top-notch scientific research.

[Way to Health]( is a patient engagement and research platform, which has powered hundreds of research studies and clinical programs improving the health of our patients. We've launched 200+ different research and clinical programs, and there are ~100 running at any given time. The platform is built and managed at Penn Medicine by our team of developers, implementation specialists, innovation managers, and more.

We currently have 5 developers on the team, and are looking to hire two more. Requires 3+ years experience with application development (especially but not only PHP) and a Bachelors degree. We work 98% remotely, but you must live in PA/NJ/DE.

More details and link to application at Email me at <my HN username> at with any questions.

Superfans 2 days ago

Superfans | Full-time | Paris, France | Hybrid/Onsite

Superfans is building the growth automation infrastructure for web3! In web3, active fans receive token rewards as they contribute to community growth with their engagement. We are starting off with a narrow focus on web3 communities and plan to broaden to consumer brands at large as they increasingly shift from declining paid ads to community-led growth.

We are looking for our first team members who will help build an excellent experience for our customers and their communities. Feel free to reach out to our talent partner if you want to know more (Email is hidden) or apply for one of the openings:

- Senior Full-Stack Engineer (Paris or Europe) -

Onsite Full-time
Birdi 3 days ago
AWS Golang Kubernetes Node.js PostgreSQL React.js Terraform TypeScript

Birdi | QA Engineer (junior) | Remote | 6mo contract | | Australian working rights required.

Birdi runs drone capture projects across Australia. We acquire and process drone imagery, and provide an online platform for our customers to interact with rich geospatial data.

We are a fully remote, growing and highly experienced team that moves fast and builds flexible and powerful solutions to real problems.

Tech stack:

Infra: AWS/Kops/K8s/Terraform/Golang BE: NodeJS/Postgresql FE: TypeScript/React/Maplibre/DeckGl We are currently looking for the following roles:

QA Engineer (6mo contract, junior role) For more detail on the specific role see:

For more general detail, see our careers page :

We are always looking for good people, so even if the above role is not a fit for you, please reach out.

Email me at Email is hidden

Ookla 3 days ago

Ookla | Engineers, All Levels | Open to Remote in USA and Europe|Hybrid: Seattle, Memphis, Denver, Dublin and Guilford | Full Time | | visa okay

We’re Ookla, the team that makes Speedtest and Downdetector. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide use our products to measure their internet connection or check out their service status. With over 18 million consumer-initiated tests taken daily and billions of data points gathered, Ookla data paints a clear picture of the performance, quality, and availability of virtually every network in the world.

As an Engineer, you could work on the SDK that exercises the network, implement cool UX in our extremely popular website and mobile apps, tackle the backend challenges that come with ingesting and processing very large amounts of data, or build visualizations in our web analytics portals.

[1] Software Engineer, Powered Team (Mobile SDK): [2] Senior Software Engineer, Downdetector (Backend): [3] Site Reliability Engineer, Platform Team: [4] Software Engineer, Platform Team:

Remote Full-time
Hyphen 3 days ago
BigQuery GraphQL JavaScript Node.js PostgreSQL React.js TypeScript

Hyphen | Software Engineer (Typescript) | Full-time | ONSITE | London, UK

We are an edtech startup building a next-generation talent development platform which equips professionals with the skills and network to succeed in the future of work. We will deliver a highly social learner experience through world-class web and native apps, plus enterprise-grade apps, integrations, and APIs for employers.

We are fortunate to partner with some of the best people in the space, are backed by world-class investors and have raised a substantial seed round from one of Europe’s top VC’s. We are based out of a beautiful office in central London but offer fully flexible working arrangements.

You will be Hyphen’s first engineering hire and work alongside our technical co-founder who is full-stack. Our tech stack is very modern and makes for an incredible developer experience:

- 100% Typescript/Node.js throughout the backend and frontend

- Postgres (OLTP database), BigQuery (OLAP data warehouse)

- GraphQL API (Hasura)

- Serverless functions for backend logic (Vercel/Cloudflare Workers)

- React/Next.js progressive web app frontend (Vercel)

We want to enable you to do your best work, so we’ll tailor the role to whichever part of the stack suits you best — you can do mostly frontend, backend, or a mix. We are currently in the process of designing and building our learner web app MVP. Your input will be key in defining the direction of our technology.

More info and apply here: (please mention HN in your submission!)

Onsite Full-time
S O NAH 3 days ago
AWS Angular.js Bash Docker Kotlin MySQL Nginx Node.js Redis TypeScript

S O NAH | Full Stack Developer| Full-time | ONSITE | Aachen/Cologne, Germany

SONAH is a medium-sized startup, building a network of sensors to improve cities across Europe. We provide smart cities with innovative services around parking data and footfall analytics to improve the lives of their residents. The foundation for these services is the privacy-protecting data generation anchored in our company's core philosophy.

To expand our team, we are looking for a full stack enthusiast. You will build new webservices and you will deploy server side systems. Develop APIs that make our data accessible to the public. Additionally, you maintain our current frontend and backend systems. Furthermore, you collaborate with the firmware team to define interfaces for our sensor fleet. Finally you will develop and support our internal tooling. In the future you might be the leader of your own full stack team.

While we are growing, we are not only keeping the best parts of being a startup alive in our company philosophy, but we are also giving each team member the opportunity to influence and further develop this philosophy for the better.

Some of the most important technologies we utilize in our day-to-day work are: Linux, Docker, Node.js, Angular, MySQL, Redis, Ktor, nginx, AWS, TypeScript, Bash, Kotlin

You can find more information about us at and apply via

Onsite Full-time