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Nanovascular (Alchemist 32) is hiring. We are solving the $16B congestive heart failure problem. We have built multiple prototypes and are in active discussions with UCSF for a pilot study. We are building a digital health platform/wearable device that enables AI assisted physician management of their heart failure patients to prevent hospitalizations.

We’re looking for a full-stack engineer to build our EHR MVP: • 5+ years of experience preferred • EHR/HIPAA/healthcare experience preferred • iOS/HealthKit experience preferred

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Property Meld 16 days ago
Django PostgreSQL Python React.js TypeScript

Property Meld | Senior Software Engineer | Full-time | Remote (US & Canada) or office in Rapid City, SD

Looking for something more meaningful? How about the opportunity to have a direct impact on the property maintenance experience for hundreds of thousands of residents?

Welcome to the future of property maintenance. Property Meld’s vision is to radically improve how the property management industry handles property maintenance. If you’ve ever had a maintenance issue at your housing rental, you know how much of a pain it can be to get it fixed quickly and reliably. It doesn't have to be this way. We're rethinking the entire property maintenance experience from the ground up with two things in mind - first, driving the cost of doing maintenance to the absolute minimum, and second, providing an experience to residents and property owners that makes them want to stay with their property manager. If you are excited about turning something that has historically been a negative experience (maintenance) into a positive experience, we'd love to talk with you.

Stack: Python, Django, Typescript, React, PostgreSQL

We are looking for a senior software engineer with 8+ years of experience.


If you are interested or have any questions email us at Email is hidden or apply via the above link.

Remote Full-time
Toko 16 days ago

Toko | Brooklyn, NY | ONSITE (hybrid) | https://tokotutor.com/en

Toko (YC W22) is on a mission to make English fluency accessible to the world's 1.5B English learners. With our app, learners talk with an AI like it's a real person, and get feedback on their grammar/pronunciation.

We have > 2k paying subscribers in Taiwan & Hong Kong and are growing fast! Many users have reported landing new jobs and confidently moving overseas since using Toko.

Founding team has 10+ years of ed-tech experience at MIT, Quizlet, Codecademy (+ experience at Google, Palantir, and Stripe).

As a Founding Engineer, you’ll have an outsized equity stake and impact on the product, culture & future of language learning.

JD: https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/toko/jobs/hxnmmpi-foun...

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CoVar 16 days ago
Machine learning Python R

CoVar | Durham, NC | https://covar.com/ | Full-time | ONSITE

CoVar is a small R&D company specializing in machine learning and software development for defense, healthcare, and manufacturing applications.

We're looking for a jack-of-all-trades who can: prototype computer vision algorithms, build Python web services, wrangle large sets of data from disparate classes of sensors, ... any or all, with the only hard requirement being eagerness to learn.

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Onsite Full-time
16 days ago
IOS Swift

We're hiring a Senior iOS engineer (salary + bonus + equity) Location: Finsbury Park, London, UK Remote: No Technologies: Swift UI, UI Kit, UI/UX (bonus/optional) Industry: Travel & Experiences Stage: raised pre-seed

Adblock inc 16 days ago

Adblock inc | Extension Developer AdBlock & Adblock Plus | Remote | Full Time

We are the team behind AdBlock and Adblock Plus, the two most popular browser extensions and we're looking for an extension developer to support our team.


Remote Full-time
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Sentry 16 days ago
ClickHouse Google Cloud Kafka PostgreSQL Python Redis Rust TypeScript

Sentry | San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Vienna, VISA | https://sentry.io/jobs |

Sentry is an open-source application monitoring SaaS.

Overall techstack: Python, TypeScript, Rust, Postgres, Kafka, Redis, Clickhouse, and GCP.

We're hiring for a few department: Software Engineers, Site Reliability Engineers, Product Managers, and more.

Some of the open roles:

- Sr. Backend Engineer https://sentry.io/careers/4808193/ - Sr. Full Stack Engineer https://sentry.io/careers/4884870/ - Sr. Site Reliability Engineer https://sentry.io/careers/3919793/ - Sr. Product Manager https://sentry.io/careers/4851937/ Happy to put in a word; reach out at Email is hidden

0x Labs 16 days ago

0x Labs | Remote-first, with SF office | Full-time | https://0x.org/

At 0x Labs, our mission is to create a tokenized world where all value can flow freely. We're a highly technical, remote-first, and fully distributed company, with team members located across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North American, and South America. As early pioneers in the space, we’ve made significant technical contributions to various Ethereum standards over the years, including helping to establish the NFT token standard (ERC721).

We recently raised a $70M Series B (Greylock, Pantera, Sound Ventures, A.Capital, Jump Crypto, Open Sea, Coinbase, and others). Read about it here: https://blog.0x.org/0x-labs-raises-70m-series-b/

0x currently supports 8 major blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Optimism, BNB Chain, and Celo; and we’re actively expanding our reach across the DeFi ecosystem: https://blog.0x.org/0x-ecosystem-update-17/

Join 0x in laying the foundation for the crypto token economy in DeFi:

Matcha -- our consumer facing the search engine for tokens https://matcha.xyz/ 0x API -- our two-sided infrastructure supplying multi-chain aggregated liquidity as a service https://0x.org/api 0x Protocol -- the open-source, global backbone for decentralized exchange http://github.com/0xproject

Open roles here: https://0x.org/about/jobs

Product Marketing Manager Lead Platform Engineer Software engineering: Front-end, Matcha Software engineering: Backend

Remote Full-time
Product Manager 17 days ago

Product Manager | Fully remote within US, Canada, UK and EU

Medusa is the leading open-source commerce platform for Javascript developers. It provides the foundational building blocks for tomorrow’s e-commerce infrastructure by combining an open and composable architecture with a strong developer experience.

We are looking for Product Manager to join our team and take ownership of the core team's project and lead its direction. More info on the role here https://www.notion.so/medusajs/product-manager-9d9bdd5fa3bb4...

If interested, reach out to Email is hidden or apply via the link in our job ad.