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AWS Docker Express.js JavaScript Kubernetes Node.js PostgreSQL React.js Redis TypeScript

Avenue (YC W21) | https://avenue.so/ | Full-stack Software Engineer / Backend Software Engineer (Typescript) | NYC / New York City | Full-Time

Avenue is building the command center for operations teams. We are hiring early full-stack engineers to help scale the next generation of ops-driven companies. Come join our NYC-based team!

We're a well-funded seed-stage company backed by Y Combinator, Accel, Elad Gil, Lachy Groom, and many other great partners.

Our main product is a web app and worker cluster built using Next.js & React. We build our components with Tailwind (https://tailwindcss.com), and we use hooks & react-query for state management. Our backend is a Node.js / Express app. We use Redis and Postgres for storage, and we use Prisma (https://prisma.io) as our data access layer. Our infrastructure is built on Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS.

As an early team member, you will get a chance to set the foundations of our engineering culture. You will help articulate our engineering principles and help set the long-term roadmap.

We're looking for strong engineers with many of the following:

* 3+ years of full-time software engineering experience * Experience building full-stack web apps (you've owned & built features from start to finish before) * Extensive knowledge of Typescript, React, and Node.js * You're product-minded, you get a lot done, and you have high conviction in what you do. Please email us at jobs -at- useavenue.com and mention HN, or apply at https://useavenue.notion.site/software-engineer-avenue-d68ff...

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AWS Flask Machine learning Python

https://watcherr.com | Life-saving start-up | Machine Learning/Data Scientist | Senior Software Engineer (Python) | Always remote (in EU)

Brief overview video: https://youtu.be/ansospgsueu

Company: watcherr.com is a healthcare tech start-up that is currently developing an ecosystem around a medically certified smartwatch that can provide a much sought-after solution for the market, providing features like indoor and outdoor location tracking, voice communication and advanced daily activity insights to save lives by proactively trying to prevent cardiac arrests and helping a person in distress more quickly.

Location: always remote (located in EU), main timezone is CEST

Type: can be either contractor or on payroll, both for a long-term cooperation

Looking for:

- Medior/senior Python (Flask) engineers with cloud experience (preferably AWS): https://watcherr.com/careers/software-engineer/

- Machine Learning/Data Scientist: set up the data pipeline, train models on medical data to detect diseases and heart rate anomalies, gesture recognition with data from our smartwatch and more: https://watcherr.com/careers/data-scientist

Bonus: worked in a start-up before

Why us?

- contrarily to most start-ups, customers are already waiting in line for us to deliver the product

- the company is founded by people with proven experience in this industry

- we have our hardware, firmware and software under one roof, which gives us full control over the ecosystem that we are building

- we value everyone who helps to build this story and reward that with stock options. If the company does well, so will you.

If you’re interested, send me your resume/LinkedIn via the website or to Email is hidden

CommentSold 13 days ago

CommentSold | Senior Software Engineer(s), Senior DevOps, Senior Product Designer, Senior Data Engineer | Full-time, Remote, US | https://people.commentsold.com/

CommentSold is a social commerce platform that modernizes the way retailers connect to online shoppers, including hosting live sales events and managing day-to-day retail operations. Simply, we help online retailers do less and sell more.

Our Product team stays close to our customers, building the tools to deliver on our promise to make running their business easier. We make decisions fast, and priorities change as we adapt to the needs of our industry so we welcome folks that relish in the challenges of pace. We believe in quick iteration and in the moment feedback, so we can work collectively to build the best team and product.

Senior Software Engineer: $125k-$150k/10% Bonus/Benefits Senior DevOps Engineer: $160k-$180k/10% Bonus/Benefits Senior Product Designer: $120k-$140k/10% Bonus/Benefits Senior Data Engineer: $130k-$150k/10% Bonus/Benefits

Apply Here: https://grnh.se/fcb472f83us

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Cision 13 days ago

Cision | Multiple Positions | Full-time | Mainz, Frankfurt

Cision (https://www.cision.com/) is hiring in the Mainz and Frankfurt area.

If you love writing code to solve complex, big data problems, then Cision Engineering is the place for you. We seek engineers who are passionate about building complete, production-quality software services, with a scalable and sustainable architecture and implementation, with high performance over large data sets, and with low latency and high availability.

Senior Software Engineer (m/w/d) https://jobs.lever.co/cision/03af018e-7a87-4776-8254-d333099...

Fullstack Developer (m/w/d) https://jobs.lever.co/cision/a0d32c86-6349-4207-8c7e-a70c49f...

Senior QA Engineer (m/w/d) https://jobs.lever.co/cision/de05f90e-aa87-4fb3-99f0-a1f113c...

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Waste of time. Was offered one-week gig disguised as an interview process. People are hiding behind Slack chats.

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GitHub TravisCI

/** * Sales Business Development Representative (SBDR/SDR/BDR) @ Athenian * * @company Athenian (www.athenian.co). * @role Sales Business Development Representative (SBDR/SDR/BDR) | Full-time | Entry-level | REMOTE (between UTC-7 and UTC+1). * * @link https://athenian.breezy.hr/p/12c0925f9ece01-sales-business-development-representative-sdr-bdr?utm_source=news.ycombinator.com&utm_campaign=hiring_sales_sbdr&utm_content=link_apply * @author Athenian <Email is hidden> */ For full details about the company & role, including compensation, and how to apply: https://athenian.breezy.hr/p/12c0925f9ece01-sales-business-d...

At Athenian we help development teams get end-to-end visibility into how software is being developed & delivered, so they can improve towards best practices and find bottlenecks. Athenian provides a productivity & analytics web product (see it live) that turns software development metadata such as tickets (Jira), source code host providers (Github, etc), CI/CD tools (Github checks, Travis, etc.) and others into actionable metrics and insights.

For a live demo of the product: https://app.athenian.co/demo/?utm_source=news.ycombinator.co...

If we can help with any questions, reach us out at Email is hidden!

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Lootcakes 13 days ago
Azure Docker Express.js Git Node.js React.js SQL TypeScript

Lootcakes | Full Stack Engineer | Remote US | lootcakes.com

We've built a unique service that rewards gamers for sharing their purchase data. Our system parses free2play game receipts and major game publishers leverage the data for their user acquisition campaigns.

We raised a seed round and are now building out our first mobile app and greatly expanding our service to consumers and game publishers. We're looking for a full-time FSE to work directly with our CTO and outsource partners to take our business to the next level.

React, Node.js, T-SQL, Database design/mgmt, Docker, Azure, Git, Bitbucket, TypeScript, ESLint/Linters, Fastify/Express.

Competitive salary, significant equity, 100% health/dental/vision, 20 vacation days, work anywhere in the US.

Contact: Email is hidden

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Scarf 14 days ago

Scarf | Senior Software Engineer (Backend/General) | Remote (American Timezones) | Full Time | https://about.scarf.sh

For any functional programming (especially Haskell) fans, this one is for you! You'd be working mainly in Haskell, and our entire system is built with Nix.

Scarf helps open-source maintainers understand how their software is being used and transact directly with their commercial users. We are building state of the art package management and distribution tooling that help OSS developers make data-informed decisions about their projects and get fairly compensated for their valuable work.


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Glean 14 days ago

Glean | Founding Team Engineers | Remote/On-site (NYC) | Full-time | https://glean.io/

Apply: Email is hidden | https://glean.io/jobs/

Glean is building the most intuitive way for teams to collaborate with data. Our goal is to democratize the large amounts of data that modern teams are collecting and make advanced self-service tooling more attainable for diverse types of organizations. We are a well-funded, highly ambitious New York City startup (though we are open to partially-remote or, in some cases, remote work) with an experienced team! We have early product-market fit and a growing list of paying customers, and we’re looking to hire people who are excited about joining an early-stage startup and helping build a world-class engineering culture. Our compensation package includes a significant share of equity. We’re looking for engineers (any part of the stack) to join our founding team and help us invent the future of data analytics. We’re an early team so we’re still establishing large parts of our software stack - you will have major ownership over the product and you’ll help us pick the right technologies. We have a culture of autonomy and ownership and want engineers who are excited to drive the company forward. As an early employee you’ll help us craft our culture and will be aware of (or participate in) customer development and goto market.

Remote Onsite Full-time