SimplePay about 2 hours ago
HTML Java Kotlin PostgreSQL Ruby on Rails Spring Vue.js

SimplePay | Kotlin / Java Web Developers | UTC+0 to UTC+8 | REMOTE

SimplePay is a profitable, developer-owned online payroll software company, with solid growth. Our software lets 28,000 (and counting!) small business owners (and their accountants) run their South African, Ireland, Singapore and Hong Kong payrolls without headaches, so they can focus on the challenge of building their businesses. We're also developing new product lines - for example, we're doing a new time tracking and staff scheduling system.

We've decided to add Kotlin to our stack for server-side development. Experienced Java developers who want to get into Kotlin are also welcome to apply. As much as I enjoy Ruby on Rails (and it's definitely helped us succeed), refactoring is becoming more painful the larger our code base becomes (using Sorbet helps, but can only take us so far). We intend to use Kotlin for the new products we're launching as well as to rewrite selected components of our existing system where it makes sense. I haven't coded in a statically typed language in years, but I've been writing Kotlin lately, and it feels surprisingly productive.

We haven't decided on a web framework yet. I don't mind Spring Boot, but investigating lighter weight alternatives would be great too (you can tell I have many battle scars from dealing with framework upgrades). We use PostgreSQL as our DB server. On the front-end, we mainly render plain HTML, but use Vue.js on the pages that need more interactivity - this role is more focused on the back-end, but front-end skills are welcome too. As you can see from our no-nonsense stack, we prefer to keep things simple with robust, proven technologies, so we can focus on solving client issues.

Our development team was already mostly remote pre-pandemic. We have a very supportive culture, and are continuously putting a lot of thought into ensuring remote work is happy work.

To find out more about us, check out our developer blog ( or about page (

Location: UTC+0 to UTC+8

Please apply at and attach your resume / CV in PDF format. In the "Cover Letter" section of the application, please include 1) the time zone in which you reside, and 2) a link to a PR created or an issue logged for an open source project (no matter how small or long ago) as the first two lines. Also, tell us why you would like to join SimplePay.

Reserve about 3 hours ago

Reserve | Great time to join crypto!!

ICYMI, turns out the "most exciting project in defi" was a giant house of cards and collapsed. Consumer crypto lending platforms that were gambling on it are now insolvent and tons of normal users are screwed.

But hey, with prices collapsing and tons of scam projects getting flushed out, we forecast 12-15 months of reduced bullsh*t in the industry!!

Here's why the collapse happened:

Our timestamped prediction:

Background for normies:

AppCard about 4 hours ago
AWS Android Java Python

AppCard | Onsite | NYC (US), Tel Aviv (IL), Remote (Possible)

AppCard is an advanced customer retention system designed specifically to service the needs of mid-size retailers, franchises, and independent grocers who are ready to start capitalizing on the potential of their customer data and analytics.

As a Series B startup, we are currently growing rapidly within both tech and non-tech areas, as such we are looking for a lot of people.

Hiring for multiple roles including:

- Software Developer (Junior, Mid, Senior)

- Senior Reliability Engineers (Junior, Mid, Senior)

- System Admins

- Technical Support (Junior, Mid, Leads)

- Customer Success

- Product Managers

- Accountant

- Sales / Business Development

- Marketing

Tech Stack: Python, Java, AWS, Android

Bonus: Networking knowledge as we have thousands of hardware in the field.

Please submit your application at or send your resume to ( Email is hidden ) with "HackerNews" in the subject line.

Remote Onsite
about 5 hours ago
React.js Ruby on Rails

Simplero - we help knowledge creators turn their knowledge into profit with an all-in-one platform


* Rails + React engineers * Associate Product Managers * Product Designers * Digital Marketers (generalists)

Email Email is hidden with "HN Job" in subject line

Datawrapper about 5 hours ago
D3 Node.js

Datawrapper | Backend / Full-Stack Developers | Remote (EU) | FTE / 80% (4-day week)

Data visualisation tool for journalists & other publishers. Used by NYT, Washington Post, AP, and many others. You’ve likely seen a Datawrapper visualization before - election results, Covid numbers, maps on world events, etc. are created using Datawrapper. We are reaching >200 million unique visualisation viewers with a team of under 20 people. Bootstrapped, profitable.

Stack is NodeJS backend with Svelte frontend and D3/Svelte visualizations.

Feel free to reach out personally to david at

OysterHR about 6 hours ago
React.js Ruby on Rails

OysterHR | BE/FE Engineers | Remote (Global) | FTE (no C2C)

We allow any company to hire anywhere in the world. We handle the entire logistics of employing in another country, making the process quick and easy. We are philosophically focused on democratizing access to career opportunities across the world.

We use Ruby on Rails + React to build our software that automates hiring in any country.

We have many open roles on our engineering team, but are focused on finding talent in the following locations to increase the geographic diversity of our teams:

Jamaica, Jordan, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Poland, Croatia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Costa Rica, Zimbabwe, Lithuania, Slovakia, El Salvador, Mauritius, Montenegro, Chile, Cameroon, Bulgaria, Guatemala, Ecuador, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Ghana, Honduras, Botswana, Albania, Mexico, Romania, Bolivia, Argentina, Kenya, Armenia, Morocco, Brazil, Zambia, Tanzania, Peru, Rwanda, Belarus, Ukraine, Nigeria, Moldova, Paraguay, Georgia, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Kosovo, Algeria, Colombia

please apply online or reach out to Email is hidden

Cyndx about 6 hours ago
Google Cloud Machine learning Natural Language Processing Python React.js TypeScript

Cyndx | BE/FE Engineers, DS | ONSITE (NYC, West Palm Beach, Dallas) | Full-time

AI-Driven Corporate Search for M&A, PE and VC Growth.

Python and Typescript (with React), and some other languages. GCP stack, heavy on the analytics databases and AI/ML/NLP.


- We're hiring for BE/Platform engineering up to the director level, I just have to clean up the JD. Just apply to the senior data scientist for now.

Please mention "HN July 2022" or "Hacker News July 2022"

(!) Hybrid: In-office 3 days a week (Tues-Thurs), and trying out WFH August for this year

Onsite Full-time
Netatmo - Legrand group about 10 hours ago
Android IOS

Netatmo - Legrand group | ONSITE | Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris, Lyon (France)

Netatmo is an IOT company focused on the smart home. We build products for our own brand as well as for strategic partners (Velux, Muller, Vaillant, Engie..).

We have open positions for all positions : Backend, Devops, Embedded, Web, IOS, Android, UI-UX, QA.


about 11 hours ago

Guava Health (Guava) is hiring full-time ONSITE in sunny Santa Barbara. Primarily a creative marketing leader, but always hiring software if it's a great fit.

We're building software and products to help people understand and improve their personal health. We have web, an app, and a physical Emergency Card for your wallet.

I'm co-founder and help build the software. Happy to chat: dylan@

Onsite Full-time about 12 hours ago
IOS Node.js PostgreSQL React.js Stripe Swift TypeScript | Remote, all timezones | Full-time |

Texts is an early-stage startup backed by the founders of Vercel and Superhuman, and people affiliated to Stripe, Coinbase, Twitter, Facebook, Snap and others.

We believe messaging is extremely fragmented and are building Texts app, a fully hackable messaging client for power users, to make people more productive and focused. Texts connects to all major messaging platforms (including iMessage, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, FB Messenger, Telegram, Discord, Signal, Slack and LinkedIn) and has an SDK to connect to any messaging platform.

Open roles for our founding team:

* iOS engineering lead (Stack: Swift, SwiftUI, UIKit, Combine)

* Full-stack/generalist engineer (Stack: React.js, TypeScript, Node.js)

* Backend engineer (Stack: TypeScript, Node.js, Postgres)

* Reverse engineer (Tools: Ghidra, IDA, or Frida)

We aren't building a simple CRUD chat app. You'll get to write quality code, optimize performance, design APIs, frameworks and abstractions that other developers love.

Hiring process: we don't do whiteboard/algorithm interviews and test for real-world skills.

To apply, email kishan at or submit your link on

Remote Full-time