Metaco 1 day ago
AWS Blockchain C# Docker Golang Google Cloud Java Python Scala

Metaco | Lausanne | QA Automation/SDET | REMOTE (EU Only) OR ONSITE We're a leading blockchain software house that provides and integrates highly secure wallets for businesses (of all types). We are looking for a Mid-Senior QA Automation engineer / SDET

We are looking for/use:

- Coding skills in Java/Python/Go/Scala/C# (or able to be proficient in these)

- Comfortable on a linux/shell, knowledge of networking basics - we mainly linux on the desktop and of course cloud (with a bit of openbsd)

Not essential:

- Microservices, Docker, Google Cloud / AWS

- Multiple security and cryptography approaches (prior experience not required)


- Involvement with key players in the blockchain industry at a formative time

- Meetings kept to a minimum

- Flexible working from home (for onsite)

- Decent coffee machine

- Foosball/table football

Proficiency in English or French is a requirement, and a dedicated professional approach to working in a startup.

Drop a CV to Email is hidden and please highlight relevant experience (recruiters/agencies, do NOT contact me). You can also see roles at but please mention hackernews.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Remote Onsite
3 days ago
.NET ASP.NET Angular.js C# Knockout.js MySQL Node.js PHP PostgreSQL Redis Vue.js


Location: Israel/Europe Time

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Not right now

Technologies: .Net, C#, Asp.Net (& .Net Core), Angular 1/2, Knockout, VueJS, NodeJS, php, Mysql, Postgres, Redis.



Email: Email is hidden


I'm a full-stack developer with 15+ years of experience in the field, having strong business development and leadership skills. I'm product-oriented with lots of experience managing a project from concept and design through completion.

Leap Motion/Ultraleap 4 days ago
Machine learning R

Leap Motion/Ultraleap | R&D Positions for Machine Learning, Computer Vision, or Unity3D | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | Onsite

We've got some great positions open for people who love bleeding edge R&D, AI, computer vision, user interfaces, AR/VR and design! Please reach out at let's talk!

Email is hidden

Onsite Full-time
Maark 4 days ago
JavaScript React.js Wordpress

Maark | Senior Frontend Engineer | Boston, MA | Full-time | Onsite

Maark | Wordpress Developer | Boston, MA | Freelance/Contractor | Remote or Onsite

Maark is looking for a Senior Frontend Developer who can build compelling and state-of-the-art experiences for the web. As a dev team, we work on highly creative projects, utilize a wide variety of front-end technologies, and empower our developers to create innovative solutions and explore/learn emerging tech. Candidates for this position should be experienced in React and plain JS and have a passion for UX. We are hiring for a full time role in our Boston, MA office, with considerable work-at-home flexibility.

We also have a need for freelance and full-time contractor WordPress developers. This role could either be based out of our Boston office or be remote.

For info on Maark, see

To apply or for questions, email me (I head up engineering) directly at Email is hidden. (No recruiters, please...Pretty please!)

Remote Onsite Full-time
MoveGB 4 days ago
React.js TypeScript

MoveGB | Mid-senior React/Frontend/Typescript Engineers | Bath or Exeter, UK | ONSITE at least 2-3 days a week | Full-time, perm

We aggregate 10k gym/yoga/bootcamp/climbing/physical activities across the UK to give 20k customers variety and a convenient search->book->attend interface. We're refining our product UX and value prop to increase adoption and retention (we're already ~2x the industry average for retention). Previously VC funded, and aiming for break-even this year.

We're a small product/engineering team of 6 engineers (all mid-to-senior) and 1 designer, and we're looking for someone who can contribute at a similar level. No politics, micromanagement etc - everyone here works to their strengths.

Full description and link to apply:

Onsite Full-time
5 days ago

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Winterlight Labs 5 days ago
AWS IOS Machine learning Python React Native Terraform

Winterlight Labs | Software Engineer, Full Stack | Toronto, Canada | ONSITE | FULL-TIME |

Winterlight Labs is a healthcare startup that is developing digital biomarkers to measure neurological and psychiatric conditions. Our machine learning technology analyzes both the acoustics and content of speech and language to help identify disease and quantify its severity. We work with life science companies, academia, and senior care companies to improve clinical trials, quality of care, and health outcomes.

We are looking for a full-stack software engineer to take ownership of the assessment app that is used to collect data from clinical research sites and other partners. The stack you’ll be managing is a React Native iOS app with a Python backend. We are looking for a “move at a reasonable pace and don’t break things”-type of person since we are stewards of personal health data. We use modern cloud infrastructure that is either containerized and deployed on AWS via Terraform.

Apply by email at Email is hidden with "Software Engineer, Full Stack" in the subject. More details:

Onsite Full-time
Vertex Pharmaceuticals 5 days ago

Vertex Pharmaceuticals | Software Engineer, Bioinformatics | Boston, MA | Full-time | Salary + Annual Bonus + Equity | ONSITE | open to VISA candidates

Vertex is a biotech company, committed to bringing transformative medicines to people with serious and life-threatening diseases. We are growing a Computational Biology group dedicted to Genetic Therapies, such as CRISPR-based therapeutic gene editing. One example therapy we have worked on is CTX001, a CRISPR-based gene editing treatment for Sickle Cell Disease and Beta-Thalassemia, which is currently in clinical trials:

We are currently looking for an excellent computational scientist to develop and improve cutting-edge methods and software to answer scientific questions and bring these genetic therapies to patients. A key task for you will be to develop robust computational software tools and systems that will be leveraged for the development of genetic therapies. Experience in analyzing genomics data and developing bioinformatics tools is essential, as are strong software engineering skills.

We offer competitive benefits and compensation, including salary, bonus, and equity. Our office is in the Seaport neighborhood of Boston. You would join a great work environment of motivated, smart, fun, and supportive people.

Please apply at:

Onsite Full-time
Klue 5 days ago

Klue (recently acquired by Medtronic) | Full Stack Mobile Engineers | ONSITE in San Jose, CA | Full-time |

We are a digital health start-up developing wearable-based eating and drinking detection system. We were acquired by Medtronic in September 2019 and have an ambitious roadmap ahead to combine our technology with Medtronic’s systems to help millions of patients around the world.

Klue’s automatic meal detection capabilities hold great promise for improving the quality of life and health for individuals living with diabetes. Automatic meal detection paves the way for a fully autonomous closed loop artificial pancreas system, delivering insulin at the start of a meal without user intervention. Furthermore, Klue’s mealtime bolus (insulin injection) reminder module helps people with insulin-dependent diabetes improve their medication adherence and glycemic control.

We're looking for a bright and enthusiastic Principal Full Stack Mobile Engineer to join our team. You should think about joining us if you care about having a lasting impact on people with diabetes and other chronic conditions, and if you are passionate about developing high quality software and delivering best-in-class user experiences across a wide range of mobile and wearable platforms.

Apply here or email me at Email is hidden

Onsite Full-time
Snowplow Analytics 5 days ago
React.js Scala

Snowplow Analytics | Scala and/or React Engineers | REMOTE, preferably UTC+/-3 | Full-time |

There are tens of thousands of our open source data pipelines collecting events emitted from over half a million sites and apps worldwide. Snowplow is the ideal platform for data teams who want to manage their data in real-time and in their own cloud. We also collect, validate, enrich and load up to 5 billion events for our customers each day and help them on their Snowplow journey through our management console.

We're currently hiring in to the team developing our management console. Their mission is to improve the onboarding of customers and empower them to derive more and more value from their Snowplow pipeline over time. We are building Scala services to expose pipeline metrics, configuration and controls to our React UI and put them in the hands of our customers.

More info and open roles in Support, Data and Customer here:

Remote Full-time