Tufts CTSI 28 days ago

Tufts CTSI | Full-time | Remote, U.S. | Junior Research Software Engineer

Tufts CTSI (https://www.tuftsctsi.org/) is one of 60 NIH CTSA awardees. We are seeking a clinical data analyst / RSE to support our investigators with cohort discoveries, chart abstractions, data modeling, visualizations, and other data analysis needed for the preparation and performance of medical research grants. You would also help us grow our OHDSI (https://ohdsi.org) based research data warehouse (ETL from Epic EHR), work with RedCAP instruments, and automate operational processes. This role requires outstanding verbal and written literacy, a love of healthcare data, coupled with technical competence. We use Julia (esp. https://github.com/mechanicalrabbit/funsql.jl) for our database query work. This job is mostly researcher support and improving our ETLs; software we build/use is open source.

This job requires you reside in the U.S. without additional work permits. This is a junior position. This job advertisement is open but not yet posted. You could email me, Email is hidden to apply. Thank you so much.

Remote Full-time
Range 28 days ago
AWS GraphQL React.js TypeScript

Range | Software Engineers (Mid, Senior) | Tysons Corner, VA / NYC / Seattle / Fully Remote | https://www.range.com

Range is a Series A wealth management start-up looking to level-up the financial services industry.

It's currently a small-but-mighty team of 10 engineers, ~40 people company-wide. Our tech stack is modern. You'll learn TypeScript, GraphQL, React, AWS and have opportunities to bring in new-to-the-company technologies / open source projects / SaaS offerings.

There is SO much work to do. Every hour you put in contributes to the goal of building the future of wealth management. (You also get a free Range membership for life!)

Range HQ is in Tyson Corners, VA. We support fully remote for senior level positions.

If you have any questions, I'm be happy to set up 30 minutes to chat. (Current Range SWE, ex-Amazon, ex-Coupang, ex-Convoy).

More info on career benefits: https://www.range.com/public/careers

Apply for SWE role here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/range/jobs/4080833005

28 days ago

What's the logic behind being based in SF as a team / company and specifying India as the location for this position?

Canopy Connect 28 days ago

Canopy Connect | $100-205k | Full-time | Remote | US & Canada only | Product Engineer

Canopy Connect is single-click insurance data sharing (like "Plaid for insurance").

We serve over 3,500 companies (and growing rapidly!) including insurance agencies, lenders, insurtechs, fintechs, and insurance carriers to streamline acquiring verified insurance data from consumers and businesses.

We're hiring full-stack engineers for our Product Team. We're a small, fully remote team based in the US and Canada. We present the best of both worlds - a nimble startup and small team (low strike price on equity and more ownership/impact), yet derisked because of our capital efficiency.

More information and apply here: https://www.usecanopy.com/company/careers

Remote Full-time
28 days ago
Git JavaScript Python Rust TypeScript

Jito Labs is seeking an experienced DevRel wizard who can effectively communicate technical details and act as a liaison between customers and the Jito team.

Responsibilities: -Create, modify, and maintain new libraries across a variety of languages for interfacing with Jito Labs products and APIs -Keep documentation up to date with evolving products and customer questions across MEV, validators, and other involved parties -Serve as a technical expert in MEV, Solana, and Jito Labs systems -Build demo applications leveraging Jito Labs MEV infrastructure -Summarize and triage customer issues and challenges to help enhance Jito’s product offerings -Dive deep into the world of Solana MEV to write blog posts and thought pieces

Requirements: -Familiar with Git, Rust, Python, Typescript/Javascript, and other modern languages -Concise communication between customers, the Jito Labs engineering team, and leadership -Hungry to learn and comfortable working in fast paced environments -Flexible and capable of prioritizing many tasks with competing priorities

Benefits: -Above market compensation, health benefits and multiple forms of equity -Salary: $120-$140k (approximate) -All-expenses-paid team retreats and conferences -Unlimited PTO -Weekly meal voucher

We’re a fast moving and ambitious team building infrastructure to increase the performance of Solana and maximize rewards for stakers and validators. We're well-capitalized and have experienced massive growth across multiple products in 2023, gaining market share faster than our competitors. Jito-Solana, our MEV validator client for Solana, has gained more than 70% of stake on Solana. Come join our rockstar team of twelve to accelerate our growth!

Topologic 28 days ago
Assembly React.js Redux Rust TypeScript

Topologic | Senior/Staff/Principal Frontend Engineer; multiple roles | On-site; remote | Full-time | Boston, MA, US; Paris, FR; remote | topologic.io

Over one third of apparel produced is never sold: Topologic’s mission is to eliminate this disastrous overproduction and waste by producing exactly to demand. To do this, we’re reinventing apparel manufacturing, from CAD/CAM software to novel intelligent machines. We are attacking a massive $2T industry, are already generating B2B revenue, and are backed with $10m from leading VCs and CAD insiders. We remain in relative stealth.

We are hiring passionate senior/staff/principal frontend software engineers, especially with interest and experience in design tools, computer graphics, and CAD, as well as web development. Our FE tech stack is TypeScript, React 18 (soon to be 19), Redux, and WebGL 2. We also use Rust via Web Assembly.

We are also hiring senior/staff/principal mechanical engineers as well as a machinist to work on our novel hardware projects. We build up deep domain knowledge about our industry and partners and have representative stakeholders in-house who we collaborate with on a daily basis.

We prioritize diversity and inclusion of all varieties. We appreciate our colleagues as unique individuals who all bring valuable perspectives to our work.

More details and application here: https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/topologic

Remote Onsite Full-time
Y Combinator 28 days ago
PostgreSQL React.js Ruby on Rails Salesforce Twilio

Y Combinator | https://www.ycombinator.com/careers | Full-time | San Francisco (In person only) | Email is hidden

Why would you want to work at YC? Well, the short of it is that you’d get unprecedented insight into how companies are started – with access to all the talks, constantly being around founders, and working directly with YC Group Partners. Our GPs are possibly the 12 most knowledgeable people in the world about starting companies. You’d be hard pressed to work here and NOT learn something new about startups every day – which might be helpful if you’re interested in starting a company yourself.

Software also touches everything YC does. When I went through YC in 2013, the core pieces of the YC batch were a dinner each week, a 1-1 with your group partner, and an end-of-batch Demo Day event to raise money. Today, YC offers so many software tools to help founders build their companies, including:

Demo Day website, which has helped founders raise $3B+ over the last 3 years Work at a Startup, where 1000s of companies have hired from a pool of 1M+ job seekers Bookface, a tool for YC founders to support and help each other build their companies

YC software runs kind of like a startup: we have a small engineering team (15 people) full of full-stack software developers (Rails, React, Postgres) who talk to our users, ship fast and iterate often. YC’s great for people who like to move fast and learn quickly. As a member of our team, you’d work with and learn from some pretty experienced people who were early at Facebook, Carta, Salesforce, Twilio and other top companies.

Many of us have also been founders, and seven former employees have gone on to start startups that were funded by YC. If you want to start a startup but don’t have a great idea yet, we welcome you to spend a couple years here to learn, and then launch your own. On the flip side, if you can see yourself writing code indefinitely, we’d love to keep you happy here at YC for a long time. Either one works for us.

Building software at YC isn’t for everyone – YC’s real product is the Batch program and the Group Partners’ advice and help for the life of your startup. Our software team is often in the background, helping scale YC’s ability to help more companies, and in a way that means more 1-1 attention and support for each founder. What keeps me motivated is continuing to scale and improve YC through software, and getting to work with some of the most kind and talented people of my 20+ year career.

If you have questions, I would love to answer them here. (It would help me understand how I can make our role & work more clear!) And if this resonates with you, shoot me an email with what you’d most be excited to work on (job descriptions below) – Email is hidden

Y Combinator, Product Engineer on Bookface - https://www.ycombinator.com/careers?ashby_jid=00c6950f-341f-...

Y Combinator, Product Engineer on Work at a Startup - https://www.ycombinator.com/careers?ashby_jid=ef00c8d1-76e7-...

Y Combinator, Product Engineer on Internal Tools - https://www.ycombinator.com/careers?ashby_jid=bbf8f36d-60bf-...

28 days ago

Founded in 2020, Writer (www.Writer.com) is the full-stack generative AI platform for enterprises. We empower entire organizations to accelerate growth, increase productivity, and ensure compliance. We're revenue-positive, and our customers include world-class companies such as L’Oreal, Vanguard, Accenture, and Johson & Johnson.

We are hiring for a Windows app dev with 5+ years of experience in building desktop apps with C#, WPF, and .NET. If you're interested in this role, feel free to email me directly at Email is hidden. This is US-remote.

We're also hiring for roles like Frontend eng (US-remote) and a Technical lead manager (Bay Area). For those, you can see more here (and also feel free to email me): https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/writer

28 days ago

Let's normalize Four Day Work Week. Could the author of `whoishiring` also include the 4DWW label as an optional tag that people can include (and search for).

Reef Technologies 28 days ago
Golang Python

Reef Technologies | Senior Python Backend Engineer | REMOTE | Full-time Salary: 45-70 USD per hour, or 7560-11760 USD a month (assuming 40 hours per week). Hourly rates typically adjusted annually.

We’re all about the backend! As a fully remote Python software house, we comprise a small, agile team of senior engineers, each with at least five years of experience. We're known for delivering stable solutions and always accounting for edge cases, minimizing the need for urgent fixes.

- Full Remote Flexibility: Work from anywhere.

- Flexible Hours: Pick your own hours, with only ~2 calls per week.

- Dynamic Projects: Work with startups globally on projects of your choice.

- Influence: Contribute to decisions and influence how we operate.

- Project Selection: Only accept projects you're interested in.

- No managers; thanks to the Sociocracy 3.0 framework, everyone's opinion is valued.

- Personal assistant for your non-work tasks.

- Multicultural environment with a voice for everyone.

Who Are We Looking For? Experienced Python engineer with at least 5 years of programming (not necessarily professional), including at least a year with Python. Must have a deep love for Python and the ability to come up with Pythonic solutions to problems.

How to Apply: Just go to https://careers.reef.pl/ and see what we’re all about! Do not send us CVs.

Contact: Email: Email is hidden Company Website: https://reef-technologies.com/

Remote Full-time