Cosium 13 days ago

Cosium | Full Stack Senior/Staff Software Engineer | Onsite or Remote | Versailles, France | Full Time |

Cosium has been a software editor and cloud provider since 2003. It is specialized in healthcare solutions.

Cosium software engineer missions are various. You could be working on an IOT project before being tasked to implement a new api for the invoicing system requiring contributing to an Open Source project.

Cosium is also an important Open Source software contributor. We have made many contributions to projects like Chromium, Hibernate and Keycloak. Take a look at .

What You Need:

- CS degree or equivalent experience

- 5+ years of non-trivial JVM language experience

- professionnal French

- professionnal English

Remote Onsite Full-time
FareHarbor 13 days ago

FareHarbor (Booking Holdings) | Amsterdam, SF, Denver (+Remote) | Full Time (Visa + Relocation support)

We're FareHarbor, a company that's part of Booking Holdings, and we're currently hiring for a variety of engineering roles! We're looking for talented individuals who are passionate about using technology to make experiences better for everyone.

Our company was founded in Hawaii in 2013 and acquired by Booking Holdings in 2018. We create powerful tools that enable our clients (which include boat rentals, museums, food tours, events, and more!) to operate and grow. Our mission is to make experiences better for everyone, and we're looking for engineers who share that passion.

We're currently looking for engineers, engineers in lead roles, engineering managers, and a director. If you're interested in learning more about these roles and our company, please check out our website or reach out to me directly ( We'd love to hear from you and see if you'd be a good fit for our team at FareHarbor!

Remote Full-time
IANA 13 days ago

IANA | Los Angeles | Full Time | ONSITE (US) partial | Information Security Engineer/Manager

IANA ( operates services that support the global coordination of the DNS root, IP addressing, and other Internet protocol resources.

In this role you'll be responsible for the security posture our systems and will define and coordinate infosec best practices. This role is an IC in a small team, but is expected to liaise with like functions within ICANN.

Onsite Full-time
ThreeFlow 13 days ago

ThreeFlow | Remote US | | Senior Software Engineer (backend/lifecycle), Manager of Customer Success, Customer Success Manager

ThreeFlow is the first Benefits Placement System, a new category of enterprise software that allows benefits brokers and insurance carriers to manage the entire placement process in one shared system.

- Senior Software Engineer, Lifecycle

- Manager, Customer Success

- Customer Success Manager

Apply directly or email Email is hidden with any questions!

adjoe 14 days ago
Golang React.js TypeScript

adjoe ( | Senior Go Backend Developer | Full-time | ONSITE (Hamburg, Germany) | Visa & Relocation Support

adjoe (part of applike group), is a leading mobile ad platform developing cutting-edge advertising and monetization solutions that take its app partners’ business to the next level.

Contribute to the development of our backend written +99% in Go and maintain our microservice architecture used to communicate with our frontend (based on TypeScript React) and much more!

CONTACT: Reach out on LinkedIn:

E-mail to Email is hidden including your CV or

Apply directly:

Onsite Full-time 14 days ago
JavaScript Python React.js Rust Unity | Senior Full-Stack Engineers | Principal Game Designer | Senior Unity Developer | Technical Content Creator | Full-Time | Canada | REMOTE

We're a full-stack consultancy, committed to building software that outlasts us. We have a wide variety of interesting projects including building unified data formats for neuroscience labs to share data sets, developing custom medical software for doctors, developing a brand new MOBA game, creating platforms for real estate agencies, crypto, and more. We're growing quickly and we’re short on engineering talent. We're looking to hire people, who are driven and want to play a lead role in growing an exciting company. We have dedicated time for self-improvement, blogging, talks, and contribution to FOSS. Our goal is to be a workplace with a strong focus on learning, where client projects provide a base of capital for us to all work on dream projects of our own. We have an inclusive, transparent culture with a public company principles handbook.

See more info and apply here:

If you have any questions, drop us an email at apply at monadical dot com

We’re looking for:

- Senior Full-Stack developers strong at Python and/or JS, experience in client relations, project management, UX, React. Experience with Rust, crypto, and mobile development is a plus.

- Technical Content Creator with a strong background in computer science/programming.

- Senior Unity Developer with strong experience in game programming and in working with/implementing networked game architecture with Unity. Experience with MOBA games is a big plus.

- Principal Game Designer with 5+ years of experience in professional Game Design, deep knowledge of and passion for PVP games and the MOBA space in particular. Experience shipping at least one AAA+ online competitive game is a must.


Some perks of working with us include:

• Work from home (we’re fully remote!) • Flexible working hours • Six weeks of paid vacation • Competitive salary • Time, funding, and support for self-improvement/blogging/talks/side-projects/FOSS contribution • Strong culture emphasis on individual autonomy and impact on company direction

Remote Full-time
SuperOrbital 14 days ago
Golang Kubernetes Python

SuperOrbital | REMOTE | #contractor | #thebest | #kubernetes | #python | #go | #howdoihashtag

We’re a (very) small band of deeply experienced distributed systems people who help our clients with the most difficult of problems on top of Kubernetes. We’re looking for contractors (1099, project based) to join the team. This is actually DEVops, meaning we sling production-grade code (Go, Python, etc) as often as YAML.

We’ve always been 100% remote (US TZs ±1 only), work four-days-per-week, pay our contractors within 7 days of invoice, and if I may say so myself have an outstanding culture.

If you’re interested,

Canonical 14 days ago

Canonical | Global fully-distributed | Full-time, remote | Software Engineer, Web Developer, UX Design |

We're currently hiring for a wide range of roles in development and design across a range of our products and services. May of our roles are globally remote - change the "All Offices" filter to "Remote" to view.

With Ubuntu, Canonical created the first Linux for human beings. Our design team is on a mission to turn complex, open-source software into intuitive products that can change the face of enterprise IT.

Remote Full-time
Threads 15 days ago
AWS IOS Kotlin Kubernetes MySQL Node.js React.js Redis Swift TypeScript

Threads | Remote in US + Canada | iOS | Backend | Full-time |

At Threads, we’re building a Slack replacement that enables both sync (quick/urgent) and async (long-form, thoughtful) communication. Our customers love how Threads gives them more time for focused work, without the chaos of constant pings.

We're a lean, well-funded startup with product-obsessed makers. I’m biased but our team is crazy talented and kind. We excel at principled thinking and shipping fast.

It’s an exciting time at the company right now. We have product/market fit, and we’re focused on growth. You’d have a massive impact on app architecture, product/features, and our eng culture.

We’re looking for:

- Senior or Staff iOS Engineer ($165k to $180k)

- Senior or Staff Backend Engineer ($165k to $180k)

Our stack is: Typescript, Node.js, React, AWS, Kubernetes, MySQL, Redis, native mobile apps with Swift and Kotlin

Learn more at

Please contact me directly (Sohan, Head of Engineering, Email is hidden) if you’re interested!

Remote Full-time
Tildei 15 days ago

Tildei | Full Time | NYC or REMOTE | Postgres Expert

At Tildei we are changing the way marketing happens. We believe the future of marketing is conversational, and we are building the next generation platform to support enterprise brands to have meaningful conversations with their customers, at scale.

About you

You have worked closely with PostgreSQL and have designed large, efficient schemas and RBAC systems. You are intimately familiar with EXPLAIN, RPCs, and RLS. Curiosity, Innovation and Communication are your driving forces to excel. You like to bring data into your discussing points to provide better context and always like to constantly communicate. We want to create an environment where everyone grows from each other's experiences and discourse makes the best solution come to light. We want a great teammate in addition to a great engineer. You should value openness, work well with others, help others who need it, and actively seek help when you need it.

Remote Full-time