1 day ago
Machine learning | ML Ops Engineer | Remote (US) | Full-Time

Join our team and work closely with Research and DevOps!

Remote Full-time
University of California, Berkeley 1 day ago
React.js TypeScript

University of California, Berkeley | Berkeley, CA | Remote | Frontend Application Programmer | Remote allowed (within USA) or on site at Berkeley

We are making a new version of our open source genome browser with React and typescript (think data visualization, but lots of interesting software architecture too). Familiarity with bioinformatics a plus, but not required.

Remote Onsite
Stealth 1 day ago
HTML JavaScript Laravel Machine learning Oracle PHP

Stealth | San Francisco, CA | Remote | Senior PHP/Laravel Software Engineer

We are a stealth mode startup backed by a VC firm in San Francisco and veterans from Oracle. We are building the next generation workforce scheduling platform using advanced machine learning algorithms. Our first version of the product is live in production. We have a 24 month runway. Opportunity to get in on the ground floor and get significant equity as part of the founding engineering team. I am the founder of the startup, I am a serial entrepreneur with a previous exit in the space.

We are looking for a Senior Back-End (or Senior Full-Stack) developer who is proficient in PHP (7+, requirement), JavaScript (optional), and HTML. The successful candidate will have a passion for creating powerful, flexible APIs that remain performant & efficient under high-demand situations. Successful candidates will also have a desire for learning new technologies and enjoy working on a team. You will be responsible for implementing new features & integrations as well as supporting our existing functionality. You will take part in planning sessions & retrospectives and have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on our stack.

// Requirements

Minimum 5 years of experience working with PHP in a production environment Minimum 3 years of experience working with Laravel Production experience with PHP 7 (7.2+ preferred) Please send resume + LinkedIn URL to:

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Wisdom Panel 1 day ago
Ember.js Heroku PostgreSQL Redis Ruby on Rails

Wisdom Panel | Sr. Software Engineer | Remote & Onsite

WISDOM PANEL is the world leader in companion animal genetics, supporting the bond between people and pets by providing world-leading insights powered by DNA. WISDOM PANEL is seeking a Senior Software Engineer who will be an extraordinary addition to our Engineering team, working in support of product and infrastructure development.

We offer our associates a unique opportunity to have a completely customizable career within pet care. Through WISDOM PANEL & Kinship you will work with and learn from a community of industry executives, pet partners, entrepreneurs, and fellow associates across our startup investment companies, outside partners, and in Mars Petcare. Our nimble and flexible approach to work allows you to make an immediate impact across businesses, while learning new skills at every stage. The diversity of our work opens doors to big opportunities and unlocks enormous potential for countless career experiences in pet care. Join us in our mission to chart the future of pet care, alongside the industry’s brightest minds.

Current Tech Stack: RoR, Ember, PostgreSQL, Redis,and Heroku.

Remote Onsite
Toptal 1 day ago
Angular.js Java Python React Native React.js Unity

Toptal | Software Developer | Remote | Contract with a commitment of 40+ hours a week

Toptal is adding freelancers even amid the layoffs and furloughs hitting many industries. We provide freelance tech talent to top organizations and are looking for global talent in the following areas:

React Native, Unity, Java, Shopify, Angular, React, Unreal Engine

We are also looking for the following skills in the US:

Python, React, React Native, Shopify

These are all fully remote positions (even during non-pandemic times), and because we're so diversified geographically and by industry, it's very common for people to transition to companies in other regions or sectors that are doing well while others are facing difficult times.

Please contact me for more info (, and feel free to check out our Toptal page to learn more about our process, our community, our clients, and the work we do.

Sourcegraph 2 days ago
Docker Golang GraphQL Kubernetes PostgreSQL React.js TypeScript

Sourcegraph ( | Software Engineer, Engineering Manager, Security Engineer, Product Manager | ALL REMOTE

Sourcegraph is building Universal Code Search so developers can focus on solving problems instead of struggling to find and understand code.

Sourcegraph search helps developers find and discover code by providing the ability to quickly search across all code using regular expressions and advanced filters. Sourcegraph code intelligence helps developers navigate and understand code by providing hover tooltips, go-to-definition, and find-references, when viewing code on Sourcegraph or on a code host (via our browser extension). Sourcegraph campaigns enable developers to fix and evolve code at scale by automating search-and-replace and running arbitrary tools across massive codebases.

We are a completely transparent company and you can learn more about how we operate by reading our handbook: Technologies that we use: Go, TypeScript, React, RxJS, GraphQL, Postgres, Docker, Kubernetes.

We are an equal opportunity workplace and our all-remote team is spread across the world. We embrace diversity and welcome people from all backgrounds and communities.

We just raised a $23M Series B ( and are growing our team to keep up with customer demand (some of our customers are listed on our homepage). If you want to make software development more accessible to everyone, come join us!

ZeroTier 2 days ago

ZeroTier | | Senior Engineering Manager, Project Manager, Developer Advocate | Remote | Full-Time

ZeroTier is the fastest, most flexible solution to deploy and manage secure networks. End-to-end encryption and a robust rules engine eliminate the need for traditional VPN and SD-WAN solutions. Peer-to-peer architecture, an open-source codebase, and a vibrant global community make ZeroTier an attractive solution for hobbyists and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Our vision is to provide a virtualization layer that connects every device in the world.

Please email your resume to Email is hidden with the position you are applying for as the subject.

See all of our job opportunities here:

Remote Full-time
Makeswift 2 days ago
Golang GraphQL Kubernetes Node.js PostgreSQL React.js TypeScript

Makeswift | | Full Stack Engineer | Remote | Full-Time

At Makeswift we're on a mission to build the best tool for creative minds to bring their ideas to the world. The concept is simple. Combine the experience of a buttery-smooth, elegant design tool with the infrastructure required to go to production. Instead of mocking up static images and prototypes, build production-ready websites out of live components. Working with React engineers? Reuse their work by integrating existing components directly into Makeswift. Our vision is to open up our APIs and foster a component ecosystem that will bridge the gap between developers and designers.

We're hiring the first engineers outside of the founders following a 1.5M seed round. If you're interested in working with a product led, early stage startup up against ambitious technical challenges, read more about the opportunity here:

Tools you'll be working with: React, Node, GraphQL, Kubernetes, Typescript, PostgreSQL

Remote Full-time
Alkemi 2 days ago
AWS Blockchain JavaScript Node.js

Alkemi | | Senior Backend Javascript & Web3 Developer | Remote (Worldwide) | Full-Time

We are looking for an experienced lead back-end developer who is passionate about blockchain and decentralized finance.

To get more info and apply, follow this link:

Keywords (Ctrl+F): JavaScript, Node.js, Ethereum, Blockchain, Web3, DeFi, AWS..

Remote Full-time
2 days ago
AWS Ansible DataDog EC2 GitHub Java JavaScript Jenkins Kinesis Kotlin Lambda Machine learning Node.js Python Redis SQS Spring Swift Terraform Vue.js

Hello Community! Glovo is hiring for PRINCIPAL & STAFF SOFTWARE ENGINEERS for the Tech team! We had a HYPERGROWTH as an on demand delivery solution! We need great Tech Team members to provide the best experience and SOLUTION to the world! We are super flexible, start dates can be moved and you can start remote to then move to Sunny Barcelona Office + New Tech Hub in Warsaw Poland! (WFH, full flexibility but Fulltime, full relocation + Sponsorship) At the moment Glovo is the fastest-growing generation 2 (this means that we have our own logistics platform) delivery startup in the world and becoming one of the best Tech Product Start-ups in Spain.

Tech Challenges: Project Valkyrie: Related to the number of deployments per day. Project Darwin: Going from a Monolithic to a Microservices architecture. Better efficiency with Machine Learning.

Tech Stack: Java , Python, Spring Boot, Redis, Python, NodeJS, AWS (SQS, Kinesis, Aurora,EC2, Lambda,Cloudwatch, Jenkins, Terraform, Ansible, Github Actions, Spinnaker, DataDog Mobile: Java, Kotlin, Swift Frontend: JavaScript, Vue.js


If you write to me I will guide you through the process faster!

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I’m attaching our corporate video: ;)

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