Metapic 12 days ago

Metapic | Full-Time | Remote (Europe) | Lead Frontend Engineer

Metapic is an influencer network that allows brands to work with influencer marketing at scale.

We're looking for an experienced frontend engineer with a strong tech background and solid leadership skills to join our team. You will lead a cross-functional team of ~6 people with emphasis on client-side apps. Our frontend tech stack is Vue and Nuxt.

Read the full job description over at

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Remote Full-time 13 days ago
AWS Golang Machine learning Python | $140k to $200k | Full-time | 1% to 3% equity | Senior Software Engineer | San Francisco (Hybrid)

Listening turns textbooks and research papers into audio, so students can listen on the go.

We're VC backed and growing like a rocket ship

We're looking for a senior engineer. Primary programming language is Python. Experience with machine learning a plus but not required.

The role involves:

- Improving our PDF extraction functions

- Integrating text-to-audio APIs

- Managing AWS server infrastructure

- Deploying machine learning models

- General backend: performance, reliability, observability, etc.

We move fast and ship things quickly. The code you write will be in users' hands in days. The team is highly technical, no middle management, self-directed.

We meet in SF 2x a week, work from home the rest of the time.

Please contact: Email is hidden. Please include a cover letter and resume, and why you're interested in the role.

ChainSecurity 14 days ago
Blockchain Git

ChainSecurity | Blockchain Security Engineer | Full-time | INTERNS , REMOTE, Zurich, Switzerland | VISA possible |

ChainSecurity is a young and innovative cybersecurity company that operates in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Our mission is to make the blockchain space secure and trustworthy for people, companies, and governments alike. We are proud of our security experts from the renowned universities ETH Zurich, EPFL Lausanne and others. We are trusted by 100+ blockchain companies and established corporations with security audits and services. We have secured complex systems for top blockchain clients, such as decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, and multinational organizations, such as banks and industrial consortia.

A ChainSecurity Auditor will review the most complex blockchain projects to find vulnerabilities which no-one else can. By using state of the art tools, expert knowledge and a deep understanding of the fundamentals, we secure projects handling billions, often forming the foundation in the new paradigm of an open financial system. We are looking for engineers who are extremely curious, think critically, and have the drive to learn and discover. We welcome experienced hires, but also fresh or soon-to-be graduates with high potential and an interest in blockchain and cybersecurity.

Your Responsibilities:

* Work directly with the developers of the most successful teams in the blockchain industry to audit their code and secure their products

* Contribute to our security tools and create new ones in collaboration with our internal research team

* Conduct security research and publish your findings


* Strong background in software engineering, focused on security relevant areas and most importantly being able to reason about complex code

* Experience with penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, threat modeling or similar is a plus

* Basic knowledge of cryptography

* Proficiency with Linux and Git

* Good written communication skills

* Fluent in OOP programming language

Bonus Points - Formal Verification, White Box, Vulnerability Scanning / Blockchain Knowledge / Consensus Algorithms

Join us here:

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Remote Full-time
Y Combinator 15 days ago
AWS AWS ECS Git Ruby Ruby on Rails Terraform

Y Combinator (yes, the people who run this site) | Infrastructure Software Engineer | Bay Area | Full-time

I currently run YC’s infrastructure and I need some help! Over the last 7 years I’ve been at YC, our software team has grown considerably both in engineers and in products. We need to invest more in our infrastructure so we can keep shipping our products quickly.

The main thing you’ll need in this job is curiosity; I work at every layer of a very large stack. One day you might dig into AWS apis, another it’s a 3rd party Ruby gem or our git history. Or maybe you get paged that all the SSDs for Hacker News (primary and standby!) died on the same day :)

The first few months will be heavier on infrastructure work but in the future the job will hopefully be equal parts developer experience, infrastructure work, and product engineering that impacts all of our products (think SSO, sending email, security, etc).

The main products we support are all Ruby on Rails apps running in AWS (mostly in ECS); ideally you’ve already worked on apps like that. You have at least 5 years of experience. Part of that was shipping code to customers but you’ve also got cloud experience (we try to mostly use Terraform). You’re probably the person people turn to when there’s a fire to put out.

YC has excellent compensation and benefits (see more in the formal job description: The team and the work life balance are great. About half of us are former founders and many of us are parents. And if you’re curious about startups (and possibly starting one someday), this job gives you amazing access to interact with YC’s programs, partners, and founders.

If you’re interested, I’d love to chat! I’m Email is hidden.

Alma 15 days ago

Alma | Healthtech | Remote(USA)

At Alma, we’re making it easier for consumers to access high-quality, affordable mental health care by supporting providers in building thriving private practices. We recently raised a $130M Series D and are hiring for many roles across the company.

- Engineering Manager (

- Frontend Engineer III (

All Open Roles (

Contra 15 days ago
AWS Google Cloud Kubernetes

Contra | Senior Site Reliability Engineer | $145-165k + equity & benefits | Full-time | Fully Remote Contra is a commision-free platform redefining how freelancers find great opportunities, get paid, and showcase their work.

We’re looking for an experienced Senior Site Reliability Engineer with a background in full-stack software engineering — a full-stack twist on the traditional SRE role, and a chance to wear multiple hats. You’ll ensure that the site & platform are operating at their best, working across our infrastructure, CI/CD, Sentry, monitoring and alerting services, performance budgets, and internal tooling.

Extensive knowledge of k8s and GCP (preferably) or AWS is a must. You’ll need to be comfortable with crystal-clear, asynchronous communication as we’re a fully remote company with employees all across the globe. Past experience as a freelancer and empathizing with our users and our mission are huge plusses.

To find out more about the position and apply: To learn more about Contra visit our site (, create a profile and check out all the ways we’re building the best platform for independents and clients

Remote Full-time
16 days ago
Django Next.js PostgreSQL Python RDS React.js TypeScript

Join JustPaid's dynamic team as our Full Stack Software Engineer! Dive into the world of finance automation, leveraging the cutting-edge technologies we utilize. Here's what we work with: Database Infrastructure (Amazon RDS, PostgreSQL), Frontend(TypeScript, React, Next.js), Backend (Python, Django), Design (MUI (React component library)), Authentication (Auth0). Not an expert in everything listed? That's okay! We value adaptability and eagerness to learn. If you can code and are ready to pick up new skills on the job, we'd love to chat. Familiarity with AI concepts, particularly: Experience with Large Language Models like GPT-4 and Claude Deploying LLM models in real-world settings. Sound like your cup of tea? Reach out and embark on an exciting journey with JustPaid. Apply here:

Zattoo 16 days ago

Zattoo | Berlin | Full Time | ONSITE / HYBRID | Principal QA Engineer - Video Technology

Zattoo: Back in 2005, we pioneered Europe’s first TV streaming service. Today, we’re the world’s first certified climate neutral TV streaming provider. 3 million users across three countries. Over 230 colleagues of 47 nationalities.

// Principal Software Engineer (QA) - Video Technology

Video Technology at Zattoo: Our video teams develop the software which drives our carrier-grade streaming platform, covering the full processing chain from content ingest, transcoding, storage and stream delivery as well as putting the streams into action with our own playback SDKs for many platforms. Additionally we operate our inhouse SSAI solution based on the streaming stack mentioned before.

Onsite Full-time
Veza 16 days ago
AWS Salesforce Stripe Twilio

Veza ( | Looking for star Product Managers and Product Designers | San Francisco, Bay Area preferred | Full-time

Veza is a cutting-edge identity security startup headquartered in Silicon Valley. We are building a market-category defining identity security company for the dynamic world of data and app ecosystems. We are backed by top-tier VCs and angel investors, including CEOs and security leaders from Google, Stripe, Facebook, etc. The founding team consists of serial entrepreneurs and early engineers from startups and cloud scale companies. We are looking for highly motivated and skilled product managers (customer-obsessed PMs) and product designers with significant background in security and hands-on experience building cloud-native and SaaS products. You will play a critical role in building products working closely with our customers, founders, and collaborating with senior engineers who have built and shipped $1B+ products (alumni from Google, Okta, Rubrik, AWS, IBM Research, Twilio, Salesforce, etc.). We are looking for characteristics such as ambition, agility, self-drive, diverse and growth mindsets, intellectual curiosity, and a commitment to building an enduring product and an enduring company. Bay Area location is preferred. Identity / Security / Data backgrounds are preferred. If you are interested, please reach out to Email is hidden, or apply at,,, and

Magic 16 days ago
AWS C GitHub JavaScript MongoDB Next.js Node.js PostgreSQL React.js

Magic ( | Software Engineer (Full stack Javascript | 100% Remote (preferably APAC, Africa and EU regions) | Full-time | $50,000 to 60,000/year

We are the Engineering Team at Magic, a Y Combinator (W15) company. We connect businesses to virtual assistants, with over $30MM raised to date. Our team is currently composed of 17 engineers in 7 countries, growing to 30 engineers worldwide in 2022.

Software Engineer (Full stack Javascript)

- Design and development of AI-powered solutions that meet the needs of Magic's core business.

- With solid experience in Javascript full stack development (React, Next, Node)

- Plus: Worked on AI products using existing APIs

- Must be willing to work on Philippine time zone (GMT+8) (commit to ~10 hours/week overlap with core PH hours)

Tech stack: JavaScript, with React on the frontend and Node on AWS on the backend, with PostgreSQL and MongoDB for our databases.

Our workplace: 90% async (very few meetings), open source or civic work supported, work at any time you want from anywhere

Learning culture: mentorship, pairing, talks, conferences, new technologies

Unique hiring process: in less than 3 hours, meet our in-house technical recruiter, meet a hiring manager for a culture fit and pre-tech interview, then choose from 3 ways to showcase your abilities (choose one): (a) simulated code review, (b) show and tell from one of your GitHub repos or (c) live-code pairing to build a to-do application.

Contact us by emailing: Email is hidden

Remote Full-time