Mind AI 1 day ago
Deep learning Lisp Neural networks

Mind AI | (Senior) Software Engineer | Full-Time | REMOTE or ONSITE (Seoul, South Korea) | https://www.mind.ai/ We're Mind AI and pioneering a unique approach in artificial intelligence, moving beyond the dominant approaches and ideas of deep learning and neural networks.

To enhance our reasoning engine, a Common Lisp implementation of our patented information interpretation methodology, we are seeking additional team members who have knowledge and practical experience with Common Lisp. More details here: https://mind-ai.notion.site/senior-software-engineer-7f189b1...

If you have any questions or wish to apply for the position, please send an email to Email is hidden with your inquiries or your resume accompanied by a cover letter.

Remote Onsite Full-time
Superhuman 1 day ago
Electron.js Golang Google Cloud Kotlin Node.js React.js Swift

Superhuman | React.js, Node.js, Electron, Swift, Kotlin, Golang, GCP | Fully remote, Full-time | US, Canada, Mexico

We’re building the fastest experience in the world for work email, team communication, and productivity platform of the future. (superhuman.com)

We’ve built the fastest email experience in the world, and soon-to-be team communication and collaboration so professionals end each day feeling happier, more productive, and closer to achieving their potential. There are estimated to be a billion professionals that spend 2-3 hours a day in email and they deserve superpowers. Teams have adopted us at Spotify, Netflix, Airbnb, Notion, Dropbox etc.

Hiring for: Senior Product Manager

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Infrastructure Engineer - Remote 1 day ago
Google Cloud Kubernetes

Infrastructure Engineer (Kubernetes/GCP) - Remote | Adeptmind Join our AI-focused team in retail search. We are expanding our Infrastructure team, looking for Kubernetes and GCP experts. Fully remote, global presence, Montreal-based hiring manager.

Roles & Responsibilities:

- Lead SRE model transition in fast-paced AI retail domain.

- Manage Kubernetes, GCP infrastructure.

- SOC2 compliance, security best practices.

- Champion documentation-driven culture.

- Maintain, improve B2E solutions.

Ideal Candidate:

- Experienced with Kubernetes, GCP.

- SOC2, security certification knowledge.

- Strong in SRE principles.

- Excellent documentation, communication skills.

- Independent, problem-solving, fast delivery skills.

We Offer:

- Fully remote, flexible schedule.

- Cutting-edge AI in retail search.

- Diverse, global team.

- Competitive compensation.

- Professional growth opportunities.


- Email resume, cover letter to Email is hidden, subject: “Infrastructure Engineer Application”.

Be part of our AI-driven retail revolution!

Benekinetic 1 day ago
IOS Java Machine learning Swift

Benekinetic | Founding iOS Engineer | Remote or Greater Washington DC Area | $150 - $175k | Equity

Benekinetic is a cutting-edge technology company dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with musculoskeletal and neurological conditions through its innovative mobile application. We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated Senior Lead iOS App Developer to join our fully remote team. Our Founder (Stanford - BS, STS) has 20 years of experience in technology and finance. He is a serial entrepreneur with one exit under his belt in 2014. He built BlackRock’s digital strategy in Asia across eight markets and led product management and business development for telecommunication and ASP startups. Among the team we have 4 successful businesses previously founded with 1 acquired and 3 in profitable operation, 60M+ in grants awarded, 4 PhDs, 2 DPTs, 2 world renowned scientific experts, 1 JD, and a multitude of successful products and services launched.

You’ll be our first full-time engineer and if it fits, eventual CTO. You will play a pivotal role in transforming our prototype into a fully functional and user-friendly iOS application. You will be responsible for collaborating with the team, engaging with partner organizations assisting with user testing/feedback and leading the development process from concept to launch. Ideally, you prefer simple solutions and designs over complex ones, have good intuition for what is lasting and scalable, and are willing to iterate quickly and learn lessons based on repeated user feedback. Bonus points if, you’re also comfortable outside iOS and have some experience with full-stack development and some curiosity, if not hands-on, exposure to machine vision algorithms.

Key Skills:

- 5 or more years of experience in iOS development

- Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a related field.

- Proven experience as a lead iOS app developer with a strong portfolio of successfully launched applications.

- In-depth knowledge of iOS development, Swift, Swift UI, Xcode and relevant frameworks.

- Strong understanding of User Experience and User Interface design principles

- Exceptional communication skills, with the ability to articulate highly technical concepts to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

Nice to Have:

- Strong mathematics foundation in machine vision (linear algebra, probability and statistics, calculus, signal processing, differential equations, geometry, optimization)

- Basic machine learning (regression, classification).

- Experience with Java and AndroidOS

- Passion for making a positive impact on people's lives through technology.

To apply, here’s the link: https://forms.gle/14j8rwizhdvdbgjz7


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Silkline 1 day ago
GraphQL Next.js PostgreSQL Python TypeScript

Silkline | Founding Engineer | On-Site, Chicago | Full-time | https://silkline.ai/

Procurement is broken - Silkine is building the platform to fix it. Executing, tracking, and managing large purchases today is a Sisyphean task. A never-ending spiral of spreadsheets, manual PDF munging, and supplier wrangling. We know that we can do better. Come help our team (ex-Palantir/Pave, ex-Deloitte/Lockheed Martin) build a more transparent and reliable global supply chain.

We are looking for an ambitious, full-stack engineer who wants an impactful role with a TON of product ownership. The opportunity is massive, and we are just at the beginning.

Tech stack:

- App: Typescript, Next, Vercel, GraphQL, Hasura, Postgres (Aurora), OpenAI

- Integration/Infra: Python, Dagster, Airbyte, Pulumi

Apply here: https://jobs.gem.com/silkline/am9icg9zddocec3z1cvtua8jefhc_o...

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Founding Full-stack Engineer 1 day ago

Founding Full-stack Engineer | Sunnyvale, CA | Onsite | Full-time New Startup in the AI Space Looking for Founding Full-stack Engineers!

We are a generative AI startup that is building a game changer product in the code generation space. We are based out of Sunnyvale, CA and are backed by premier VCs. This role will have at least 8+ years of relevant experience, a clear ownership and impact in building our engineering culture in our company.

Interested? If so, please reach out to Email is hidden with a resume to learn more.

Onsite Full-time
Senior Software Engineer 1 day ago
Angular.js Java JavaScript PostgreSQL Spring

Senior Software Engineer (Backend or Fullstack) | Splash.tech | remote | full-time | EU timezone

We build games that sports fans love to play. Based in the UK, we're a top B2B provider in the gaming sector, powering fan engagement in over 50 countries with notable names in sports and entertainment. Founded four years ago, our company has seen a 100%+ revenue growth annually for three consecutive years. The 15-strong team at Splash works fully remote and values independent and self-motivated members.

We’re looking for several experienced Software Engineers. Based on your area of expertise, you’ll build backend or full-stack components and contribute towards system architecture, security and scalability. As part of the engineering team, you’ll own the whole development lifecycle from receiving/aligning requirements to development, test and operations.


- You own the development of backend or full-stack (depending on your expertise and focus area) features end-to-end.

- Collaborate with stakeholders, ensure product quality and impact decision making.

Optimize applications for speed, security and scale.


- 5+ years of relevant engineering experience at tech and product-driven companies

- Proficiency with Java/Spring (and Javascript or other web frameworks, we use Angular).

- Some experience with relational databases (we use Postgres)

- Desire to work fully remote and to proactively approach issues

- Fluent English

Depending on your location we’ll offer a competitive market rate salary for your experience level as well as stock options.

Contact: Oliver Renner, CTO - Email is hidden

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Automattic 1 day ago

Automattic | Remote | Full-time | Senior Systems Engineer (Systems Wrangler)

We're looking for the world's best systems engineers to help build and maintain the infrastructure that supports over a billion people each month across our entire line of products and services such as WordPress.com, WooCommerce, WordPress VIP, Jetpack, Tumblr, and many more.

Here are the goals of the team that you would join:

* Remove as much friction as possible between Automattic developers and their goal of shipping software. When there are questions, we can provide answers in a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds.

* Make Automattic services as fast as possible through optimization of server-side and client-side interactions.

* Maximize the availability and uptime of all services through proactive planning, sound architectural decisions, and rapid response to failures.

* Ensure our services are safe and secure for both our users and employees through a combination of proactive monitoring and enforcement, real-time response, and ensuring data integrity/backups to allow recovery from disasters.

* Share our code, experience, and knowledge, both internally and externally whenever possible. Internally, this is usually accomplished via Slack, IRC, internal blogs, and code reviews. Externally, we try to blog publicly, speak at conferences, contribute to open source software, and release our own software under an open source license.

* Control costs through careful selection of technology partners and prudent negotiations of pricing and contracts. We work with 3rd party services where it makes sense, but always look at the big picture and value control and performance over cost.

We're currently #4 on DNSPerf.com, can you help us get to #1?


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Viator 1 day ago

Viator | Software Engineer all levels and Managers | Full time | Remote & Hybrid On-site | Portugal, UK

Viator connects suppliers to travelers, creating the world's largest platform for travel experiences.

We are growing fast and have many positions to fill in Portugal and the UK. We are looking for managers and engineers at all levels for full-stack, backend and data teams. Roles in Portugal require you to be in the office in Lisbon part time. UK roles can be part time in an office in London or Oxford or fully remote. For the remote roles you still need to be based somewhere in the UK.

The full list of open roles is here: https://bit.ly/viator-jobs

Remote Onsite Full-time Part-time