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Node.js React.js Salesforce TypeScript

flair.hr | Munich, Germany | REMOTE Full-time | https://flair.hr

We are looking for experienced software engineers to join our product development team on building the HR platform that enables companies to automate every process possible in their HR department.

Our back-end is written primarily in Apex (Salesforce), node.js, and our front-end is react (Typescript).

Selected open roles at the time of this writing:

- Full-stack Remote Developer

- UX Designer

More info here: https://jobs.flair.hr/flair

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Iterative.ai 1 day ago
Git Machine learning Python Terraform

Iterative.ai (Series A, US based) | REMOTE, WORLDWIDE | FULL-TIME | OPEN-SOURCE

We are building dev tools for ML engineers and Data Scientists (MLOps).

Use cases- Git for ML, CI/CD for ML, Terraform to manage ML infrastructure, experiments bookkeeping, datasets managements, etc.

We build DVC.org (8K+ stars on GH), CML.dev (2K+ stars on GH), SaaS product (think like GH for ML). Think about us as a Hashicorp (Terraform, Vault, etc) for ML and MLOps. We are looking for senior Python (backend or systems engineering) and front-end senior engineers.

Please, find job descriptions here - https://iterative.notion.site/iterative-ai-is-hiring-852cb97...

To apply send a direct email to Email is hidden.

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InnoVint 1 day ago

InnoVint | Wine Production Software | www.innovint.us | Remote (US-based) | FT | Director of Engineering

I've toiled as CTO for seven years, soaking my blood, sweat and tears into not only our product, but the company. I'm so proud of the product and company we've built. Today I'm excited to announce that we're ready to hire our first Director of Engineering to come in and bring our engineering team to the next level. The job posting will be online later this week, but if you want to be the first to throw your hat in the ring, ping me directly. This is a key, highly visible role leading our engineering team. InnoVint offers a vertical SaaS solution for the wine industry. We've built the most widely adopted, industry-leading platform and are coming off two phenomenal years of growth, and 2022 is already lining up to be the proverbial hockey stick of growth. If you're a proven engineering leader who can help us accelerate our velocity, join us! I'd love to hear from you. Come join our fully distributed team! Please send an email to Email is hidden.

InnoVint is the world's leading SaaS solution for wineries and wine producers. We are and have always been a well-performing, tight knit virtual team that meets several times a year in the real world (usually a wine destination!). About half the team has some wine production experience. If you love the idea of being part of the wine industry, but haven't yet considered combining your experience in SaaS and tech, maybe InnoVint is the perfect company for you. If you are a reformed or aspiring winemaker, that's even better!

Pipedrive 1 day ago
Docker ElasticSearch Kubernetes MySQL Node.js PHP React.js TypeScript

Pipedrive | Senior Engineers | Prague, Czech Republic | ONSITE

Pipedrive is a SaaS visual sales tool for small to medium businesses. We’ve been valued at $1,5B in 2020 and are experiencing rapid growth. Our team is now located in five countries, building the sales tool used by over 95,000 companies.

I am very happy with the maturity of the processes here and the autonomy our team is having. We are getting a lot of support from the company while still being able to innovate and fully own our part of the product.

I am looking for senior engineers to join my product team in Prague. Our stack is mainly TypeScript, Node.js, React, Docker, MySQL, PHP, ElasticSearch, k8s, ... We expect some experience with that but the main thing is the cultural fit. We are looking for team players.

Please ping me an email at Email is hidden if you want to chat about the opportunity. Please note that we can offer relocation assistance only to very senior candidates. I am an engineering manager not a recruiter.

Aquabyte 1 day ago
Machine learning

Aquabyte | Remote (SF, NYC) and Norway | Full Time | Data Science, MechE, Embedded, Procurement, Product https://jobs.lever.co/aquabyte/

Aquabyte (https://www.aquabyte.ai, backed by NEA and Costanoa, top tier investors) is on a mission to revolutionize the ocean sustainability and efficiency of aquaculture. It is an audacious, and incredibly rewarding mission. By making fish farming cheaper and more viable than livestock production, we aim to mitigate one of the biggest causes of climate change and help prepare our planet for impending population growth. Aquaculture is the single fastest growing food-production sector in the world, and now is the time to define how technology is used to harvest the ocean for generations to come.

Through custom underwater cameras, computer vision, and machine learning we are able to quantify fish weights, detect sea lice infestations, and generate optimal feeding plans in real time. Our product operates at three levels: on-site hardware for image capture, cloud pipelines for data processing, and a user-facing web application. As a result, there are hundreds of moving pieces and no shortage of fascinating challenges across all levels of the stack.

If interested, please apply at https://jobs.lever.co/aquabyte/ or email: Email is hidden

• Senior Data Scientist: https://jobs.lever.co/aquabyte/c7f80cae-43c7-4e5e-89f4-f8863...

• Mechanical Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/aquabyte/4bfe8b61-e64d-4094-9eec-59090...

• Sr. Embedded Software Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/aquabyte/82467b1e-330d-4b57-8e02-9bd72...

• Embedded Systems Architect: https://jobs.lever.co/aquabyte/a3cae776-37d5-4d6d-b7ff-7f0c2...

• Database Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/aquabyte/e42e3951-f564-4c94-8a7b-2ed8a...

• Procurement Director: https://jobs.lever.co/aquabyte/69b12e79-1940-45ed-8b2f-cfdbb...

• Technical Product Manager: https://jobs.lever.co/aquabyte/80257399-0987-491a-868b-6f9a2...

• Head of People and Culture: https://hire.lever.co/jobs/postings/edit/15f70c41-bf98-46e9-...

• Head of Finance and Legal: https://hire.lever.co/jobs/postings/edit/2152043b-d1c4-4fd4-...

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Feed 2 days ago

Feed | Remote | Full-time | Multiple roles | https://www.feed.fm and https://www.adaptr.com

Feed brings popular music to businesses. We create SDKs and APIs that tap into our massive catalog of music to enable companies to create first class digital experiences.


Senior Full-Stack Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/feedmedia/ccedd776-f862-45d1-b57f-fdba...

Senior SDET: https://jobs.lever.co/feedmedia/134f1e6a-c7a5-47db-9476-66bf...

Senior Sales Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/feedmedia/d86d7f14-bc69-47bd-bfec-881b...

Product Manager: https://jobs.lever.co/feedmedia/f9c4ea50-1d99-4799-b8fa-de53...

Recruiter: https://jobs.lever.co/feedmedia/5445ae57-a6b7-48e0-8d5c-8874...

VP, Customer Experience: https://jobs.lever.co/feedmedia/a8dae808-2358-466e-b270-3472...


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Steadily 2 days ago
Django PostgreSQL Python

Steadily | Austin, TX - Remote | Full-time | Python, Django, PostgreSQL | https://www.steadily.com

Steadily is a venture backed insurtech startup for landlords. We've grown from five to over thirty people in less than a year as the demand for our service continues to rise. Our purpose is to give landlords all over the country a fast, modern insurance buying experience and amazing customer service so they’re confident they’ll have the coverage they need on a rainy day. Because of our technology and service, our customers love being insured by us, even when they have a claim.

In November 2021, we announced our Series A raise of $27.8 million. Led by Matrix Partners and Zigg Capital, we are poised to bring landlord insurance to the forefront with cutting edge technology and exceptional people.

Staff/Senior Software Engineer - https://grnh.se/3c63da104us

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OneSignal 2 days ago

OneSignal | Multiple Roles | Onsite/Remote | New York & Remote (apply to one position) | Full-Time | https://onesignal.com/

OneSignal has grown rapidly to where we are today serving billions of HTTP requests daily and sending upwards of over 10 billion messages daily. Our massive scale, small team, kindness in all our interactions, and focus on ownership and personal growth make OneSignal a uniquely great place to work.

OneSignal’s vision is to power the world’s messages. Our customer engagement platform enables our users to compose and send messages via mobile push, web push, in-app, SMS and email.

Head of Product Engineering - https://jobs.lever.co/onesignal/2a81028d-2c94-4887-9777-ef9b...

Staff Product Engineer https://jobs.lever.co/onesignal/a44e01ab-41a3-4c74-99b1-acb2...

Senior Product Engineer - https://jobs.lever.co/onesignal/053cb9a4-24ed-4a75-8a3b-84b0...

Senior Infra Engineer - https://jobs.lever.co/onesignal/76e284fc-62d4-49a7-a449-2ea5...

Senior SDK Engineer - https://jobs.lever.co/onesignal/1d51d50f-4fc8-4b99-ae91-3d39...

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Pulley 2 days ago
Golang React.js Stripe

Pulley | pulley.com | REMOTE (anywhere in the world) or onsite | Full-time

Pulley's mission is to make it easier for anyone to start a company. We believe that more startups should be created and that founder-led companies are more successful in the long term. With Pulley’s cap table management tools, companies can better understand and optimize their equity for the long term. Starting a company is hard enough. Managing equity shouldn’t be.

We’re a high-performing team looking for passionate, execution-focused, self-starters to help us build equity management tools for founders. Pulley is growing quickly with over 1600 customers including unicorns like Clubhouse, Birdies, Coda, and Fast - all within our first year of product launch. Our trajectory is fueled by top investors like Stripe, General Catalyst, Caffeinated Capital, 8vc, Elad Gil, among other great angels. All of our growth has been organic, and we’re growing the team to meet the demand.

We're hiring across all roles: - Senior Go Engineers

- Senior React Engineers

- Designers

- Account Executives

- Account Managers

- Partnership Manager

- Business Operations

- and many more

If you're interested, please contact us at Email is hidden or visit pulley.com/careers.

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Sensorum Health 2 days ago

Sensorum Health | Staff Software Engineer | Full Time | Remote / NYC | www.sensorum.ai

Sensorum Health is a seed-stage, NYC-based healthtech company. We are building an AI-powered sensor network to help seniors affected by chronic disease live healthy lives at home. We deploy fully-passive sensor technology, state-of-the-art AI, and healthcare services in the home to keep our patients out of the hospital.

In the near-term, this person will spend the majority of their time hands-on-keys working through development with me, the CTO. The best candidates will have the potential to assume more responsibility leading the technical team in the design and actualization of large and complex initiatives as we scale.

Because of the wide range of technologies we currently leverage at Sensorum, we would expect you to bring a growth mindset to the table. Our sensor network leverages real-time OSs running on our sensor hardware, IoT applications, message queue processing, mobile apps, web apps, AI training and inference pipelines.

Offerees will be offered a competitive compensation package comprising a mixture of cash and equity.

Reach out to Email is hidden

Thanks Jack - CTO, Co-Founder

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