Gamebreaking Studios 12 days ago

Gamebreaking Studios | Gaming | Remote (US) | Full Time |

Gamebreaking Studios is a small team of problem solvers with deep expertise in multiplayer games and online infrastructure & platforms. We are hiring Backend / DevOps / SRE developers to help guide and execute alongside our customers as they navigate going live with their online multiplayer games. We champion modern development practices focusing on the unique needs of game studios, such as monitoring, distributed systems, configuration as code, automation, and much more.

We recently released, a product tailored toward the building, deploying, and automation tasks needed to ship a game in a modern development workflow. We are eager to speak with interested candidates with build automation or DevOps experience, especially in games.

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Level 5 12 days ago
AWS C++ Deep learning Kafka Kubernetes Machine learning Neural networks PostgreSQL Python Spark Terraform

Level 5 | Self-driving Research | Palo Alto, US & London, UK & Tokyo, Japan | Full-Time + Interns | Onsite (Hybrid - 2 days in p/w - currently closed)

Level 5 at Woven Planet develops real-time car automation solutions via applied Machine Learning and Computer Vision (SFM, SLAM, 3D Perception etc). The system is adding self-driving capabilities to vehicles with the end goal of providing autonomy features to all cars from the largest car company in the world, Toyota. For more information please read through

The platform at Level 5 is written in Python & C++. We are an AWS environment with additional use of NumPy, PyTorch, gRPC, Kafka, Kubernetes, Terraform, SageMaker, Spark, Postgres & others. We work in a OneBox cloud environment with continuous deployment and are firm believers in the benefits of open source ( We apply multiple flavours of ML to petabytes of data; such as Deep Learning, Transformers, Neural Networks & Reinforcement Learning. If you are interested in applying Machine Learning (ML) to real world data - look no further.

If you like the idea of working on some of the most challenging problems in applied computer science. We are looking for talent across Data, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Infrastructure, Research - and of course Software Engineering. Please find our jobs at

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onXmaps, Inc 12 days ago
Android C++ Elixir Golang Google Cloud GraphQL IOS JavaScript Kotlin Kubernetes OpenGL PostgreSQL Python Swift Vue.js

onXmaps, Inc | Montana or REMOTE, USA only |

ABOUT – Are you an Engineer who loves the outdoors? Join onX! onX is a suite of digital navigation apps (Hunt, Offroad, and Backcountry) that empower millions of outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re passionate about writing great software, love playing outside, believe in protecting access to public lands, and want to dominate the off-pavement mobile GPS market – then join our team, where we empower millions of outdoor enthusiasts to explore the unknown!

We have multiple openings! View them here:

Here are some of the technologies we work with:

3D (OpenGL, Metal, C++)

Data Automation (Python, PostgreSQL, GIS)

Android (Kotlin)

iOS (Swift, SwiftUI)

Backend (Go, Elixir, GraphQL, GCP, Kubernetes)

Web (Vue JS)

Quality (Cypress, XCUITest, Espresso)

For more info you can email us at Email is hidden

Ministry of Education 12 days ago

Ministry of Education | Data Engineer / Scientist | Luxembourg City | Full-time ONSITE

The Luxembourgish Ministry of Education is looking to fill a technical role along the lines of database admin, data engineer and statistician.

You'll be working with an international team from all over Europe on storing, processing and analyzing educational data. Working language is English. Salary (in Euros) is approx. 75k+ (year 1) to 100k+ (after year 3).

That being said, you need to speak at least one of the following languages: French, German or Luxembourgish at a conversational level.

The original job posting is in French (

But don't hesitate to ask questions if you're interested, I know it's tough to get through the French.

I'll also be working with the person we hire, so if I can help with anything (application, values, cultural fit, really any question) I'll be happy to help.

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Sericin Limited 12 days ago
Elixir PostgreSQL SQL

Sericin Limited | Senior Software Engineer | Hong Kong & remote | Full-time |

Apply to: Email is hidden

We are looking for experienced, full time Software Engineers to help us architect, engineer, integrate, deploy and improve a state-of-the-art leasing platform for landlords that own office buildings and shopping malls in the world's most expensive property markets and growing economies.

Responsibilities: You are going to help us build a world-class SaaS-platform from the ground up, that allows landlords to navigate from their computer screen legal risks and valuation implications buried inside contract language, in a way the market never thought possible.

Requirements: The most important characteristic we're after is that you are interested in building highly interactive and cutting-edge products that will be used by some of the biggest landlords within the commercial real estate market. You don't have to know everything, but you do have the passion to learn and advance yourself along with the following: ● Cloud native development and deployment ● Full-stack development experience, comfortable developing for backend and frontend, better if you have a preference for one ● Knowledge of SQL databases using PostgreSQL, and ● Interest in highly available and scalable systems: We are using Elixir to power our systems, the same technology that is championed by companies like Discord, Pinterest, Apple, Bleacher Report, Pepsico and many others.

Ultimately, you'll be excited about being at the inception of a high-performance environment, and you'll enjoy being pushed technically and organizationally to do things 'the right way' as part of the core team that is building a world-class product.

So, if you are someone who… ● enjoys user-centric design and product delivery ● is pragmatic and commercial, but never settles for mediocrity ● values flexibility, but wants to have ownership of your tasks ● gains satisfaction from solving puzzles and logic problems ● is excited about building a product that marries ease of use with expert features to re-invent an ancient market … we think you should get in touch, because you would be a great addition to our team!

Remote Full-time 12 days ago | Software Development Engineer, Software Development Manager | Full-time | Onsite OR Remote

Goodreads is the worlds largest community of readers and authors, a home for book lovers all around the world. As an engineer in Goodreads, you will work across a variety of technologies to improve the customer experience with opportunities to become an expert in areas you are interested in including mobile development, microservices, web development, security, search/discovery, and more. Our small team solves a wide range of problems at a massive scale.

You can work onsite from any Amazon location (we have folks in San Francisco, Seattle, Austin) or work virtual.

My name is Willy, I am a Software Engineering Manager here at Goodreads. If you are interested feel free to email me at Email is hidden

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Security Risk Advisors 12 days ago

Security Risk Advisors | Senior Software Development Engineer | REMOTE (Philadelphia, PA) Fulltime |

We're looking for a Senior Engineer, preferability fullstack, but frontend or backend focused is great too! This position will be focused primarily as an IC, but an ideal candidate would have experience being a mentor and have a continued interest in developing junior engineers. You will be supporting the development of VECTR, a Purple Team analysis, reporting and attack automation platform.

A little bit about us: Security Risk Advisors is a fast-growing cybersecurity consulting company. Our clients are concentrated in the Fortune 1000 and Global 1000. We have a fast-paced, agile, and fun culture that focuses exclusively on cutting edge cybersecurity engagements that solve the emerging needs of our clients. Our engineering team has a remote-first culture and supports product development and our consulting teams.

Interview process: Recruiter, 1-2 tech screens (no whiteboarding), final round in-person or virtual (depending on location).

For more information and to apply:

Learn more about VECTR here:

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AWS Django Docker PostgreSQL Python | SENIOR FULL-STACK PYTHON Developer | REMOTE (US/San Francisco) | Full-time

About us: Process/transform huge product catalogs/streams to help online retailers see trends and advertise their goods. Profitable, stable, 15-year history, 100% employee owned (no VC money or VC expectations).

Salary: $200K+/year

Stack: *Python/Django*, PostgreSQL, Docker, Ubuntu, AWS

You: The real deal. A coder's coder. The grizzled vet in the back room, finger on the enter button, the one who must be humbly approached: "tell me Obi-Wan, who created this module and why did they hate the world so?"

Benefits (US employees): 401K 100% match, healthcare, stock and more. If you can bring your A game, we can bring the salary to match.

Benefits (Non-US employees): a massive hourly rate that will make you weep.

Apply: email jobs+hn [the-at-mark-thing] versafeed [the-period-thing] com

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The Gata Games 13 days ago
Android C C# C++ CSS HTML IOS JavaScript Machine learning Natural Language Processing SQL TensorFlow Unity

The Gata Games ( | ONSITE (Hybrid; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

The Gata Games is taking the beauty of opera and the lost art of breathing into the world of games. We are building our team, having initially secured funding for a two-year project from the Canadian Media Fund (CMF).

We’re looking to hire a full-time team, but we are open to contractors. We are currently working remotely, but will be settling into a hybrid remote/onsite model in Toronto, Canada. We’re hiring for a number of skills. We’re very interested in people who could bring more than one of these skill sets.

-= Intermediate to Senior Game Developer =-

- Proficient in Unity / C#

- Has shipped a title for mobile (iOS, or Android, using Unity)

- Has worked an entire development cycle, from prototype to completion - Familiarity with Augmented Reality (AR), or Virtual Reality (VR)

- Bonus: experience developing native Unity plugins for iOS and Android, in C/C++

-= Machine Learning Engineer =-

- Proficiency with an ML framework such as Tensorflow, or PyTorch

- Has trained, tested, and deployed an ML model

- Bonus: experience with ML for music, speech-recognition, or NLP

-= Full-stack Developer=-

- Proficient with front-end languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

- Familiar with SQL databases, NoSQL databases, and distributed datastore concepts

- Experience developing APIs to backend systems from mobile apps

- Bonus: Building in-house infrastructure / build / testing / integration tools

- Bonus: DevOps experience

Hi, I’m Jaba(vu), the CTO. You can email me at <the first four letters of my first name>

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HealthVerity 13 days ago
AWS JavaScript Node.js Python React.js TypeScript

HealthVerity | Software Engineer, Full Stack, Engineering Managers | Philadelphia, or Remote (Restricted to the US) | Full-time

HealthVerity is a software company that provides solutions for large amounts of data. We have built privacy protecting de-identification and data-linking software that has a huge impact providing real-world insights into everyday issues. Check out what the data tells us:

Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience, we also offer bonus opportunities, stock options, wide-ranging career growth, unlimited PTO and 80% health insurance premiums coverage.

About the Development team: Engineers at HealthVerity face interesting challenges and have creative input into impactful engineering decisions -- all while being surrounded by a supportive team of extremely talented individuals who see value in helping their teammates grow. They are constantly working towards our shared goal of taking their skills and our organization to the next level.

Our tech stack: We are a Python shop that utilizes JavaScript/TypeScript with React and works in a serverless framework with AWS. We also have a team working with TypeScript and node.js with AWS.

Feel free to send me a note - Email is hidden

Please apply using these links:

*Lead Frontend Engineer -

*Full Stack Software Engineer -

*Manager, Software Engineering -

*Python Engineer-

*Backend Engineer-

*Data Analytics Engineer-

*Manager, DevOps -

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