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.NET AWS Kafka Python React.js TypeScript

REMOTE fintech software engineer consultant for an S&P500 reinsurance company Arch Re - enterprise microservices solution including AWS, Kafka, .NET, DevOps, Python, TypeScript, React. Partial skills welcome. Reach out to Email is hidden for details

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AWS DataDog Golang MongoDB PostgreSQL Stripe Twilio

Oso | Product Engineer | New York City (NYC) | Onsite or Hybrid

*Old problem, new $25B+ market*

Companies like AWS, Stripe, and Twilio have shown that if a technology isn't core to your value proposition, you should offload it. Still, every engineering team builds and rebuilds one piece: authorization, how you control who has access to what in your app. We intend to change that.

We see a world where developers never roll their own authorization again, and instead say, "Just use Oso" – the same way you might say, "Oh, you should just use Postgres for that." In doing so, we're creating the $25B+ authorization market.

*Why Oso?*

We have the lead – in traction, capital, and team.

- Traction: Oso is used by thousands of companies from startups to the Fortune 500, like Wayfair, Arc, Intercom, Visa, Oxide, and Codecademy.

- Capital: We're the best-capitalized, with 4+ years of runway from the world’s best investors, including Sequoia, Felicis, and infrastructure entrepreneurs like Olivier Pomel (Founder, Datadog), Dev Ittycheria (CEO, MongoDB), Arman Dadgar (Founder, Hashicorp), Edith Harbaugh (Founder, LaunchDarkly), Guy Podjarny (Founder, Snyk), Paul Copplestone, (Founder, Supabase), Christina Cacioppo (Founder, Vanta), and Calvin French-Owen (Founder, Segment).

- Team: We've spent 3+ years going deep on the domain. We've met with thousands of engineering teams and know more about this problem than anyone. And we have two of the best developer go-to-market leaders on earth who have done it before at MongoDB at Snyk.

*Why now?*

We're at an inflection point. What it takes to get from where we are today to a world where developers say “Just use Oso” is going to be different. And we see that. The opportunity is for you to join at this inflection point, in a role that’s bigger and different than usual.

To apply, please visit: https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/oso/043fb953-d2b9-4bbe-8640-497272c...

For more info, visit: https://www.osohq.com/company/jobs

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Golang Next.js

Ride with GPS | Experienced Linux Systems Engineer | within 2 hours of Portland OR | Full Time | https://ridewithgps.com/about We are the world's largest library of bike routes, and we enable cyclists to go on better rides, more often. We have a website and mobile apps that allow people to discover the best riding in their area, and get turn by turn navigation using either our mobile apps or the bike computer of their choosing. Come join us in taking Ride with GPS to the next level! We have one opening right now:

- Linux Systems Engineer: https://ridewithgps.com/careers/systems_engineer - Work the full deployment stack, from hardware to containers. We are looking for an experienced engineer practiced in the deployment of Linux based machines and services on top of them. We run on a rack of machines that we own, co-located in the Pittock, and we deploy services both directly on Linux as well as via containers. This is part SRE, part DevOps, part classic SysAdmin, with the occasional networking issue. We need someone who is within driving distance of our rack in Portland and who has experience working in a datacenter, but the majority of the job is in the deployment of services on those machines, not the machines themselves. Are you a jack of all trades, comfortable occasionally working with hardware, while being highly proficient in Linux and container based deployments? Maybe you are light on modern container orchestration but are highly capable and interested in learning? We'd love to talk to you!

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Mach9 Poker still looking for App dev and UX/UI help for touch tablet poker training app.

We’re bootstrapped so only “alternative” compensation is available at this time.

Part-time Remote or Chicago. Citizens only, no third parties.

Email: Email is hidden

Remote Part-time
SpaceX 1 day ago

SpaceX | Onsite | LA, the Bay Area, Seattle, Washington DC, and Bastrop/Austin, Starbase, Texas | Full Time

Rockets, spaceships & satellites! Updates: www.spacex.com/updates/


Sr. Security: https://grnh.se/8560d52a2us

Sr. IAM: https://grnh.se/ab0670ee2us

Sr. Detection: https://grnh.se/1b0214912us

Principal Security: https://grnh.se/ca03bba32us


Mobile: https://grnh.se/90ccf7ca2us

Full Stack: https://grnh.se/3a6d4a2b2us

Wireless Firmware: https://grnh.se/943ec88a2us


Electrical Design: https://grnh.se/6ad43b4c2us

Electrical Test: https://grnh.se/eea90ee22us

RF Test: https://grnh.se/a6efedea2us

SpaceX follows ITAR regulations: www.pmddtc.state.gov/?id=ddtc_kb_article_page&sys_id=24d528fddbfc930044f9ff621f961987

Onsite Full-time
PHOSPHOR 1 day ago
Elm F# Next.js R React.js Rust Tailwind

PHOSPHOR | Remote | New York, NY

Hiring: CTO, Staff/Senior UI Engineers, AI Engineer

Stack: Elm/React, Tailwind, F#, Rust, exploring local-first solutions

PHOSPHOR (http://phosphor.co/20x) has solved the last "impossible" technology problem in capital markets.

We've represented financial models AND contracts as structured, computable data, and we've done so without sacrificing flexibility afforded by Excel or Word. This has never been done, and it enables product opportunities that have never been conceivable before: we have the first real view towards AI that does not hallucinate in the most business critical mediums in finance.

I founded Phosphor after building one of the leading clean energy investment platforms in the US as first hire. Phosphor was originally a clean energy finance product, but then we solved a much deeper set of problems. Over three years, I've led three senior engineers as CEO/CTO while we've worked (in stealth) through mind-boggling R&D problems in computable contracts and linguistics.

As we focus on commercialization & launch over the next few months, I'm seeking senior product/UI engineers, and I'm beginning a CTO search in hopes of finding a senior technical leader to take the reigns and partner with me to build something OpenAI-scale.

For the adventurous of you, resumes to Email is hidden. Please mention HN in the subject line.

Slingshot Biosciences 1 day ago
Django Google Cloud React.js TypeScript

Slingshot Biosciences | Senior Software Engineer | Full-time | ONSITE or HYBRID in Emeryville, CA | VISA Sponsorship

Slingshot Biosciences is a biotech company focused on synthetic cell development. Synthetic cells can have a huge impact—improve the accuracy of biomedical instruments, lower the cost of drug development and diagnostics, and make healthcare more accessible around the world. We’ve raised a Series A round and the company is still small enough to know everyone.

I’m looking for a mission-driven senior software engineer to build out tools for processing and visualizing scientific data. An ideal candidate has worked on a small-to-medium web app before with modern tools. The stack is React, TypeScript, Django, and GCP—full-stack experience is a requirement to be considered for the role but experience with all of those specific tools is not necessary.

You will be a foundational part of the company, building tools scientists will rely on. You will need to come into the office at least once per week to work with scientific instruments and meet with collaborators, but you won’t need to be in daily.

Submit an application: https://boards.greenhouse.io/slingshotbiosciences/jobs/41469...

Onsite Full-time
Graphistry / louie.ai 1 day ago
Arrow JavaScript

Graphistry / louie.ai | Visualization Engineer | US, global | Full-time | https://www.louie.ai , https://www.graphistry.com/careers

Graphistry supercharges investigations with its GPU visual graph AI platform and its new Louie.AI platform for conversational and continuous generative AI analytics. A UC Berkeley spinout, our core platform gets used by banks, enterprises, governments, and data-intensive startups for visually investigating relationships in rich structured data like security logs, user clickstreams, social media, and genomics. The new Louie.AI platform is making analysis even easier through a conversational interface and a backend for scaling to always-on. We have won awards like Gartner Cool Vendor and the recent US Cyber Command AI competition.

Visualization engineer role: We're looking for someone to help with 2.0 of our core data visualization engine as we scale our GPU client <> GPU server to another 10-100X, with the current focus especially around 10M-100M-scale WebGL and later WebGPU. This will be interleaved with other visualization engineering tasks prioritized by our customers and product activities, both around Graphistry core and Louie.AI. You will work closely with teammates expert in JS, GPU, AI, and working with our customers. You will have high levels of ownership. As Graphistry was the team to build & donate the popular Apache Arrow JS framework, make the prototype that led to Nvidia RAPIDS, and generally pioneered the modern approach of server GPU <-apache arrow-> client GPU high-performance data viz, this will be an engaging role, and we likewise hope to learn from you.

Information at https://graphistry.com/careers and more at https://www.louie.ai/

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Replit | SF | Full Time

Build software collaboratively with the power of AI, on any device, without spending a second on setup.

Currently hiring:

- AI Engineer

- AI Backend Engineer

- AI Frontend Engineer

- Product Engineer

- Dev Rel Engineer

- PM, Growth

See these opportunities and more below: [Replit Jobs](https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/replit?utm_source=hackernews)