FDB Systems 4 days ago
AWS Python React.js

FDB Systems | Full stack engineer | London based, Remote OK, UTC+/-3 | https://fdb.systems

FDB Systems builds data products for hedge funds and other investors - we have a growing portfolio of niche data products (e.g. https://filingdb.com/) and we also create bespoke data solutions for clients. Our core team has deep domain experience having worked for tier-1 funds (on the discretionary and systematic sides) and at other successful startups prior to starting the company. We launched our services just before the pandemic but have nevertheless seen strong growth and we now count some of the world's best funds among our clients. The company is revenue and cash generative with a very strong balance sheet - we are funding most expansion organically through revenues but, in addition, we have raised a small amount of money from excellent investors and have won a research grant for the past year.

As the first tech hire, you will:

* take ownership of parts of the stack

* be involved in architectural decisions

* work on improving our tech and process to handle the global expansion of our main data product.

This is a great fit for anyone who likes building well-running, efficient pipelines.

Tech stack:

* Python backend

* AWS for infrastructure

* React for internal tooling frontend

We are a small company and we are genuinely passionate about our space and finance more widely. If you have an interest in finance (in whatever form) and want to experience developing and improving products for some of the best funds in the world, we think you would enjoy working with us. We are an early stage company and that means everything you do will have an immediate and lasting impact on the business: you will be able to work on a variety of projects, with real ownership of core elements and very little management overheads to deal with. We are positioned as the highest quality provider in our space and this focus on quality runs through our entire culture - we really enjoy our work and spending time with colleagues but our environment is a professional and respectful one.

If all this sounds like a good fit for what you're looking for, shoot us an email at Email is hidden with a resume and, optionally, any projects you are happy to share.

Function 4 days ago
AWS Laravel Vue.js

Function | Senior Front End Engineer | Remote (USA only) | Full-time Function is seeking an experienced Senior Frontend Engineer to join our team.

Ideal candidates will exhibit versatility, display leadership qualities, and are enthusiastic to tackle challenges across the full frontend stack, from quick prototypes to public software releases.

Most importantly, candidates are hungry to be a part of exciting projects to improve the health and wellness of people worldwide.

Our stack currently is built on Vue /Nuxt / Tailwind frontend, and Laravel backend with servers on AWS.

Apply at https://www.indeed.com/job/senior-front-end-engineer-8230976...

Remote Full-time
== RUNTASTIC 4 days ago


With hundreds of millions of users, we face the challenge of building a top-class backend infrastructure and applications every day. Our main tools of choice to scale our applications are jRuby, Sinatra, Sidekiq, MySQL, and MongoDB.We are currently looking for Backend Engineers and Senior Backend Engineers, to join our cross-functional teams, who are ready to change the world with code!

Check out this vacancy: https://www.runtastic.com/career/job/?job=445987&no-cache=1

Onsite Full-time
Bitwarden 4 days ago

Bitwarden | Remote | Product Designer | Web Developer

Bitwarden is an open source password manager for individuals and teams that has recently been named the best password manager by US News, Wired UK, and more.

We are a collaborative, nimble and growing team working remotely from around the world, committed to making the internet more secure.

https://bitwarden.com/careers/ to apply or reach out to Email is hidden

Mention Hacker News in your application under Why Bitwarden

Ricoh USA 4 days ago
Azure C# Java Node.js Puppet R

Ricoh USA | Senior DevOps Engineer | Remote | https://recruiting.adp.com/srccar/public/nghome.guid?c=21718...

[edit] - Added a direct link to the job.

We are looking for someone that is well versed in development and systems. We work with all kinds of technology Java, C#, Powershell, Node, Puppet, VMware, Azure to name a few. Looking to hire right away.

CTcue 4 days ago
Angular.js ElasticSearch Node.js PostgreSQL TypeScript

CTcue | Multiple Dev roles | Amsterdam | Remote/Onsite (Netherlands) | VISA required

CTcue is a Dutch start-up focused building software that improves healthcare. Our search application gives healthcare professionals direct access to the data they need and empowers them to answer research questions themselves.

We are looking for Fullstack, Frontend and Junior developers.

Our primary stack is TypeScript, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch and Angular.

Salary range: €35-65k

More info here: https://ctcue.com/jobs.

If interested please send your resume to Email is hidden

Remote Onsite
Elanza 4 days ago
Google Cloud GraphQL Node.js PostgreSQL React.js

Elanza | Backend / DevOps Engineer | Full Time | REMOTE or Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Elanza is a dutch MedTech scale-up on a mission to keep healthcare affordable in an aging population. We create innovative and data-driven workforce management solutions for large healthcare organizations.

Stack: React.js, Node.js, GraphQL, Sequelize, PostgreSQL, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

To cope with our sustained growth and new business requirements we are looking for an experienced (generalist) engineer to join our mission.

Interested in becoming part of the Elanza family? Email jobs at elanza.nl or apply via: https://elanza.recruitee.com/o/senior-backend-developer-devo...

Remote Full-time
Kaiko 4 days ago
ClickHouse CockroachDB Golang Grafana Kafka Kubernetes Terraform

Kaiko | Remote (France) / Onsite (Paris, France) | Full Time

+ We collect and aggregate financial data on centralized crypto exchanges as well as DeFi. We're talking about 9.7B unique transactions stored in May 2021 (which is just one of the commodities we support)

+ We manage our own infrastructure with a mix of Bare Metal and VMs (actually moved away from the cloud, 80+ machines)

+ We built our platform using things like ClickHouse, Kafka, CockroachDB, NATS, Consul, Golang, Nomad, Terraform and Vault (we chose Nomad over K8S for ease of maintenance)

+ We value observability above all else, which is why we rely on VictoriaMetrics, Loki, Alertmanager and Grafana

+ We do continuous integration, peer reviewing and semantic versioning

+ We have an on-call system based on volunteering (recovery days, respect of daily and weekly work interruptions, mobilization bonus, compensated overtime hours, etc)

+ You will join a team of 6 people (minimum 6 years of experience), all of whom are parents (except one)

+ You will work in short iterations (2 weeks), with daily team status updates ; it resembles SCRUM but we chose not to apply it by the book

+ You will have full shared-ownership of the platform, complete freedom in how you work and organize yourself (one person's freedom ends where another's begins). We don't time track, we don't second guess or validate everything twice ; we trust you in doing the best you can with the group's and organization's interests at heart

+ You can and are expected to make mistakes

+ You will be working on prioritization, organization, implementation and support of everything that needs to be done in order to fulfill the company's objectives. We're talking about road map building, infrastructure deployments, knowledge sharing, code development, customer feedback, architectural decisions, etc

+ You're in the driver seat (technically driver couch since there's 6 of us), there is no technical overlord

+ You will be able to rely on everyone at the company (not just other techies), and they will be able to rely on you as well

+ You have the upmost respect for legacy code, with the occasional and perfectly understandable rant every now and then

+ Health insurance by Alan (Blue plan), 75% taken care of by the company (including kids)

+ Lunch money by Swile, 10e/day

+ Contrat cadre, RTT, CP (french labor law things)

In short, if you want to be accountable for all the aspects of your work, are a good communicant, value team effort, and are looking for an interesting technical challenge (high volumes, low latencies) : let's talk about what we have in store for you.

Our interview process is fairly straightforward, with only 4 steps. You'll be able to meet people from all departments, ask all the questions you need. No whiteboard quick sorting, no documentation quizzes, we do a role-play discussion and put ourselves in the shoes of an imaginary team, with real-life problems.

We don't have any strict technical or experience requirements ; the reason for this is that we tend to see expertise as a pyramid, with software services sitting at the very top. Given the scale at which we operate, you must be knowledgeable in low-level hardware, OSes and in the general ways of how software and hardware interacts with each other: the problems we face are almost always related to the volumes we handle, and occur naturally with any piece of software.

Email is hidden

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QuickTrials 4 days ago
Android Django Google Cloud IOS MySQL Python React.js TypeScript

QuickTrials | Multiple Dev roles | Swiss company | Remote

QuickTrials is a leading SaaS solution for agricultural field trials. We're playing a role in helping to increase the speed of innovation within the agricultural space, which leads to improved food production for a growing planet with limited land. We have a compelling product and are at a very interesting time for the company. We're looking for a couple of developers to join our team and grow with us during this next phase.

Open positions: 1) Mobile developer (iOS and Android) 2) Full stack developer (TypeScript, ReactJS, Python, Django, MySQL, Google Cloud)

More info here: https://www.quicktrials.com/jobs/

If interested please send your cv to Email is hidden

Elium 4 days ago
GraphQL PostgreSQL Python React Native React.js Webpack

Elium | Software Engineer Front-End | Belgium | Full time, open to remote (EU time zone) | https://elium.com

Elium is a knowledge-sharing platform that helps users capture, curate and share essential information and successfully collaborate. Our stack is React, GraphQL, Relay, Webpack, Python, PostgreSQL, React Native.

Apply here: https://apply.workable.com/elium/j/7dcb66650f/ Get in touch with us: Email is hidden

Remote Full-time