Tufts University 7 days ago
Flask Hadoop Kafka Python SQL Spark

Tufts University | Junior Software Engineer | Full time | Boston Area (Medford, MA) USA | Onsite or Remote (Must be US citizen)

We are looking for a junior developer to join our data group. To begin with you would primarily be working with Python 3, a relational database, and Kafka. You would be using Flask to create simple web pages that interact with a database using SQL. Also you will be using Python + Flask to create web services that send data to Kafka and Python code to read data from Kafka and process it. As Tufts is a university and believes strongly in education, you will have the option to learn plenty. Whether that is taking online classes or analyzing data sets on our spark/hadoop cluster.

You will be joining a group of 8 people in our data group. We are currently all working remote though you can optionally work in our offices if you want.

Required Skills: Python, SQL, some Linux familiarity. Also the ability to learn on your own is important.

If you are interested, please email be at jonathan (dot) Email is hidden

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Backblaze 7 days ago

Backblaze | Engineering, Sales, and Marketing | Full-time | Hybrid | San Mateo

Backblaze originated in a founder’s one-bedroom apartment where five people committed to helping people save their data. Today, we are entrusted with well over an exabyte of data from customers in more than 175 countries.

We’re growing fast! We’ve built a culture where we care about each other, our work, and our products, and we have fun doing it.

Join us on our mission to make storing and using data astonishingly easy! Here are a few of our open roles:

Enterprise Inside Sales Account Executive: https://backblaze.hrmdirect.com/employment/job-opening.php?r...

Developer Evangelist: https://backblaze.hrmdirect.com/employment/job-opening.php?r...

Data Engineer: https://backblaze.hrmdirect.com/employment/job-opening.php?r...

Sr. Software Engineer: https://backblaze.hrmdirect.com/employment/job-opening.php?r...

Sr. Software Engineer - Storage: https://backblaze.hrmdirect.com/employment/job-opening.php?r...

Infrastructure Software Engineer: https://backblaze.hrmdirect.com/employment/job-opening.php?r...

More Backblaze careers: https://backblaze.hrmdirect.com/employment/job-openings.php?...

7 days ago
Elm GraphQL Ruby on Rails

Location: Tennessee but we're 100% remote friendly. Looking for: Senior devs with extensive Elm+Rails experience.

VisuWell serves hospitals, health systems, and payors with an enterprise telemedicine software platform. Our technology helps doctors perform meaningful patient interactions, virtual healthcare sessions, remote patient monitoring, virtual triage, and smart patient routing, just to name a few.

We are looking for experienced Elm developers interested in the WebRTC space for Telemedicine. Love for new web technologies like GraphQL appreciated. We are looking for fullstack developers with experience with Ruby on Rails.

Applications on our site: - https://visuwell.io/careers/sr-software-engineer/

Fueled 7 days ago
Android IOS

Fueled | Remote | Full-Time | https://fueled.com/jobs -- Who We Are -- An award winning mobile app dev agency.

-- Where You Fit In -- You know how to create jaw-dropping websites and web/mobile applications.

-- Open Roles -- Product Manager|https://grnh.se/2fdaee941us Principal Product Designer|https://grnh.se/9d58bd1c1us Lead Product Designer(Maker)|https://grnh.se/1b9ffbec1us Lead Product Designer (Manager)|https://grnh.se/92da0eb91us Lead Mobile Engineer, iOS|https://grnh.se/401ecbed1us Mobile Engineering Manager, iOS|https://grnh.se/a2b6b2dd1us Senior Backend Engineer|https://grnh.se/b59a80711us Senior Frontend Engineer|https://grnh.se/0709464b1us Android Engineer|https://grnh.se/fde0ce591us iOS Engineer|https://grnh.se/ae7ab1cc1us Mobile Engineering Manager, Android|https://grnh.se/3f48f50b1us Frontend Engineer|https://grnh.se/57cd6a511us

Please apply directly to the links but feel free to contact Christine Chung, Principal Talent Manager (Email is hidden) with any questions.

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Clipboard Health 7 days ago

Clipboard Health | Product Team | Various Roles | Fully Remote | https://clipboardhealth.com/

At Clipboard Health we exist to lift as many people up the socioeconomic ladder as possible. The average nursing assistant without a college degree makes $36k a year; the average nursing assistant on Clipboard Health makes $53k a year and the top 5% make $74k a year. We dramatically improve lives, by letting healthcare professionals turn extra time & ambition into career growth. We have healthcare professionals texting us photos of a car they were finally able to buy, a school & church they’re building in their native Haiti with money they earn here, and more.

We’re a post Series B, extremely fast growing startup with classic two-sided network effects, and were recently featured in the YC Top Companies list (https://www.ycombinator.com/topcompanies/). We’ve grown 6x (across all key metrics) in the last 11 months and need your help to keep growing to serve more healthcare professionals, healthcare facilities, and patients.

We are a writing-heavy company and love to talk about why and how we do what we do, especially when it can help potential team members figure out if we are a good fit. To get a good idea of how our product team operates, start with our product team standards document here:


Apply now:

- https://grnh.se/44c637584us

Plus many more roles: https://boards.greenhouse.io/clipboardhealth

Iterable 7 days ago

Iterable | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time, Remote | https://iterable.com/careers Iterable is the growth marketing platform that enables brands to create, execute and optimize campaigns to power world-class customer engagement across email, push, SMS, in-app and more with unparalleled data flexibility. We are an integrated, cross-channel solution — Iterable is built for marketers, trusted by engineers, and designed with intelligence. Learn more about our Engineering culture and interview process here: https://github.com/iterable/how-we-work

Here are our open roles:

-Engineering Manager, Product: https://iterable.com/company/job/?gh_jid=3336775

-Senior Software Engineer - Backend: https://iterable.com/company/job/?gh_jid=3176063

-Senior Software Engineer - Product Front End: https://iterable.com/company/job/?gh_jid=3176022

-Senior Software Engineer - Site Reliability Engineer: https://iterable.com/company/job/?gh_jid=2214242

-Site Reliability Engineer - SWE II: https://iterable.com/company/job/?gh_jid=3301931

-Staff Data Scientist: https://iterable.com/company/job/?gh_jid=3241247

-Staff Software Engineer - Backend: https://iterable.com/company/job/?gh_jid=3135983

-Staff Software Engineer - Product Front End: https://iterable.com/company/job/?gh_jid=3343981

-Staff Software Engineer - Site Reliability Engineer: https://iterable.com/company/job/?gh_jid=2983932

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HiveMQ 7 days ago
AWS Azure GitHub Golang Java Kubernetes Prometheus Terraform Vue.js

HiveMQ | Landshut & Remote from: Germany, UK, Spain, Austria, Switzerland | Site Reliability Engineer / Full Stack Engineer

HiveMQ (https://hivemq.com) is providing a highly scalable and reliable MQTT broker that has already been battle-tested by German industry leaders ranging from the automotive and energy industry to major Internet Service providers.

Tech stack: Java, VueJS, Kubernetes, AWS/Azure, Cortex/Prometheus/Loki, GitOps (ArgoCD, Github Actions), Terraform, Golang (for future projects)

We're offering our MQTT broker as a managed service (SaaS) under the product umbrella of HiveMQ Cloud. We want to enable startups, students, hobbyists and industry leaders to dive into the Internet of Things (IoT) without risking vendor lock-in by using the MQTT industry standard instead of relying on proprietary protocols. We're currently serving customers at AWS and Azure but we have ambitions to be in the marketplaces of all major cloud providers in 2022. We're a young, ambitious and growing team looking for Full Stack Engineers and Site Reliability Engineers with a strong focus on building a quality product for our customers.

* Site Reliability Engineer: https://hivemq.jobs.personio.de/job/259038

* Full Stack Engineer: https://hivemq.jobs.personio.de/job/377874

* Lots of other (also non-engineering) roles: https://hivemq.jobs.personio.de/

Mercury 7 days ago
Haskell Kotlin React.js Redux Swift TypeScript

Mercury | Full Time | REMOTE OR SF/NYC/Toronto/Portland | Haskell Engineer, Frontend Engineer, Security Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Engineering Manager, Data Science

Mercury (www.mercury.com) is building a bank for startups. Backed by a16z, CRV, and Coatue. Recently raised $120M Series B at $1.62B valuation.

Tech stack: - Haskell - Typescript - React - Redux - Swift/Kotlin - Nix

We are hiring across technical and non-technical roles and are open to fully remote employees anywhere in the US or Canada. Please feel free to email me at veronica at mercury dot com with any questions, or apply directly at www.mercury.com/jobs.

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7 days ago

Shopify helps people achieve independence by making it easier to start, run, and grow a business. We’re in the business of building useful products that help merchants everywhere. We touch all aspects of business creation—from an online store builder to retail hardware to fulfillment. Bring your big ideas and we’ll make them even bigger.

Check out our open roles: Software Engineering Manager (Remote, Europe)- https://smrtr.io/6zxdg Engineering Program Manager - Data - https://smrtr.io/6s6fs Engineering Program Manager, Treasury - https://smrtr.io/6zxfh Senior Plus Security Analyst, Trust - https://smrtr.io/6zxfb Security Engineering Program Manager, Trust - https://smrtr.io/6zxfn

Code Siren 7 days ago
Android C++ IOS Java

Code Siren | Fulltime | US Remote | https://codesiren.com

Code Siren is an early-stage funded startup that is reinventing communication with security and privacy in mind. We're hiring experienced developers, project managers, and QA engineers.

Our tech stack: C++17, Qt / QML, Boost, Java, Android, iOS

Interested? Email is hidden

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