Chalkboard 15 days ago
Express.js GraphQL Kotlin Node.js PostgreSQL Swift TypeScript

Chalkboard | Manchester, UK | ONSITE | Equity |

Local businesses feel left behind by technology. And yet, 40-55% of total monthly household budgets are spent locally, and the average person visits 7 local businesses a month. Chalkboard makes simple tools that make local businesses convenient to work with, driving more customers through their door.

Chalkboard are taking the same technology that is transforming enterprise, simplifying it, making it truly mobile-first, and putting it in the hands of deserving local business heroes.

We're currently looking for: Full stack engineers / Mobile app engineers

Our stack includes PostgreSQL, TypeScript, Node, Express, GraphQL, Kotlin, Swift

Sound exciting to you? Send your CV and cover letter to: careers at or read more at:

Wyssen Avalanche Control 15 days ago

Wyssen Avalanche Control | Backend/Full-Stack Engineer | Switzerland | Onsite | Full Time |

Visa possible for the right applicant (EU preferred)


Wyssen sets the standard for innovative and high quality solutions for risk management in avalanche-exposed areas. We deliver cost-effective and ecological solutions for avalanche control equipment and software tools.

We have over 350 avalanche towers protecting roads, railroads and infrastructure in Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Chile and Canada.

We are constantly focusing on innovative solutions, and this has enabled us to set the standard in the field of avalanche control with our state-of-the-art technology and professional risk solution services.


We are located in Reichenbach im Kandertal, a small ski town in the Bernese Oberland (ten minutes to Adelboden ski area, 30 minutes to Interlaken, 30 minutes to Bern).

Our current team is small: one frontend engineer, one devops/backend engineer (me), and the electrical engineer who built the initial application. The practical challenge right now is to transform the current, non-OOP, primarily PHP application into a modern, extensible, and manageable tool for our users and for future developers. We are looking for someone with a strong architectural background and experience with PHP web applications. You and I will have an opportunity to define much of the direction and technologies we will adopt or modify.

Most of the team speaks Swiss German, but I am a native English speaker and we use English for technical discussions.

Job description (in German):

Please email me with questions: Email is hidden

Onsite Full-time
Dive 15 days ago
AWS Cassandra Django Docker GitLab Golang JavaScript Kubernetes MariaDB Node.js React.js Redis Redux

Dive | Sr. Backend Engineer | India | Remote | Full Time |

Dive is a fun space for remote teams where team members can socialize. You can see who’s online, call a group, play games, watch movies together, or bond on common interest areas. You can talk, screen share, and do video chat with a click.

We are growing rapidly and are looking for Sr. Backend Engineers to join our early stage engineering team. We are seeking someone who has experience building robust backend applications and can solve complex engineering problems at scale. The role is fully Remote. You can be anywhere in the world to apply to this position

We're a relatively small team of about 4 people - meaning your work will have a lot of impact. We truly encourage being yourself at work and it shows in the creative code we write :)

Our Customers love us. We have given access to the product to a very limited set of companies which includes Facebook, Google, Gitlab, Rippling etc. who absolutely love using Dive.

We use: AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, gRPC, Django, Go, Node.js, Cassandra, MariaDB, Redis, React, Redux, Javascript

If you are interested in joining our small and passionate team drop me an e-mail to Email is hidden - come chat about what we're doing, or if you have questions!

More Info:

Remote Full-time
Blueshift 15 days ago
AWS Cassandra Docker ElasticSearch Elixir Ruby

Blueshift | Bay Area / Charlotte / REMOTE OK| Full-time, Remote |

Blueshift’s AI-Powered Marketing Platform empowers cutting edge B2C brands to drive 1:1 marketing on every channel. Blueshift is growing rapidly, and has consistently been rated a leader in the CDP and Multi-chautomation categories. We're backed by top tier VCs, and have been recognized as a “Cool Vendor for AI in Marketing” by Gartner. Customers love our product, and achieve tremendous ROI from using our solution.

1. Senior Platform Software Engineer - Elixir / Cassandra / Ruby / ElasticSearch

2. Senior Site Reliability Engineer - AWS, Docker

Remote Full-time
Plasmic 15 days ago
Figma React.js Sketch

Plasmic | Bay Area | Full-time, Remote |

We are an early stage software startup funded by NEA and other esteemed investors. We are creating a visual builder for React - something that is as easy to use as a design tool like Sketch/Figma (which you can also import from!) but builds production-ready React components. We want to fix design/development collaboration and simplify product development.

We have an intimate team of 5 (tech leads from Google, Microsoft, Facebook), of which 3 have PhDs (MIT, UW), and 3 have previously launched successful startups.

We're looking for another engineer to join the core team. The only skill requirement is React, but generally we are seeking engineers with at least a couple years of experience. Background in building complex tools, deep frontend work, compilers, or distributed systems are pluses!

If you're interested, please let us know - we would love to hear from you! Email is hidden

Remote Full-time
Torqata 15 days ago
Airflow Angular.js BigQuery Blockchain Kubernetes Pandas PostgreSQL Python

Torqata | Lead Solutions Architect, Senior UX Researcher, Senior Data Engineer, Senior DevSecOps Engineer, Senior Full Stack Engineer, Senior Product Designer, Senior Product Manager, Senior QA Engineer, VP of Product | Remote | Full Time

We're building SaaS tools to help tire sales shops improve their profitability.

Our frontend stack is Angular. Our backend API stack is Python, FastAPI, and PostgreSQL. Our data stack is Google BigQuery, Airflow, Kubernetes, Pandas and Python.

We're also working on a blockchain project.

Please send a resume to me, dgilman at atd-us dot com

Remote Full-time
15 days ago
Git Golang MySQL PHP Python Redis Ruby

[REMOTE] is seeking a Customer Support Engineer This position will be responsible for assessing the nature of product or service issues and resolving support problems for customers and partners through support tickets, live chat, and occasional voice calls. Don’t let the word “Support” fool you - this is not a typical call center role. Our customers are technically sophisticated and once a question gets to us search engines have failed to provide an answer. On any given day, you’ll be applying your knowledge of Linux with technologies like MySQL, DNS, CDNs, SSL, Redis, various programming languages, replication, integration with other systems and much more. Expect to learn something new every day.

Successful employees will collaborate with other team members, meet deadlines and test new ideas, tools, and tactics. We are looking for motivators and go-getters who will improve our processes, our products and ourselves. As one of our Cloud Support Engineers, you are our front line; when our customers think of how great is, they think of you.

This role is permanent and full time, 5 days a week including Saturdays and Sundays as 2 other weekly days off will be allocated

Qualifications 3+ years combined of: Linux system administration Web development using PHP, Python, Ruby or Go. (However, this is not primarily a programming job) Experience using git Managing DNS Functional knowledge of TLS and encryption Demonstrating exceptional communication skills to provide clear and empathetic customer support

We are a worldwide distributed team and are looking for a candidate who can perform well working remotely. To be an effective performer as a CSE here at, you’ll need to be able to effectively collaborate across time zones while operating with a high level of independence and autonomy.

Apply here:

Remote Full-time
VSCO 16 days ago
AWS Android C++ Chef Docker Golang IOS Java Kafka Kotlin Kubernetes Machine learning MongoDB Node.js Objective-C PHP React.js Spark Swift TensorFlow Terraform

VSCO | Staff Machine Learning Engineer, Senior iOS Engineer, Server Engineer | Oakland, New York, Chicago | Full Time

VSCO is a creative channel. We build creative tools, spaces, and connections driven by self-expression. Our mission is to help everybody fall in love with their own creativity.

We value generalists over specialists. Our technology stack includes AWS, Chef, Terraform, Bazel, Envoy, Kubernetes, Docker, gRPC, TensorFlow, Spark, Java, Kafka, Titan, Mongo, Go, C++, Node.js, PHP, Swift and Objective-C on iOS, Kotlin and RxJava on Android, and React.

We're a relatively small engineering team of about 50 people - meaning your work will have a lot of impact. We truly encourage being yourself at work and it shows in the creative code we write :)

Apply at or feel free to reach out at Email is hidden (Jen Mendez).

Hopper 16 days ago

Hopper | Multiple Engineering - (Remote) | Montreal, Toronto, Boston, NYC, 100% remote | Full-time, Salary + Options

Hopper is a mobile first travel company aimed at making it simple and stress free for users to book travel. We predict Hotel and Airline prices, and help customers optimize for price by advising them when to book, and when not to book.

Amongst a range of products built to reduce the stress and complexity involved in travel, we, for example, back our price predictions by offering users the option to freeze a specific price (we cover the difference if the price doesn't drop quite as far as we predicted). We've been helping users who are forced to travel during these challenging times by scaling out capacity for our "Cancel for any Reason" product, and are gradually rolling out other products in a similar vein.

We've raised 70m in funding in May, and are well situated to survive the pandemic. We're looking for mid or senior engineers, for multiple roles; apply directly on our site

--- Message me on here or via. linkedin ( for additional details or questions

Remote Full-time
16 days ago
Machine learning

Arthur is building the leading platform for AI monitoring & transparency. We are fortunate to be backed by incredible investors (Index, Homebrew, & Work-Bench) and are getting good market traction. We are hiring for a number of roles including data engineers, machine learning engineers, marketing, and sales.

Located in New York / NYC & SF. Open to VISA sponsorship. Thanks!