Doublepoint 28 days ago
Machine learning

Doublepoint | Helsinki / Remote | Machine Learning Lead | Full-time

We're creating cutting edge gesture detection algorithms for smartwatches and have recently started looking for an experienced ML Engineer to lead our ML team.

We currently have a tap model (think Apple double tap) that is world-class, will be distributing our pinch-and-hold model later this year, and want someone who will lead the development of these models.

Our team moves fast and this role will be quite dynamic. You will lead but also be hands-on.

The ideal person will have worked with signal processing, and more specifically live time series classification from an embedded sensor stream.

For a demo of a bit of our tech, check out WowMouse[1], an app for smartwatches that lets you control devices like computers and tablets with your hand rather than a mouse (over Bluetooth). It shows only a subset of what we can do but already has tens of thousands of users.

Apply at


Remote Full-time
28 days ago

Pretty sure these guys are not really hiring, they just make you go through the process (tests, interviews) and build a pool of potential candidates.

MAAT 28 days ago

MAAT | Full-Time | Product Design/UX Research | Remote (EU only)

We are building the biggest and more connected space for sports communities online starting from the BJJ community. We list more then 25k members as of today and we are growing very fast!

We are looking for a person that can help us design the best experience for our customers and that is willing to challenge the status quo on gym management softwares while also have a good understanding of gamificaton and community building practices to skyrocket the B2C side of our business!

Reach me out at Email is hidden and we can have a chat!

Human check: Tell me a fun fact about you in your intro email and never ever call me "Hiring Manager" it's just lame

EDIT: We are no longer looking for the role as we've decide not to move forward with it

Remote Full-time
28 days ago

FYI, they never reply

Hypertune 28 days ago
Machine learning React.js TypeScript

Hypertune ( | ONSITE (London) | Senior Full Stack Engineer

We're building the most flexible and developer-friendly platform for feature flags, A/B testing, analytics and app configuration. See for more details.

At the core of Hypertune is a visual, functional, statically-typed programming language with first-class citizens for analytics, A/B testing and machine learning “loops”.

Our UI lets users define their configuration logic in this language and our SDKs act as interpreters, evaluating the logic locally with zero network latency.

As a senior full stack engineer, you'll work mainly in TypeScript and React.

If you're interested, please email miraan at hypertune dot com with your LinkedIn, CV or a link to a project you've built!

Houston Astros 28 days ago

Houston Astros | Senior Engineer, Performance Science | Full Time | ONSITE

The Houston Astros are looking for someone to take 3D time series pose estimation data and derive meaningful insights to help player performance and evaluation. Ideal candidates would have strong backgrounds in Python, Physics/Geometry/Algebra.

If curious about more job details, you can find them at

Onsite Full-time
28 days ago

We are hiring again!

If you’re a seasoned pro who loves to add some creativity into your marketing campaigns while championing the cause of #diversity, #equity and #inclusion, we want you on our team!

We’re looking for a Marketing Lead based in the UK/Europe or anywhere in the US, to work with our team to create programs that effectively communicate the benefits of Serein’s #diversityandinclusion product and other work culture based solutions. If you’ve got what it takes, write to us at Email is hidden. 28 days ago
AWS Node.js TypeScript Vue.js | Senior Product Engineer | Remote | Full-time | Europe

Hey there!

Meet! We’re a fun and dynamic startup shaking up the influencer marketing industry. Our goal? To help brands and creators create awesome connections with their target audiences using data-driven influencer marketing magic. With our super cool tech and savvy data analysis, we’re giving our clients the insights and tools they need to knock their marketing campaigns out of the park!

Who are we looking for? We’re on the hunt for passionate Senior Product Engineers who love working with AWS, Vue, NodeJS, Typescript and a passion for product. If you’re all about remote work, and can’t wait to make a real impact, we’d love to chat!

Interview Process? Say goodbye to pineapple tree sorting and Leetcode-style tasks! Our interviews are all about practical challenges and real-world scenarios, so you can show off your skills in the most relevant way possible.

What’s the salary range and how can I apply? Curious about the salary and job details? You can find all the info including the application link right here: **

Come join the family and let’s revolutionize the influencer marketing industry together!

Remote Full-time
Tenable Network Security 28 days ago

Tenable Network Security | Full-Time | Senior Research Engineer | Hybrid | Dublin, Ireland

Tenable is the Exposure Management company. 44,000 organizations around the globe rely on Tenable to understand and reduce cyber risk. Our global employees support 65 percent of the Fortune 500, 45 percent of the Global 2000, and large government agencies. Come be part of our journey!

Tenable is looking for a Senior Research Engineer to join our security research team. This position will involve researching existing vulnerabilities, looking for new vulnerabilities, and developing checks/plugins to detect these vulnerabilities using our products.

Interested in joining Tenable? Apply at: