PredictionHealth 14 days ago
AWS Golang Kubernetes React.js

PredictionHealth | Senior Engineer | Remote | Full-time |

Our service helps doctors provide better care to their patients every day. Candidates will get to work at a mission-driven startup where the primary goal is to help bring doctors and AI together for better, more efficient patient care. We are a 10-person funded startup full of friendly, collaborative, and positive people working remotely. This position will report directly to one of the MD/PhD co-founders and include many opportunities for fast-paced experiences with the potential for rapid advancement.

Role includes work with high-impact technologies and scalable infrastructure e.g. Kubernetes, CI/CD flows, React, Golang, and a speech-to-text processing cluster. Candidates will also work with various cloud services but primarily AWS. Compensation will include equity (vesting over 4 years).

We are beginning to scale rapidly and are building out the core parts of our infrastructure. This involves a REST API that is already handling hundreds of thousands of requests a day, realtime audio processing, integration with our AI models. There are many interesting and important problems to solve and we’re looking for a senior engineer who would like to tackle them with us. We also value good communication skills and the ability to rapidly execute end-to-end and iterate on solutions to improve them over time as necessary.

As a startup, new challenges arise every day and we all work together to find solutions. Each one of us feels ownership of the final product. If you are motivated, self-directed, creative, and cooperative, we have a fantastic team for you to join.

We are primarily remote with team members across the US including in NYC, Nashville, Boston, and Cleveland.

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Remote Full-time
Sevensense Robotics AG 14 days ago

Sevensense Robotics AG | Full-Stack Developer | Zurich, full-time, ONSITE

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Full Job Description here:

At Sevensense we push the frontiers of mobile robotics. Our mission is to build the eyes and brain for the robots of the future! Equipped with our technology, mobile machines can autonomously navigate in dynamic and even crowded environments. With this solution we enable new robotic applications in places such as airports, supermarkets and warehouses.

We are looking for a passionate individual to join our team and help us design and build the IT infrastructure which supports our research and development and will allow the deployment of thousands of robots. Among others, you will work closely with the core development teams and support them by developing and maintaining internal web services that we use for the deployment, analysis, and evaluation of our software running in simulation and on real, autonomous robots. You will be shaping our tools and workflow through our rapid growth. The ideal candidate enjoys collaborative work and increasing the team’s productivity by designing and improving the tools we use every day.

Onsite Full-time
Betafi 14 days ago
AWS Elixir GitHub Google Cloud Phoenix React.js TypeScript

Betafi | Founding Software Engineer | Singapore (Remote APAC timezones)

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Full Job Description here:

Betafi is building a next-generation platform to democratize user research and help product teams to co-create with their customers.

We empower organizations to understand their target customers and build usable interfaces with delightful UX by integrating research directly into their product development cycles, with fast turnarounds from finding the right participants to arriving at actionable insights.

As our Founding Engineer, you will help to build and scale the software powering the core Betafi Platform across our web dashboard, live video toolkit, and mobile experiences.


We use the Elixir Programming Language with the Phoenix Framework to power our backend services, and a mix of Phoenix LiveView and a more conventional React (TypeScript) codebase for rich interactions on the front-end. We rely on a variety of Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud APIs to power the Betafi platform.


To apply, please send an up-to-date:

- resume that covers technical projects you have delivered in the past and clarifies your involvement, technologies you are familiar with, etc.

- Personal website, GitHub profile, or any representative examples of code you have written recently that reflect your engineering capabilities

Eagleview 14 days ago

Eagleview | Senior Software Engineer | Remote

Eagleview is an industry leader in geospatial software using aerial imagery. We provide an accurate modeling of the built world.

Come join our small, 100% remote, US based, work/life balance focused team.

We are looking for somebody - with experience or strong interest in 3D modeling development and/or mapping technologies - with opinions on code & software technologies (using the right tool for the job) - comfortable informing design & best practice decisions

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with this team, and am happy to answer questions about the work.

Apply here:

Fairwinds 15 days ago

Fairwinds | Engineers | Remote (US)

We're looking for folks familiar with Kubernetes. Specifically:

* SREs to help us serve our clients

* A Kubernetes developer to help build k8s-focused software

Apply here:

Upstart 15 days ago
Angular.js CSS JavaScript Node.js React.js SQL Vue.js

Upstart | Engineers | Remote (US) Send Resume Here: Email is hidden

* DevOps Engineer

* Software Engineer (front-end, back-end, and full stack)

* Data Engineer

* QA Engineer

We are hiring for Junior, Mid, and Senior level positions.

Many of our open positions are only listed internally, but I can get you more detailed descriptions and in front of a hiring manager if you reach out.

I believe our salary bands are currently Mid @ $130k | Senior @ $160k; RSU stock options; Health benefits

A lot of our job postings look similar to:

- Experience working in a production Node.js shop

- Strong expertise in using Javascript backend and frontend (Node & CSS)

- Expertise in our frameworks React, or Reactive Data Frameworks (Vue, Angular, etc.) is a strong plus, but we expect the world to change quickly and we want people who can be adaptive and who can come in and teach us too

- Experience with UI principles and a comfort talking the talk and walking the walk of design

- Strong experience in React, SQL

- Creativity, courage, empathy and stamina are integral to you as a person and employee

- A desire to learn and improve on a daily basis

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Akita Software 15 days ago

Akita Software | Senior Frontend Engineer | Remote

Apply here:

What endpoints are in my system? What other services are calling my endpoints? Which code change introduced the cascading failure I'm seeing in production?

Today, answering these questions requires developers to dig into logs, metrics, and traces at best—sometimes it feels like you're going on a scavenger hunt for the right information.

At Akita, we're building the first API-centric observability platform to make it easier for developers to understand their systems and fix bugs. The web console is crucial to Akita's vision of one-click observability: making it not only easy, but delightful, for developers to understand the hairy complexities of their services and APIs.

Akita is looking for our first frontend engineer to take the lead on realizing this vision. We're looking for someone passionate about empowering developers to work closely and iterate quickly with our small team as we refine our product.

I'm the founder and CEO of Akita. If this sounds fun to you, I'd love to talk. :)

Ripcord, Inc. 15 days ago
Java Kubernetes

Ripcord, Inc. | Software Engineers (DevOps, SDET/QAE, UI, Java Kubernetes)| Full-time | Remote

Apply Here:

Ripcord is the world’s leading robotics digitization company, combining hardware and software robotics to process and digitize paper-based records via an Integrated SaaS offering. Focused on smart robotics digitization, smart content management with AI and helping better enable RPA and business processes.

Ripcord is transforming the $62 billion records management, RPA, MPS, and ECM space through robots that scan, index and categorize paper records, making them searchable in the cloud and integrated into existing business processes and enabling RPA. Ripcord is based in California and has raised $110 million from leading investors including CDK Global, Kleiner Perkins, GV, Baidu, Lux Capital, Silicon Valley Bank, Steve Wozniak, Legend Star, and Icon Ventures.

We respect and look after one another at Ripcord. We want everyone to feel supported, safe, free to innovate and take risks that result in breakthroughs that challenge the status quo. Crazy ideas are welcome here! Our team is fun, driven, and energetic. Every day we work with industrial robots, computer vision systems, and a diverse stack of software tools to tie it all together.

Remote Full-time
Pilotly 15 days ago
Figma MongoDB Node.js PostgreSQL React.js Rust SQL Sketch TypeScript

Pilotly | Remote, US-based | Full-time |

Pilotly is the first market research system of record, powering creative insights from a study request to actionable deliverable for some of the largest organizations in the world (including, Amazon, Netflix and others).

Using our proprietary Audience Signal Processing (TM) algorithm, we synthesize respondent data into meaningful insights that enable our users to rapidly inform business decisions. To continue scaling our business, our product functionality must continue to scale as well. We have some open positions we’re looking to fill in the next 60 days to help us meet our goal of 3x revenue for the 3rd year in a row.


* Sr. Full-stack/generalist Engineer (React.js, Node.js, 3rd party API integrations)

* Data Science Lead (SQL, Mongo)

* Consumer Insights Specialist (TypeScript, Node.js, Postgres, Rust)

* UX/UI Designer (Figma, Sketch, and a portfolio to share)

Join us as we continue to lead the creative research tech industry. While technical in nature, our work affects culture every day as our system is helping decide media gets distributed where, throughout the world. Learn more about our vision and the diverse team behind it here :

Hiring process: We don't do whiteboard/algorithm interviews. We'll talk about things you've previously worked on, what you envision yourself doing next and what you would like to learn. We do two interviews and a homework assignment before putting out offers.

To apply, email hr at pilotly or visit

Remote Full-time