Forward 3 days ago
Golang R

Forward | Eng, Design, Product (see below) | San Francisco, CA Healthcare is backwards. It's time to go forward with personalized and preventative care. We're hiring for our R&D team here at Forward.

• Software Engineers (Full stack, Front end, Infra, Mobile, Devices, IT)

• Engineering Leadership & Managers

• Product Designers

• Product Managers

We’re on a mission to make high-quality healthcare available to a billion people across the globe...for free. You’d help rebuild one of the most important yet broken industries from first principles, while working alongside a team of people using their talents to drastically improve the lives of others.

If this sounds like something you’d want to be a part of, check out our open roles at, or reach out to me directly at Email is hidden with your resume.

Read our founding story here:

Watch a video tour of our doctor’s office here:

Healthcare is backwards:

Spora Health 3 days ago
Django Python

Spora Health | Full Stack Engineer | Remote | Full Time |

Spora Health is a primary care provider and network for people of color. Our vision is to create a fresh perspective on healthcare - we call this new vision Culture Centered Care.

We are looking for senior Python/Django devs who are US based to help make this vision come to life.

Apply here-

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3 days ago
Git Python Rust

Software development manager

The SecureDNA project

The SecureDNA project seeks to enable fast, reliable, cheap, automated screening of DNA synthesis orders, to prevent both careless and malicious users from synthesizing potentially-hazardous DNA sequences anywhere in the world. It is an international, academic/commercial partnership project, consisting of researchers from MIT, Tsinghua University, Aarhus University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and other world-leading academic institutions, in partnership with major international DNA synthesis providers. Our implementation languages are Rust and Python.

Our goal is to develop an automatic and accurate screening system which can screen DNA synthesis orders much more quickly and cheaply than the current human-reliant review system; have negligible impact on legitimate research by researchers authorized to work with particular organisms; effectively block hazardous DNA sequences from being produced without suitable oversight, whether via accident or malice; protect intellectual property by not disclosing the submitted DNA orders to third parties; protect worldwide security by not disclosing potential hazards which may not be public; and enable global commercial adoption, with community verification, via scientific diplomacy and open-source software. To learn more, visit our website (<>) or read our technical whitepaper (<>).

We are seeking a software development manager to help build a team and implement the specification we have developed. This includes the initial beta release, scheduled for the next several months, with possible extension to the entire (multi-year) project. (If you are a software developer and would like to be notified when we advertise specific positions in the near future, feel free to drop us a line.)

● Your team will be responsible for: Writing a variety of components, both backend (storage, crypto, network) and frontend (customer-facing web); establishing a testing framework, including both unit testing and continuous integration; and deploying the system into the production environments of our DNA customers and vendor partners.

● Your responsibilities include: Assisting in locating, evaluating, and hiring developers to write robust, well-documented code; assisting in development (coding, documentation, testing, etc) as appropriate and required; and planning and monitoring development schedules.

No relocation is required; this is a 100% virtual position. SecureDNA has the flexibility to hire either as a full-time salaried position or as a contractor at industry-competitive rates. Funding is administered through MIT (US) and Tsinghua University (China).

Basic Requirements: Significant experience in team management; significant experience working with secure software system development and deployment; strong knowledge and experience with one or preferably both of the project languages (Rust and Python); knowledge and experience with software testing and with git; familiarity with common cryptographic software libraries and implementations; and fluent in English, including good writing skills.

Nice to Have: Familiarity with modern cryptography-based secure computing algorithms; and some familiarity with basic biological knowledge and DNA synthesis.

Benefits: Flexible work hours and arrangement (remote and/or part-time are both acceptable); a critical role in implementing an important biosecurity system which will be deployed worldwide; future opportunities in long-term collaboration with other research projects; and competitive salary and other benefits.

Contact: Email is hidden

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Aldo 3 days ago
.NET AWS JavaScript Node.js React.js

Aldo | Web | FULLY REMOTE / Eastern Europe & LATAM | Full-Time |

We are Aldo, a boutique global headhunting company that helps US companies find brilliant talent in Eastern Europe and LATAM.

We help companies hire nearshore/offshore talent directly and unlike Toptal/Upwork we don't take any cut off the developers' pay.

We're currently looking for the talent for following positions with active clients:

- Mid/Senior Full-Stack JS Engineer (LATAM or Eastern Europe):

- Frontend Developer in Monterrey, Mexico with a US-based startup (job description coming soon)

- Senior Backend Engineer (LATAM, remote):

- Senior DevOps Engineer (LATAM, remote):

- Senior Node.js developer with AWS Serverless Expertize (Anywhere – remote):

- Senior .NET Developer with Experience in React (Poland only):

If you find any of the positions of interest to you, shoot us an email at hireme [ат]!

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SumUp 3 days ago
Elixir Golang Ruby TypeScript

SumUp | Senior Software Engineer | Full Time, $130k-150k + Equity | ONSITE or REMOTE (Boulder, CO) SumUp is a fintech company focused on empowering small businesses. We're working on a number of exciting products including card acceptance (hardware), banking, and loonshot projects targeting the US market.

SumUp is a big, established player in the EU and Brazil, but our US team operates as a startup within the larger org. We're aiming to grow fast and turn SumUp into a household name in the US.

We're looking for experienced engineers with a history of technical leadership on big projects. We use languages like Elixir, Ruby, Golang, and TypeScript, we aim to use the right tool for the right job and to let teams decided what those tools should be.

We're interested in engineers with all backgrounds, but you'll get bonus points if yo have experience with EMV certification and/or payments/banking. We also love open source contributors!

We're currently employing a hybrid model for remote work, with most engineers come in to the office 1-2 days a week (since we're all currently in Colorado). We're happy to consider fully remote candidates, but we'll also provide generous relocation assistance to move to Colorado if possible for you (it's awesome here).

Apply here:

Or, send me an email at Email is hidden and mention hackernews if you're interested!

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Level 3 days ago

Level | Senior Go Engineer | Remote | Full Time

Level enables IT Professionals to remotely manage and monitor their workstations and servers from anywhere in the world. Level is the first security-focused remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform to implement peer-to-peer (P2P) connections that ensure a fully private and encrypted connection.

Apply here:

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Sketch 3 days ago
Golang Sketch

Sketch | Senior Go Backend Developer | Remote | Fulltime

Sketch is a design platform with an award-winning native Mac app and browser-based collaboration tools. Over a million people use our product to create their best work. And right now, we’re looking for a Backend Developer to join us.

Apply here:

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Ivanti Hiring 3 days ago
Django ElasticSearch JavaScript Kafka Kubernetes Python React.js Webpack

Ivanti Hiring | Staff Engineer (Python) | Senior Engineer (Javascript, React) | India | Fulltime

Staff Engineer (Python) JD : (3 Openings)

- 7-10 years of experience.

- Wizard of Python, Django or similar web api framework.

- Experience with Kafka or similar messaging queuing service.

- Experience with Elastic Search.

- Experience with micro services.

- Solid understanding of Containers and Container Orchestration frameworks like kubernetes.

- Solid understanding of design patterns and principles.

- Solid Architectural understanding.

- Ability to write clean, production ready, highly scalable, modular and well tested code.

- Dedicated smart worker.

Senior Engineer (Javascript, React) : (3 Openings)

- 2 to 5 Years of experience

- Extensive and solid understand of javascript

- Solid understanding or React or similar UI frameworks

- Well versed with module bundlers like webpack, Rollup etc..

- Understanding of micro frontend architecture.

Email your resume at Email is hidden

deevio 3 days ago
Docker React.js

deevio | frontend engineer (React) | REMOTE / BERLIN

We are a Berlin based startup that is automating visual inspection in manufacturing. Take a look at our open position if you would like to work with AI in an industrial context in a small multinational team.

Tech you will be working with: react, type script, konva, websockets, mqtt, docker, ...

Remote or on-site is possible, it would also be an option to start as a freelancer while we are working on visa etc.

Remote Onsite
go! Fleet 3 days ago
Docker Git Golang Node.js RabbitMQ React Native React.js Redis SQL

go! Fleet | Backend Developer | Winterthur, Switzerland | Full-Time, Remote or Partially Remote |

go! Fleet is a software ecosystem for the digital transformation of SMEs operating in passenger transport. It consists of a cockpit for smart dispatching, a driver app, a booking widget, an API for multimodal mobility and other digital solutions.

We use: Node.js, Microservices, REST-APIs, RESTful-Back-End-Services, Message Broker (RabbitMQ), SQL, Redis, Docker, Git, React, React Native

You can apply here:

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