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Nooks 24 days ago
Machine learning

Nooks (https://nooks.ai) | Software Engineers (full-stack & backend/ML infra) | Full-time | SF or Remote Hi, I’m one of the founders of Nooks — we’re trying to re-invent how sales teams work with real-time collaboration and AI.

Nooks is: - A virtual office: you can work from anywhere in the world, but still work with your team and get feedback and coaching like you’re sitting side-by-side. - and an AI co-pilot. We learn how your team works, identify “winning” strategies behaviors, then share them with the whole team during and after calls!

We’re working on fun engineering challenges including complex distributed systems, low-latency algorithms & infrastructure, and modeling sales calls with large language models. You'll also have the chance to make a huge impact on our customers (sales reps who spend 80% of their work day on Nooks.)

Right now we’re a small team (22 ppl) growing super quickly - doubling revenue every quarter, and recently hit $1.9MM ARR!

Looking for experienced engineers who love tackling difficult product questions and working closely with customers. Excitement about language models, few-shot learning and other recent AI advances is also a plus :)

I’d love to chat: reach me at Email is hidden or apply at the link below: https://nooks.breezy.hr/p/bbc06c1a1bb4-software-engineer

Remote Full-time
HP Ireland 24 days ago
Ansible Python Terraform

HP Ireland | Remote In Ireland (relocation to Ireland supported from EU) | Visa Support

Platform Engineer required to work with a small group that are challenged with providing a new platform to support our video embedded engineering group across multiple locations. The group will be responsible to create a greenfield infrastructure as code platform that is scalable and provides the engineering team with a consistent and easy to use platform. We are looking for individuals who have experience in building platforms, understanding of the options available, good networking knowledge and a keen interest in learning and growing there knowledge in infrastructure.

Knowledge of terraform, ansible, python are essential. Experience with containerization, virtualization, networking (VPCs).

Apply here https://jobs.hp.com/jobdetails/17696129/staff-platform-engin...

Snyk 24 days ago

Snyk | https://www.snyk.io/ | Cluj, London, Tel Aviv (all remote) | Full Time Selected job postings here:



Every day, the world gets more digital thanks to tens of millions of developers building the future faster than ever. But with exponential growth comes exponential risk, as outnumbered security teams struggle to secure mountains of code.

This is where Snyk (pronounced “sneak”) comes in. Snyk is a developer security platform that makes it easy for development teams to find, prioritize, and fix security vulnerabilities in code, dependencies, containers, and cloud infrastructure

— and do it all right from the start. Snyk is on a mission to make the world a more secure place by empowering developers to develop fast and stay secure.

If you are interested, please send your resume to Email is hidden and include "HN: Who is Hiring" in the email subject line.

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Platform.sh 24 days ago
AWS Azure Ceph Git GlusterFS Golang Google Cloud Kubernetes Puppet Python

Platform.sh | REMOTE | Full-Time | https://platform.sh

Platform.sh is a unified, secure, enterprise-grade platform for building, running and scaling fleets of websites and applications.

We serve thousands of customers worldwide including The United Nations, The Financial Times, Adobe Commerce/Magento, Shopware, Orange, University of Missouri and The British Council.

We are among the momentum leaders in Cloud PaaS according to G2 https://www.g2.com/categories/cloud-platform-as-a-service-pa...

Recently, we have finished $140 million series D funding.

Here's how it works (get a free trial and go crazy):

Pick a template from https://github.com/platformsh-templates and customize it (add your assets, specify infra) as per https://docs.platform.sh/overview/structure.html

Then push to your Platform.sh repo, BOOM! magic happens and you have a working site that you can branch, test, customize, go-live. Dead simple, you don't need Kubernetes, just basic git knowledge.

Tech stack is LXC with some Python awesomeness, Puppet, Ceph and GlusterFS. Tooling is in Python and Go. Yep, we are multi-cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, ...).

What I love:

• Great work-life balance (remote only company, you can work on a contract, but you also get PTO incl. your national holidays, parental leave)

• Lots of smart people from around the world

• Work on interesting stuff

• Company shares (discretionary)

• Good comp package, pick your HW, get reimbursed for trainings and other stuff

Join us https://platform.sh/company/careers/

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InfoSum 24 days ago
AWS Google Cloud SQL

InfoSum | Technical Support Specialist | Full-time | London, UK

InfoSum provides data clean rooms, a privacy-enhancing technology that powers identity online.

If you’re a wiz with AWS, GCP, know your way around SQL and databases, and have some familiarity with adtech, then get in touch with me at douglas (dot) Email is hidden.

I want to talk to you about our Senior Technical Support Specialist role in London.

Equal Experts 24 days ago

Equal Experts | Multiple Roles | Bengaluru/Pune, India - Hybrid/Remote | Full-time | https://equalexperts.com

Equal Experts is an innovative consultancy specialising in the delivery of custom software solutions for blue-chip enterprise and public sector clients across a range of industry sectors. We work on important projects for our clients, deliver market-leading propositions across the digital, online and mobile channels, and are recognised for our leadership in the application of agile and lean delivery methods to assure delivery. We have offices in Australia, Germany, India, South Africa, the UK and the USA.

At Equal Experts, we foster a collaborative environment where you can use your diverse skills and work closely with clients, enabling them to enhance their products and add tangible value. It's a world where you collaborate with talented individuals who share your passion, continuously learn new technologies, and implement best practices.

Currently, we are actively recruiting for several senior or lead roles, requiring relevant industry experience:

- Front-end Engineer - 6+ yrs - Data Engineer - 6+ yrs - DevOps Engineer - 6+ yrs - Tech Principal - 10+ yrs - Product Owner - 10+ yrs (in Tech) with atleast 5+ yrs in a Product-focused role If you are interested, please send your resume to Email is hidden and include "HN: Who is Hiring" in the email subject line.

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Da Vinci Trading 25 days ago
C++ Next.js Python

Da Vinci Trading | Software Engineer | C++, Python | Full-time | Amsterdam, Netherlands | ONSITE | Base salary EUR 80K to 120K

Da Vinci is a small trading company where traders, researchers, and software engineers all work closely together. You can have huge and immediate impact: the code you write may already be in production in a matter of hours, with your users sitting next to you. This is the work environment we offer: here, you get to make a difference, take full ownership of your projects and be an integral part of the core business.

Developing a trading system is no simple task, with challenges ranging from building extremely latency-critical applications where nanoseconds matter, to tackling architectural challenges to ensure scalability and robustness. In your role as a software engineer you will be working on a wide variety of applications, including:

- automated trading strategies, - connectivity with various exchanges, - risk and compliance controls, - data analysis scripts and tools, - user interfaces. You can get a feel for how it is to work here by watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p61dpc4woxs

Read more and apply: https://davincitrading.com/job_openings/c-software-engineer/

Onsite Full-time