Zilliz 25 days ago
Machine learning Next.js

Zilliz | Full-time|Software|Marketing|Sales|Engineering| Redwood City, CA| NYC| Onsite -Hybrid -Remote

Zilliz is a fast-growing startup developing the industry’s leading vector database company for enterprise-grade AI. Founded by the engineers behind Milvus, the world’s most popular open-source vector database, the company builds next-generation database technologies to help organizations quickly create AI applications.

Roles we are hiring for:

Staff Software Engineer, Machine Learning Platform |FTE| https://app.careerpuck.com/job-board/zilliz/job/4057480005

Staff Software Engineer, Distributed Systems |FTE| https://app.careerpuck.com/job-board/zilliz/job/4057484005

Solutions Architect |FTE| : https://app.careerpuck.com/job-board/zilliz/job/4256138005

Developer Advocate |FTE| NYC https://app.careerpuck.com/job-board/zilliz/job/4307910005

Marketing Coordinator [Contract to Hire] https://app.careerpuck.com/job-board/zilliz/job/4286911005

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Afiya Health 25 days ago
Django Golang Python

Afiya Health (Digital Health Tech) | Full stack SWE | Contract | Remote

Afiya Health is a digital health startup focused on making it easier for individuals to optimize their health and slow down their aging. Our platform measures longevity biomarkers, creates a personalized action plan and helps keep users accountable to their goals to reduce risks across metabolic, cardiac, cognitive and mental health. We go beyond the standard lagging metrics of primary care and focus on leading indicators to prevent disease before it occurs.

We’re a scrappy and fast paced team looking for someone to help expand our platform with experience in Python/Django and a general attitude to get stuff done whatever needs to happen. We’re 100% remote and asynchronous first, hiring world-wide.

Interested? Send your inquiry to Email is hidden

AE Studio 25 days ago
Machine learning

AE Studio | LA Office | Multiple Roles | Full-Time | Remote | ae.studio

We are a development, data science and design studio that works closely with founders and executives to create custom software and machine learning solutions. We are hiring top notch professionals passionate about software development, data science, design or product management to work with our amazing team creating human agency increasing software!

Full descriptions: https://ae.studio/join-us

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knowd.ai 25 days ago
JavaScript Tailwind

knowd.ai | Senior Frontend Developer | UI Engineer | Toronto, ON | Full-Time | Hybrid | Startup | Equity

Knowd is an early stage startup creating a visual knowledge editor.

We combine the unique blend of HCI research and LLM's to augment knowledge workers.

At the moment, we are looking for a Frontend Developer to join our team and seek a candidate with an interest in being an early member of our startup for the long term.

Ideal candidates will possess a mix of technical expertise in JS and tailwind and have an eye for design. Knowd is solving many challenging technical problems and bringing SoTA research into product innovation.

You can reach us at Email is hidden. Please send us your portfolio! One of the co-founders (Thomas) will be in touch with you.

Website: https://www.knowd.ai/

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InScope 25 days ago
DBT Python React.js TypeScript

InScope | Full-Time | Founding Engineer | San Francisco Bay Area, ONSITE

I'm Avy, CTO and co-founder at [InScope](https://inscopehq.com), where we're automating financial statements and audits. My co-founders, Mary and Kelsey, suffered many audits first-hand as finance and accounting leaders at high-growth tech companies like Flexport, Miro, Yelp, and Dropbox.

Investors and other stakeholders require audited financials from private companies that hit certain growth milestones, ensuring the health of the company before they can receive funding or raise debt. Today, finance teams prepare for their audits using Word, Excel, and a whole lot of human effort. We're seeking to change that with software.

We are participating in Better Tomorrow Ventures' fintech accelerator and are looking for an experienced founding engineer. The role will be fast-paced: You will set up systems from scratch, solve a mix of full stack product engineering problems, and build AI-infused data workflows. Our early prototypes are built with Python, Typescript, React, dbt, and DuckDB, but you'll help us choose our production stack.

We believe in distributed teams and will be flexible about remote work, but early-on we expect you to be based in San Francisco to allow for fast collaboration cycles.

Send me a note at avy@<the-domain-listed-above>, or you can find more info here: https://www.notion.so/founding-engineer-full-stack-35060b2a2...

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Overleaf 25 days ago
Golang JavaScript

Overleaf | Multiple Roles | Full-time | REMOTE | UK, Canada, US, Europe | Senior Full-Stack Engineer | Principal SRE |

Overleaf builds modern collaborative authoring tools for scientists — like Google Docs for Science. We have over 13 million registered users from around the world. Our primary product is an online, real-time collaborative editor for papers, theses, technical reports and other documents written in the LaTeX markup language. It’s used by around 500,000 people each day and hosts over 100 million projects.

We are currently looking for full-stack engineers to help improve our group-collaboration features and improve our rich-text editor to better support non-LaTeX users.

We are also looking for a Principal Site-Reliability Engineer to help us achieve faster delivrey by helping us with scaling, observability and continuous delivery.

Some reasons you'd enjoy working with us:

- Most of our code is open-source, and we're big fans of free software.

- We are based on the “Shape Up” development process, using an 8-week cycle to ensure regular delivery of improvements to the product.

- You’ll be working alongside a cross-functional team, including designers, product managers and developers, to help Overleaf become the go-to place for scientific writing. - Working hours can be flexible to your needs. Our core hours are 2pm–5pm UK time. Applicants must be based in the UK, EU, US or Canada.

- Remote is a first class citizen; even before the pandemic, all founders and employees worked remotely and this is part of our values: https://www.overleaf.com/about/values. We get everyone together (usually in London) a few times a year for valuable face to face time.

Apply here: https://digitalscience.pinpointhq.com/?department_id=%5B9336...

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TileDB, Inc. 25 days ago
C++ GitHub Golang JavaScript Kubernetes Machine learning MariaDB MySQL Python R Terraform

TileDB, Inc. | Full-Time | REMOTE | USA, Greece | https://tiledb.com

TileDB is the database for complex data, allowing data scientists, researchers, and analysts to access, analyze, and share any data with any tool at global scale. Here are some active projects you could work on:

- vector search, utilizing TileDB and TileDB Cloud for seamless scaling: https://tiledb.com/blog/why-tiledb-as-a-vector-database (library: https://github.com/tiledb-inc/tiledb-vector-search)

- single cell genomics: in collaboration with the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, we recently released TileDB-SOMA for single cell data, with APIs for both Python and R built around a common storage specification: https://tiledb.com/blog/tiledb-101-single-cell

With TileDB, all data — tables, genomics, images, videos, location, time-series — across multiple domains is captured as multi-dimensional arrays. TileDB Cloud implements a totally serverless infrastructure and delivers access control, easier data and code sharing and distributed computing at global scale, eliminating cluster management, minimizing TCO and promoting scientific collaboration and reproducibility.

Website: https://tiledb.com | GitHub: https://github.com/tiledb-inc/tiledb | Blog: https://tiledb.com/blog

We offer the ability to work remotely for anyone with legal residence in the US or Greece. We have several open positions aimed at increasing TileDB’s feature set, growth, and adoption. You will have the opportunity to work on innovative technology that creates impact on challenging and exciting problems in genomics, geospatial, machine learning, distributed systems and database internals, and more.

We are actively seeking:

- Javascript library Engineer

- Senior Software Engineer: Backend (Golang, CGo, k8s, Terraform, MySQL/MariaDB)

- Senior Software Engineer: Python API (pybind11, Python, C++, CMake, scikit-build, conda)

- Senior Software Engineer: Python Data Science Tooling (Jupyter plugins)

- Senior Software Engineer: Build (CMake/C++, conda, wheels, and other packaging systems)

- Senior+ Software Engineer: Database Internals (C++, database query planning/execution, distributed execution)

Apply today at https://tiledb.workable.com!

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Walrus Security 25 days ago
Django Google Cloud PostgreSQL Vue.js

Walrus Security | Full Stack Developer | Full-time | Remote (US) or onsite in NYC | https://walrusfi.com | $120k–$230k + equity Today, there is a massive gap at the core of electronic payments: there is no way to pay someone and be sure you're paying the right person. Many people have been hurt by this problem; losses have been enormous. Walrus is solving it. Our first product has created a new category: it verifies the safe transfer of financial information and assets. It works by combining AI, proprietary authentication, and novel UX. Our sales, which are considerable, have all been from word-of-mouth; the bottom line is that customers love it.

Our company is well-funded, seed-stage, and very much product-oriented. We are seeking an experienced full stack engineer to join as developer #3, with commensurate equity. You will own new modules and features; examples include payments, reputation, and new kinds of authentication.

Tech stack: Vue, Django, Postgres, GCP

More info and application: https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/walrusfi/73368276-b189-4e8a-8ac5-b6...

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