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Deep learning JavaScript Machine learning Natural Language Processing Python React.js Rust | Senior Full-Stack Engineers | Neural Network Developer | Technical Content Creator | Full-Time | Canada - Quebec | REMOTE

We're a full-stack consultancy, committed to building software that outlasts us. We have a wide variety of interesting projects including building unified data formats for neuroscience labs to share data sets, developing custom medical software for doctors, creating platforms for real estate agencies, crypto, and more. We're growing quickly and we’re short on engineering talent. We're looking to hire people, who are driven and want to play a lead role in growing an exciting company. We have dedicated time for self-improvement, blogging, talks, and contribution to FOSS. Our goal is to be a workplace with a strong focus on learning, where client projects provide a base of capital for us to all work on dream projects of our own. We have an inclusive, transparent culture with a public company principles handbook.

See more info and apply here:

If you have any questions, drop us an email at apply at

We’re looking for:

• Senior Full-Stack developers strong at Python and/or JS, experience in client relations, project management, UX, React. Experience with Rust, crypto, and mobile development is a plus.

• Neural Network Developer with an understanding of deep learning, ML/DL, and NLP.

• Technical Content Creator with a background in computer science/programming.


Some perks of working with us include:

• Work from home (we’re fully remote!)

• Flexible working hours

• Six weeks of paid vacation

• Competitive salary

• Time, funding, and support for self-improvement/blogging/talks/side-projects/FOSS contribution

• Strong culture emphasis on individual autonomy and impact on company direction

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Waltz Health 18 days ago

Waltz Health | Multiple Roles | Remote/Hybrid | Full-Time | Visa Accepted

We are a Chicago-based technology startup that is leading a new way forward for prescription care. We’re rethinking the pharmaceutical supply chain, introducing AI-driven marketplaces that drive down costs, and new consumer tools that guide decisions on care.

Series A - backed by Google Ventures

Front-End Developer -

Lead Front-End Developer -

Software QA Engineer - Lead -

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InfoSum 18 days ago

InfoSum | Senior Technical Account Manager | NYC / hybrid-remote | Full-time

InfoSum solves the privacy challenges that organizations confront when trying to make their first-party data useful outside the four walls of their organizations. Our clients include major enterprises, advertising platforms and other identity providers.

We're looking to bring on board a senior technical account manager with a proven track record in customer-facing engineering support.

Shoot me an email (douglas dot my last name @) to learn more!

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Upbound 18 days ago

Upbound | Multiple Roles | Remote | Full Time

Upbound is the company behind Crossplane, the open source project which started the control plane revolution in the cloud native community. With Upbound you get universal real-time visibility into all of your infrastructure environments, the same API centric approach Kubernetes pioneered for managing infrastructure and policies, and self service infrastructure capabilities.

Fully remote, Series B company growing consistently across orgs.


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Rally Space 18 days ago

Rally Space | 1st Backend Engineer | Remote(4hr overlap with Boston) | Full Time

Rally is a brand-new company, building storytelling tools for teams. Rally helps distributed teams stop relying on in-person, office-first communication strategies - and get better at async.

We're building a diverse team of craftspeople that compound off each other. Rally is a new product, which means we get to pick our lego bricks ( and build the right way.

We're funded, fired up, and hiring Rally's first Backend Engineer to help bring the product to market. You'll join a founding team of the CEO and two full stack engineers who have done this before, and play a core role shaping & creating a communication engine for a storytelling experience.

Say hello:

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B.Well 18 days ago

B.Well | Senior Engineer, Node.JS | REMOTE (anywhere) | Full-Time

We’re transforming how people interact with the healthcare system

As a Senior Engineer at BWell, you will be a critical member of the FHIR Services team responsible for expanding b.well’s FHIR platform services so that our teams can build solutions that scale, are conformant, and reliable. You will be key in implementing solutions to help expand our FHIR server capabilities or improve upon performance. You will often be tasked with a problem and be expected to research it, identify a solution, develop a proof of concept and if successful, turn it into a solution or tool that our teams can build upon.

Company link:

Job Link:

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Pneuma Solutions 19 days ago
Electron.js GitHub JavaScript R Rust TypeScript

Pneuma Solutions | Full-Stack Desktop Application Developer | Remote

I'm the technical cofounder of Pneuma Solutions (, a bootstrapped company developing accessibility tools primarily for blind people. We're seeking a full-stack application developer for a desktop application using a combination of Electron and Rust along with a server-side API and companion web interface. This is a remote contract position.

Remote Incident Manager ( is the world's only remote desktop solution designed to be fully accessible to both blind and sighted users on both sides of the connection. RIM is already shipping as a minimum viable product, and is being ported to its second platform. Now we need a developer who can implement more features, especially features needed by larger organizations. The desktop application uses Electron and is written primarily in TypeScript, with native modules written in Rust.


- Experience developing accessible applications using web technologies, including testing with screen readers on Windows and macOS

- Full-stack web development experience, using both APIs and server-rendered web interfaces

- JavaScript and Rust proficiency: we expect robust, modular, maintainable code

- Experience developing real-time applications using two-way communication technologies such as WebSockets and WebRTC

- Security awareness: remote desktop access is a very security-sensitive application, and our customers trust us to get this right

Desired qualifications:

- Experience releasing and maintaining a desktop application, regardless of platform or programming language

- TypeScript experience: We use TypeScript to help us develop correct, maintainable JavaScript code

- Experience with automated testing, continuous integration, and release automation

To apply for this position, please email Email is hidden with your personal cover letter, your résumé, and a link to your GitHub profile or equivalent. We need to move forward quickly with this position, so we look forward to your application.

Unity Developer 19 days ago

Unity Developer | Walking Tree Games | On-Site in Karlsruhe, Germany | Full-Time

We are Walking Tree Games, an independent development studio from Karlsruhe/Germany. We are looking for a Unity Developer (f/m/d) to join the team for our upcoming PC strategy game THE TRIBE MUST SURVIVE.

Apply here:

Onsite Full-time
Mattermost 19 days ago

Mattermost | Open source | REMOTE-FIRST | Mattermost is a flexible, open source messaging platform that enables secure team collaboration. Try out Playbooks for Incident Collaboration and Boards for open source project management We are currently hiring:

- Senior Data Analyst

- Senior Data Engineer

- Senior Program Manager, Data Engineering

- Product Manager, Playbooks Team

Please submit your application here: or send your resume to Email is hidden To learn about all the ways to get involved with our community visit