Pico MES 16 days ago
CSS Docker Golang HTML JavaScript Kubernetes PostgreSQL

Pico MES | Backend Developer | North America | Remote | Full-Time

Pico MES is a well funded Seed stage startup developing a software/hardware system deployed in midsize factories. We have a web-based product which allows manufacturing engineers and technicians to create and manage their entire workflows within the factory and crosses everything from electric vehicles to aerospace and more. We also provide a distributed hardware system for integrating the 100s of devices on the factory floor into our system. We're a team of software and hardware engineers that understand what it takes to build a highly capable manufacturing line and we need your help.

Looking for an experienced Backend Engineer to join our 7-person dev team. You would be responsible for concept and implementation of features and functions for our manufacturing system primarily written in Go. Preferably someone with:

- +5 years experience developing web service applications, ideally in Go. - Experience with HTML, CSS and Javascript - Experience with relational databases, such as Postgres - Experience working with distributed systems built with tools like Docker/Kubernetes, gRPC, and REST APIs. Please reach out to me Email is hidden

More details here: https://angel.co/company/pico-mes/jobs/962018-senior-backend...

Remote Full-time
Loc.tax 16 days ago
Git GraphQL React.js TypeScript

Loc.tax | REMOTE (EU-based) -2 CET - +2 CET | Senior Frontend Developer | https://loc.tax Loc.tax is a collaborative platform that aims to bring together all internal and external stakeholders around the tax function of multinational enterprises. End goal is to achieve higher levels of collaboration, compliance, efficiency, and transparency.

Loc.tax makes this happen through version control (git inspired), and a well designed product experience. Tax managers will be able to manage tax compliance, retrieve information, analyse scenarios, gain high level insight, as well as project-manage simple to complex changes and transactions.

We are looking for a Senior Frontend Developer to join our founding team. More information: https://jobs.loc.tax/

Tech stack: React / Typescript / Recoil / Styled components / GraphQL

Remote-first, MacBook Pro and other necessary accessories, Subscriptions to preferred educational platforms and content, Flexible work time & vacation policy, Maternity & Paternity leave, Competitive salary and equity, Budget for any other specific perks you'd like

Synthego 16 days ago
AWS Django Docker Python React.js

Synthego | Redwood City, CA | Full Stack Engineer | DevOps Engineer | ONSITE eventually

Synthego is a mature biotech startup, developing an industrialized CRISPR genetic editing platform. https://www.synthego.com/

About the Full Stack Engineer role:

- Add new functionality to our LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), enabling scientists to automate and improve their workflow. - Tech stack: Django and React - Non-CS backgrounds are also welcome. More about the role: https://jobs.lever.co/synthego/6391e353-c9cd-4316-8a8f-b343e83c169a About the DevOps Engineer role:

- Deploy a variety of microservices. - Build and maintain monitoring. - Containerization of microservices. - Tech stack: AWS, CI/CD, Linux, Docker, Python More about the role: https://jobs.lever.co/synthego/c1dec2e1-4f44-4f4d-806a-0a5d7f3e905c All open positions: https://www.synthego.com/careers#open-positions

Reach out at: Email is hidden

Riskbook 19 days ago
AWS Elm Golang Haskell PHP PostgreSQL Redis Ruby SQL

Riskbook | Haskell Backend Developer | REMOTE (Worldwide) | Full-time

We're looking for another Haskell developer to help us build the world's best reinsurance trading platform.

# About Us

Riskbook is a funded startup based in London, but our team are distributed. We intend to keep it that way. We favour asynchronous communication, and try to hire "managers of one". We don't do daily stand-ups. We don't count your hours. We don't work weekends. We do code review, but it is not militant, and we do not tolerate sarcasm, aggression, rudeness, gatekeeping, or elitism. We support each other in working and learning, and we have a dedicated fortnightly "Research Day" where every programmer is free to not do chores for the product, and instead investigate/learn/play with whatever technology they choose. Want to learn more about type-level programming? Property-based testing? Expert systems? Go right ahead!

# About the Tech

We use Haskell with both the Yesod and Servant frameworks, and we use Elm for parts of the UI where we feel it makes sense. Otherwise, we try to keep most logic on the server in our fairly traditional monolithic application. Parts of our system are Event Sourced, and we're mostly using PostgreSQL for persistence, with a bit of Redis thrown in for good measure. Our infrastructure is managed with Nix on AWS. We do not have any legacy system written in PHP or Ruby or whatever, as many companies do. We do not have a micro-services architecture, and we have no intention to build one.

You can read more about the tech here (although our Haskell code has grown considerably since this was published): https://serokell.io/blog/haskell-in-industry-riskbook

# About You

You must have demonstrable experience building things in idiomatic Haskell, and you should have a solid understanding of how web applications typically work. A degree is not required. You will need to be able to write SQL queries. In most cases we write ours with Persistent/Esqueleto.

You should be able to communicate clearly in English, but you do not need to speak excellent English. As most of our communication is written and asynchronous, it is important to us that we find someone who can describe their approach to problem solving in written form — we can't have people working in complete isolation, and occasionally throwing completed tasks over the fence.

You have flexible working hours and you can work from anywhere, though this is a full-time position and the expectation is that of work based on a traditional 40 hour week.

Interested? Introduce yourself to me at Email is hidden and let me know your current situation and expectations.

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Remote Inning 19 days ago
CSS Django HTML JavaScript Python React.js Vue.js

Remote Inning | Python/Django Backend Developer | Full Stack Developer (Django + React/Vue) | Remote (India) | Full-time or Part-time | https://www.remoteinning.com

Remote Inning is looking for Django Web Developer. We are looking for developers with qualities like consistency, reliability, working independently and communication skills especially written skills apart from tech skills.

As we are a remote-first company, you can work from a place of your choice. The position is open to candidates based in India only. Full-time salary is 10-15 LPA and hourly rate is $25. The immediate requirement is for 1 developer but we will be hiring more developers soon.

- At least 3 years of experience working on custom web apps in Python/Django.

- You are not afraid to look into code of Django packages like Django Rest Framework when in doubt. And also look into the Django codebase when something is not clear from the Django documentation (rare as docs are great).

- Create and edit Django templates so a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is required. You know how to create template tags, filters and integrate SASS etc. The position requires nearly 80% backend and 20% frontend skills.

- Good understanding of Django class-based views.

- Good communication skills. As we are a remote-first development agency, good communication skills are a must. It does not mean writing in 100% accurate grammar. But understanding the feature requirements, ask questions early on and make sure the team gets the message properly. You know how to describe the issue, discuss and come up with the implementation.

- Wagtail experience is a plus but not required.

Email us at Email is hidden with Resume. Mention your development experience, motivation for applying to us and links to relevant projects.

Remote Full-time Part-time
Full Stack Engineer 19 days ago
AWS CSS GitHub GraphQL Node.js TypeScript Vue.js

Full Stack Engineer | Full Time | Remote | https://fanmio.com

@Fanmio is looking for a full stack developer to help build and maintain a new greenfield project. The project is an e-commerce system and you will primarily be responsible for the frontend admin portion + "backend for frontend" GraphQL API.

Fanmio is a platform that allows you to meet your favorite celebrities & heroes in one-on-one personal video meet & greets. The project's tech stack is:

- TypeScript

- Vue.js

- Buefy + Tailwind CSS

- Node + GraphQL (using AWS Amplify)

If this sounds like something you're interested in and is in your wheelhouse, apply by sending me an email with your GitHub profile, portfolio/project links, and resume to Email is hidden.

Looking forward to talking with you!

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DomainTools 19 days ago
AWS Docker Golang Hive Kubernetes Python SQL

DomainTools| Seattle,WA,USA | Senior Python Engineers | Full Time | Remote (US) or Onsite (Seattle)

DomainTools is the leader in domain name, DNS and Internet OSINT-based cyber threat intelligence and cybercrime forensics products and data.

We are seeking a Senior(5+ years)Backend Engineer (Python, GoLang, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, My SQL, NoSQL, Hive, Linux/Unix, DevOps) Our team’s vision is to create a self-service, GitOps driven, developer-centric platform that allows for continuous integration and deployment of our world class security applications to our hybrid AWS environment

MORE INFO/APPLY: https://apply.workable.com/domain-tools/j/6ae954a733/

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Tango 19 days ago

Tango | Los Angeles, LA | REMOTE US | Senior Full-Stack Engineer| Full-time | https://tango.us/

Tango helps teams share how work gets done. Learning on the job today is a snooze. Training manuals and performance reviews? Terrible. We think better coaching results in more people reaching their full potential. To start, we’re building screen-capture tech and workflow analytics for team members to watch and learn from each other, remotely.

Myself and 2 other co-founders left HBS to build this. Backgrounds at Uber + General Catalyst, and our CTO in blockchain tech.

We're a team of 7 that have raised seed funding (unannounced) and looking for Senior Full-Stack Engineers who care about helping people be their best at work and having fun while joining on the ground floor.

More info: https://www.notion.so/senior-full-stack-engineer-tango-bd92c...

Apply: rebrand.ly/tango-sfse

or reach out dan at tango.us - always excited to share more!

Remote Full-time
20 days ago
Angular.js CSS Git HTML JavaScript Jest React Native React.js Selenium jQuery

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Javascript (React.js, React Native, jQuery, Backbone.js, Angular.js), HTML/CSS, LESS/SASS, Git/SVN, Yarn/Bower, Gulp/Grunt, Jest/Enzyme/Selenium, RESTful APIs

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7f1ecrevl9ylob7/jay%20Huang%20-%20...

Email: See resume

Focus on building web/mobile applications, with experience on both the front and back-end. More recently focusing on front-end work, namely working with React Native; having users happy to interact with something I've built is what keeps me motivated.

I've worked in a bunch of industries and led a bunch of fairly successful teams including: leading a team to build a major government satellite project (RADARSAT Constellation Mission), further developing an asset management system and other tools for the movie industry, attempting to build a real estate/housing application more successful than my first from a couple years back, and more.

Looking for a great team focused on building a product (or products) users love, with minimal red tape. A team that works well with each other with little in the way of workplace politics, is passionate about what they're building, alongside management and PMs that do their best to help the team and product succeed.

Full-Time 20 days ago

Full-Time | Information Security | USA