Datadog 14 days ago
C DataDog Golang Kafka Python S3 Spark

Datadog | Full-time, Permanent Roles: Data Engineer | Software Engineer - Data Infra | Distributed Systems Engineer (ALL AVAILABLE IN REMOTE US/NYC/BOSTON)

1) Data Engineer: Looking for engineers to work on realtime (Kafka + Kafka Connect + custom Go consumers) and batch systems (Spark on EMR + Dataproc + Luigi + Parquet + S3 and GCS) to process 100's of TBs daily - at times PB-scale per day. Apply here for BOSTON/NYC - - if REMOTE US, email Email is hidden.

2) Software Engineer - Data Infra: Engineers in our Data Infra team build and own all infrastructure required to transport, process and store data at scale. This team also owns the system that allows teams to schedule and execute their batch jobs on multiple cloud platforms in multiple regions. Apply here for BOSTON/NYC/REMOTE US -

3) Distributed Systems Engineer: Help us build the high-throughput, low-latency systems that power our product. These systems ingest, store, analyze, and query tens of millions of events per second from companies all over the globe. Looking for experience in Go and Python, with bits of C or other languages. Apply here for BOSTON/NYC - - if REMOTE US, email Email is hidden.

More details about Datadog here:

Remote Full-time
14 days ago

FIGHT FRAUD! As a C# .NET Software Developer!

FRISS, European leader in anti-fraud software in the insurance sector is looking for a new software developer in our HQ in Utrecht (NL) to join one of our DevOps teams to (re)design the software and keep improving with new technologies.

ONSITE (Utrecht, Netherlands), VISA sponsor, FULL-TIME but with flexibility

You can apply here:

Onsite Full-time
Frontend Developer 14 days ago
ES6 Git React Native React.js Webpack

Frontend Developer (Remote) | Anywhere (0700 - 1400H UTC) |


We are looking for a Developer to join our Frontend team and help us build and maintain our client applications.

The ideal candidate should:

- Be familiar with all stages of web application development (design, implementation, testing).

- Have experience with ES6, Webpack, Git, and SASS. Knowledge of React, React Native and Chrome Extension Development is a plus.

- Be comfortable working in a remote team, with strong written communication and a willingness to actively collaborate with other remote team members.

- Have a good amount of years of experience in the space.

The starting annual salary is 48.000 EUR. As long as you can overlap for a few hours between 0700 - 1400h UTC, you can work from anywhere in the world with a good internet connection.

We plant a tree for every good candidate!

Teamweek is a visual project planner and team calendar that helps you schedule your team's time and get more done.

We are a fully remote company with headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia. Bootstrapped and started as a side-product for internal use for the time tracking tool Toggl, we’ve been a profitable independent company since 2017.

Eduplaytion AS 14 days ago
C# Unity

Eduplaytion AS | Senior Game Developer | Bergen, Norway | ONSITE |

Traditional education relies too much on repetition and learning out of context. Our company’s mission is to enable learning through play and mastering the material through genuine engagement. Our goal is to develop mini-games that cultivate student's math and problem-solving skills. The learning process is the game! By applying the techniques of video game design to learning, we can teach kids to learn and love math, science, or any other subject that can be turned into a game! A cast of likable, interesting characters help the student throughout the game, putting the math skills they learn in the context of a compelling story. Successfully completing these tasks results in large and visible changes in the game's environment. Players don’t realise they’re learning – they’re just having fun!

Job description

As a developer at our company, you will be working alongside our UI and illustration artists creating various mini-games based on our game designer’s descriptions and iterate them* based on user feedback.

General requirements

- Strong knowledge of C# and OOP principles - Solid understanding of Unity - Excellent oral and writing English skills - Outgoing, responsible and structured, and always looking out for ways to learn and grow - Experience in game design and graphic design is a bonus

Contract length

4 months (with possibility of extension)

All potential candidates will be given a small assignment to assure that they hold the required level of expertise and problem-solving capabilities.

I am more than happy to answer your questions at Email is hidden.

Sidecar 14 days ago
AWS Apollo Docker Flask Golang GraphQL JavaScript Kubernetes Machine learning PostgreSQL Python React.js TypeScript

Sidecar | Multiple Roles | Philadelphia, PA | Onsite |

Sidecar combines advanced machine learning technology with years of performance marketing expertise to help retailers unlock the full potential of today’s fastest-growing online discovery and shopping channels.

We have several job openings on our engineering team and are always looking for talented individuals to work with us.

- Senior Go Engineer: - Senior Python Engineer: - Senior JavaScript Engineer: - Software Engineering Manager: - Manager of Automated Test Engineering: - VP of Tech: Our back-end consists of Golang, Python, Flask, and Postgres. Our front-end consists of JavaScript, TypeScript, React, GraphQL, and Apollo. We also use AWS, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Please reach out to me at marcel at getsidecar dot com or apply directly at (please mention HN August 2019)

Happy to answer any questions!

GiveDirectly 14 days ago

GiveDirectly | Director, Field Tech | New York City | ONSITE | FULL-TIME

GiveDirectly - an organization reshaping international aid by delivering cash grants directly to the world’s poorest - is hiring a Director of Field Tech to scale data infrastructure, process, and tools in the service of expanding GiveDirectly's global impact.

GiveDirectly has raised over $250M in revenue and delivered grants to over 150,000 households since launching in 2011. He has received coverage from The Economist, The New York Times Magazine, and The Guardian, and being named one of the world’s most innovative non-profits by Fast Company.

We believe technology will play a critical role in enabling the next generation of cash delivery operations: from recipient identification that doesn't need boots on the ground to a reformulation of the best in class fraud detection

To learn more about position and how to apply:

Onsite Full-time 14 days ago
C++ Golang Google Cloud Hadoop JavaScript Python Ruby | Senior Software Engineer, API | San Francisco, CA | Onsite

At Liveramp, we are on a quest to build the most flexible and scalable data marketplace. The platform underlying the marketplace ingests, analyzes, enriches and transforms tens of petabytes of data and then delivers the enriched data to our customers. Powering it is a massive Hadoop cluster with over 80K cores and counting. The cluster hosts over 90 petabytes of data.

You will:

Design, build and improve APIs and services across LiveRamp’s engineering teams. Collaborate with multiple stakeholders to drive LiveRamp’s API vision. Improve developer tools to easily consume LiveRamp's APIs, both internal and external. Improve engineering standards, tools, and processes to deliver a high throughput, low latency architecture. About you:

Have leadership experience in designing, writing, and deploying a production system.

Experience with designing and implementing high throughput, low latency services and APIs. Experience with deploying and scaling containerized applications. Love mentoring junior engineers, and deploying best practices. Enjoy and have experience abstracting complex problems and design simple, elegant solutions. Proficient in one or more of Go, Ruby, Javascript, Python, C++. Bonus points:

Familiar with cloud platforms such as GCP. Familiar with API management tools such as Apigee. Avid open source contributor. Apply here

Opportunity International 14 days ago
Machine learning

Opportunity International | Full Stack Developer | London | Onsite

The EduFinance team is looking for a full-stack engineer to enhance and redesign a flexible front and back end machine learning credit scoring platform for banks in Africa and Asia. The engineer will work alongside another lead developer and the Director of Operations in London and will be implementing most of the work. To date, implementation has been restricted to a single country. We have a mandate to expand to additional countries which will require changes to the main platform. - Please apply through here.

Onsite 14 days ago
Ruby | Senior Ruby Developer | Salt Lake City, Utah | Onsite preferred, remote considered

Chargeback is a SaaS FinTech company that helps merchants deal with credit card disputes. We work mostly with Fortune 500s, online retailers, SaaS subscription software&service firms, and travel companies. Our core product is an expert system that helps fraud analysts navigate the complex rules that banks put in place to govern the credit card dispute process along with automated processes to make the dispute process move more quickly.

We're solving big problems with retrieving and aggregating data from various sources, including ones like big banks that don't offer data in friendly formats. Our clients lose tens thousands of dollars to fraud every day, and they're hungry for data to help them understand the problem and solutions to help them stem the flow.

For more details on the skills we're looking for, see this website:

You can apply there, or contact me if you want a warm intro: Email is hidden

Remote Onsite
Glow 14 days ago

Glow | Senior Software Engineer | Seattle, WA | ONSITE |

Glow’s mission is to create a world where content earns its value. We enable content creators to build businesses directly supported by their listeners.

We are a spinout of Pioneer Square Labs, a startup studio based in Seattle. We just closed our $2.3M seed round of financing.

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to be one of the early members of our team. We promise that you'll never be bored, that you'll be trusted to manage your own time, and that you'll be working on something that makes a difference in the lives of content creators and their fans. Also, a competitive salary, full medical/dental benefits, lots of puns, and unlimited podcasts.

Does this sound like you? You love podcasts. You are excited about helping creators thrive and build a living around their content. You have strong customer empathy and a track record of building customer-facing products. You work iteratively, shipping often and measuring results. You enjoy a small team where bureaucracy is low but great communication and collaboration is essential. You don’t get hung up on the boundaries of front-end, back-end, dev ops – you do whatever it takes to deliver. You think in terms of architecture and love to stitch together all elements of the software lifecycle to deliver great software. You thrive in the ambiguity and activity of a startup environment.